Trip to the 'Snow House'

I was so excited to take the boys to the snow for the first time and was so glad we actually got something on the books with my brother's family. We made it up to Tahoe in no time, including a stop at In 'n Out but were a bit disappointed to see how much of the snow that came in January had already melted. But, since skiing wasn't our primary purpose for the trip, we figured the snow was more than enough to play in.

Building Frosty!
My brother and his family didn't arrive until late Thursday night so it wasn't until Friday morning that we were all together. The boys loved waking up in the same room as their cousins (the upstairs rooms had 4 mattresses on the floor, which couldn't have been more perfect!) and we had a fun breakfast of homemade waffles. Then it was time to gear up and head outside. The kids played in the front yard for a bit before we headed to a little snow hill for some sledding. Everyone loved it! It was probably 60 degrees out so hardly needed our jackets and gloves, but in the shade it was cooler. William had mentioned that his stomach hurt several times but we didn't think much of it. He sat down to have a snack, then Dave was carrying him and next thing we knew, he threw up all Dave and himself. Though he seemed better immediately, we headed home and quickly put W to bed. This is probably noon. He slept for an hour until we put G down, luckily he went to sleep, but W woke up by 1pm... definitely not long enough for a nap and he continued to throw up several more times after testing small sips of water. By 5pm that night though, he was back to his normal self, eating a ton, running around, no signs that anything had happened. Though we all hoped it was a fluke, we were nervously awaiting when the next one would get sick. Luckily Jon and his family got out that afternoon... ours was kind of a bust since G was in a bad mood after his nap and we still weren't sure about W. The three healthy kids had a long fun bathtime in the big jet tub in the master, while the adults had a nice long dinner in peace. We got the kids down quickly and enjoyed catching up more.

The next morning I woke up not feeling great, though I hadn't been sick yet. I had a small breakfast but was definitely feeling off. There were no signs of anyone else being sick though so we got ready and headed to the big Tahoe Donner tubing hill across the street. I just sat and watched everyone, it was warm enough to strip off our jackets. Everyone loved the tubing hill, though I'm not sure Dave loved dragging the tubes back up the hill.

I wasn't feeling much better but we decided to drive over to Donner Lake, but realized the road was closed due to snow, so headed downtown to the tiny train museum we had promised G we'd visit. There was only one (occupied) chair inside the little train car so I said I'd wait outside at the train station and I'm glad I did. I didn't make it very long before I got sick and by the time I went to tell Dave, he wasn't feeling well either. Thankfully he got the kids home and down for nap while I got sick once more and slept a while. Then he was pretty sick the rest of the afternoon. The boys took a good nap, we put a movie on for them and rested more in bed before my brother's family made it back and Liz and Jon took over watching the kids for the evening, dinner, bathtime and bedtime. Poor Tenzing got it pretty bad Saturday afternoon as well and was still sick Monday morning. Crusoe got sick about midnight but was better by the morning. By 8am Sunday, Jon and Liz weren't feeling great, but hadn't actually gotten sick. We were all nervous about making the drive without anyone getting sick so we packed up and were out the door by 9am.

The first half of the drive home was great -- the boys were making up tons of songs and games, but then it shifted and W especially got cranky. We finally stopped for lunch at McDonalds just over the Golden Gate Bridge and that made all the difference. I don't think the boys had ever been there, but G had about 7 chicken nuggets and W was a fan of the all-day breakfast pancakes. We got them both down for a nap when we got home and Dave was amazing... he did all the packing up in Tahoe and all the unpacking. I know he wasn't feeling 100 percent either, but he was in better shape than me. I definitely felt a bit run down and tired.

So while it wasn't exactly the weekend we'd hoped for and in the end, everyone except G got sick (!), it was still fun to spend time with the cousins and luckily they loved the snow. We had considered putting them on skis but it seemed that all the lessons started at 3 years old, or sometimes even 4, so we felt it probably wasn't worth it this time around. Dave was hoping to snowboard Saturday afternoon but then he got sick. Kind of a bust but as my mom said, it's almost a parental rite of passage to take a trip where everyone gets sick. Hopefully we can check that off the list and we won't have to deal with it again for a long time! Just today W asked to go back to the 'snow house' so I'm just glad they have fond memories :)

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