35 Months

Last post before their 3rd birthday! Okay, really I should start going to quarterly updates at least... They're still growing and changing so much each month, but not so much with the current topics of Eat/Sleep/Play/Talk. Now it's fun to just keep track of the new things they do, or really, what they're saying.

I'm so excited for them to turn 3. They totally seem like 3 year olds to me already and I feel like we have so much to look forward to in the next month and even in the coming months.

Highlights from the month:
  • Trip to Monterey - so glad we got to do this!
  • Trip to Tahoe - kinda a bust since everyone got sick, but still fun
Nothing new though I am starting to reconsider our dessert plan. Currently they don't need to eat their dinner to have dessert (which is usually yogurt or a dried fig or something healthy anyway). But it drives me nuts when W sits down and says, 'I'll just wait for my fig'. It's so hard, I don't want food to be a power struggle. I do want them to have control over what, and how much, they eat, but I so wish they'd at least try what I make. Some nights are randomly hits, and others, even with something you think they'd like, like noodles, are complete misses. It's frustrating but I'm not really sure what changes to make at this point. Dinner is still the biggest challenge but they're still eating well at breakfast and lunch so I'm still not too worried.
  • W is totally into peanut butter-and-jam sandwiches. He eats only one bite out of his string cheese so I've stopped giving him that.
  • G seems to be over salami, at least for the moment (I can't believe it!)
  • Oatmeal is back and W is often eating 2 packets each morning.
  • Together they'd make a very well-balanced diet. For example, the other night W ate a whole bowl of couscous for dinner while G would only eat the lamb... and proceeded to have an adult-sized portion.  
  • We're having them dish out their dinner themselves with the option to add a little salt and that seems to help sometimes.

Not much has changed here, but I think that's a good thing.
  • G has had trouble going to sleep a few nights (not crying, but calling in for us for another hug several times). He's also woken up here or there, though nothing major.
  • G has been clingy to me and lately has only wanted me to stand by his bed when he gets up.
  • (Thankfully!) G has been napping every day, though I don't want to jinx it!
  • The time change was so much easier this time around.
  • We still struggle with very grumpy wake ups from naps (and they're also pretty grumpy in the morning, but that's when they're waking up on their own). 

They continue to play really well together, but there are definitely times when they get frustrated, hit or run around in fury (George). We just try to be consistent about acknowledging that they're frustrated, reminding them to ask for a turn, tell the other that they don't like that or whatever. Always a work in progress at this age!
  • Loving playdough still, especially using their diggers with it, making 'garbage' for their trucks or food in their kitchen.
  • Garbage continues to be the biggest hit. They turn everything into garbage -- books, pillows, all their stuffed animal friends, etc. They gather everything up in a specific area (on the bed, under the dining room table, on the big chair in the living room). The other day they took out all the books, a bin of play food, bits of playdough AND two bins of legos and dumped them all on the chair. I'm totally fine with them doing this as long as they clean it up... easier said than done! They've done it twice now, once with Dad's help cleaning up and once more with me just sitting there. It took 20 minutes but they eventually got every piece put away. We talked about how fast it is to dump everything but how long it takes to clean it up, still giving them the option to do it again but I think they're a bit over it now (at least using all those lego pieces).
  • They love their stuffed friends and will pile all of them up in different areas, going on a bus ride, the airplane, garbage truck, etc. The dolls are hit or miss but do make an appearance here or there.
  • Picking up sticks on our walks is a new thing. They turn them into street sweepers, leaf blowers or similar.
  • Still tons of imaginary play. It's so fun to listen to their stories. They talk about going to the 'taqueria to get that strawberry drink' for example.
  • We read constantly, in the morning, before nap, when they wake up from nap and at bedtime. We have so many library books right now that we need to return and while they were into rocket ship books temporarily, W has been into the 'new baby' books I've picked up.

Nothing specific here, but sometimes I just sit and listen to them and it amazes me what they're capable of communicating now. There still are (somewhat frequent) instances where they get really mad or frustrated and throw themselves on the ground or run around in a fury but we try to reel that in. Oh, and W has a habit of adding a 't' to the end of words like 'done', 'broken', etc. so we're working on that a bit. I think they can generally be understood by others, but they're definitely not super clear where people who aren't around kids much would totally understand them.

