Happy Easter!

The boys were so excited for the Easter bunny to visit and they certainly weren't disappointed. They actually slept in slightly later than normal on Sunday morning so we were ready when they wanted to come up and see what was left for them.

The biggest hits were these garbage cans (not specifically toys and one already broke, but hugely popular) and the books. They love these Ultimate books. Oh and the top hit was the See's chocolate bunny from Dedee. She told them that they had to bite off one ear, and then pour milk in to drink. They loved this and we were able to stretch the consumption of the bunny over two days.

We had a big baby pancake, fruit and bacon brunch before having our egg hunt.



We made it to 9am church before heading out to Danville to Elizabeth's parents house for another egg hunt and brunch. They love being with their cousins!



They took a short nap in the car and Dave entertained them all afternoon before we finished off with grilled leg of lamb, potatoes and asparagus. 


Once again, G ate more than an adult portion of lamb... It was a fun-filled, exhausting day. Holidays are so much fun at this age!

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