POTTY: G has improved in the past few weeks. He's had to wear 'thin' underwear and has done fine with it and in general, the almost daily accidents have stopped, though we still need to be on him to go. There are accidents, but they're more once or twice a week, if that, so I feel like we're making progress.

  • It's been a somewhat stressful month. I can't believe we haven't had any luck with the nanny search. Well, we do have a college student helping us temporarily that's working out just fine, but I'm still searching for someone more experience with longterm availability. It's been nice to at least have some help with the boys and have her take over some of the household stuff Jessica used to do which has allowed me to rest a bit.
  • Despite that worry and the ongoing minor complications with the pregnancy, I've been really lucky and gotten some great girl time lately. Ashley, Megan and I did a spa day and lunch at the Ritz Half Moon Bay. It was so nice to have uninterrupted time to catch up and relax. I also did a Cocoon massage-mani-pedi deal with my friend Olivia last weekend.
  • I feel lucky to have done some of the fun things on my 'before the baby comes' list like dinner at Manresa in Los Gatos (a bit of a disaster of a day since it's a trek down there, but a great dinner nonetheless) and the Monterey trip.
  • I finished my last requirement for my Jr League committee. I'll still be active until the committee year ends in May, but I feel relieved that I've met my requirements just in case I'm unable to do more due to the pregnancy.
  • I actually spent a little time (one night I think) on W's 2-year old book but realized how close I am to finishing. All the input it done, now I just need to go back through and edit, add stickers and borders, etc. Would love to finish this one this month and I'd say that's a possibility.
  • I made a lot of progress on the birthday party for the boys. I did some shopping online and in stores and have just about all I need. I'm even starting to get all the printables, signs, etc. and hope to get that printed out and assembled by the end of the month so that's checked off the list.
Looking forward to...
  • Dinner at Al's Place this week (which was mentioned multiple times when top chefs in SF were asked about their most memorable meal in the city in 2015) and the annual birthday dinner for Dave at Spruce next week.
  • A trip away with Dave to celebrate his 40th birthday. I'm hesitant to even write this as I really don't know if Hawaii will be a possibility but that's currently the plan. We have flights booked on miles and haven't booked the hotel yet due to their strict cancellation and 2-night (steep) deposit, so I'm fully prepared to not be able to go. We'll find out a week from Friday from the doctor and make a plan then. Dave's mom will still be here all week to watch the boys with my mom so Dave and I will definitely get away somewhere -- Napa, Santa Barbara, maybe even Palm Springs, as I'd love somewhere that would really be warm. 
  • Easter this weekend. We haven't done much to prepare but will dye eggs this weekend and I've gotten a few things for their Easter baskets for Sunday.

To my boys... 

It's been an odd couple of weeks without Jessica here and while I was selling you guys as 'very verbal/generally good listeners' on my nanny search, you've been anything but with our temporary nannies. We've had Ha with us for several weeks and you've certainly given her a run for her money on numerous occasions. You're testing limits, not listening, acting crazy and have been impossible to get out of the house which certainly doesn't help the situation. Some days have been better than others but you're definitely playing off of each other. There's also been a bit more fighting this month and more frustrations in general (G loves to run and slap his hands against the wall) but there are still so many moments when I overhear you coming up with these different stories and games and having so much fun together. I'm hoping next month will bring a longterm nanny and a bit more consistency for you.
  • You love playing under the blanket with Dedee
  • Dad told me you came up with some game in the tub asking each other to squirt the others bums with the spray bottle.
  • You both love swinging now, but I require you attempt to pump your legs in order for me to keep pushing ;)
  • I can't believe that diggers are still as big of a hit with you guys at the park.
  • You were really into space ships so we got some books at the library and luckily I talked Dad out of buying them as even a few weeks later, you're totally over them.
  • You both always talk about, 'when I'm a daddy' to refer to when you're grown up and all the stuff you'll be able to do.
  • In the bathtub the other night, you were pretending to go to the Taqueria to get your favorite strawberry drink. That, along with chicken nuggets, is what you want to get on your birthday.
  • One afternoon, you were playing so nicely together, W was the mom and G was the dad. You were showing your stuffed animals how to use the potty, feeding them, etc.
  • They've both been more into helping me cook lately, especially W.

George. You've been a bit dramatic this month, plenty of moments of frustration but you also surprise me sometimes with how you're able to verbalize it. 'I'm mad because I want you to read another book'. Unfortunately it doesn't get you what you want most of the time because obviously there's a reason why I can't do what you're asking, but it's good you're able to say it anyway. I love how creative you are and how much fun you have with William.

  • You are such a meat eater. You ate adult portions of steak, pork chops, BBQ ribs and brisket, lamb and tons of bacon this month. Though you have thankfully slowed your salami consumption.
  • One day, you told Dad that it was a 'terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day' (because you didn't want to take a nap) 
  • I'm so proud of you, you've really turned it around with your accidents and your underwear are almost always dry now.
  • For a week or so straight, you only wanted me to get you up in the morning. This usually just required me standing next to your bed when you stood up and walked into the other room, but you were adamant nonetheless.
  • When one of the nanny candidates came over, Dad heard you guys giving her a full tour about all your stuff -- the monkey lock, the whistle Dad takes to the park, their old sign that says, 'Do not get out of bed'. He also heard you tell her that the front door was the 'box door'. You never go out that way and only see it as a place to open to get packages!
  • So both you and W are convinced that you're getting a sister. After hearing this so much, I started saying, 'I hope you're not bummed if it's a brother' so now you randomly tell me, 'I'll be bummed if it's a brother!'... we'll see!
  • On several occasions now, when we've walked into JCC and the man with the ponytail is working the front desk, you loudly say, 'He's kinda like a man-girla'... what you call men with long hair. You've also started embarrassing me when we're in small spaces, near (possibly) homeless people and you say, 'something's stinky!' really loud.
  • Dedee only read one book after last potty one night when she was watching you and you shook your finger at her and said, 'Dedee! You have to read TWO books after last potty!' Duh!
  • One morning after a lot of bickering between you and W, I said something to the effect of, 'I'm sick of all your fighting!'. So in the car shortly later, you proceeded to tell us that you were 'sick of listening to this song!' for any song that W chose.

William. I feel like we've spent so much time reading this past month, partly because you've either woken up a little early from your nap and that's the new routine to transition you, but also you're the first to bring books over to me throughout the day as well. I love that you've wanted to help me cook more and often rush in around 6:15 to stand on the tower and help me finish dinner. You still are the sweetest and when G is throwing a big tantrum over you choosing the digger he wanted, you'll eventually hand it over to him not the least bit bothered. I remind you that you don't need to give into him just because he's upset, but it doesn't seem to make any difference to you so besides these reminders here and there, I guess I just need to let it be.

  • You are so sneaky. You told Dedee right before your nap one day that you were still hungry, so she brought you your lunch you didn't eat and you were eating it so slowly and told her, 'I'm taking small bites', totally aware of what you were doing.
  • You are so funny when you recite Cat in the Hat. I'll say a line and then you'll be able to say the next (and we'll be in the car, or out, nowhere near the book).
  • You still love the nursery rhyme books and one day requested the story with 'Santa and the big boat' a.k.a. Noah's Ark :)
  • You have a hole in your garbage truck pajamas and when I pointed it out to you, you said, 'Papa will have to fix it'
  • You're still quite lazy and when it's time to clean up, you'll make yourself look busy with one thing when really you're not fooling anyone.
  • 'I don't want to see Chip, I like to eat chips!' (what you told Dad when he told you we'd be seeing his friend Chip that weekend).
  • One night you were being lazy about getting up to choose a book, so I said, 'You're so lazy, you don't want to choose??'  You answered sweetly, 'I'm not lazy, I just want to snuggle with you'. Aww, my bad.
  • You asked Dad if it's a crescent moon or a full moon when the astronauts go.
  • You guys were playing (barefoot) nicely outside but it was getting cold and Dedee said, if your toes are cold, you can come in and snuggle under the blanket for a show. She said she didn’t say it that loud but you were inside in no time flat saying, ‘my toes are freeeeeezing!!' 
  • After a stressful morning, I told you, 'You guys are driving me nuts!'. You said, 'you can't say that' and I said, 'say what?' and you said, 'cracking the nuts!'
  • 'This is gonna be the best day ever!' - overheard you saying at the beach after you found a piece of cardboard you were going to use to slide down the beach.

Next stop, 3 years old!

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