Weekend in Monterey

We love getting together with Chip and Julie and even though the drive to San Luis Obsipo isn't far, I still dread doing it with the boys. So I thought Monterey could be the perfect place to meet since it's just a 2-drive for each of us. I knew the kids would love the aquarium too.

We got over a week straight of rain so the weekend didn't look too promising but we lucked out when the rain cleared for the day on Saturday. Friday though, our plan was to head to our outdoor class, then come home for lunch, pack up the car and head down to Monterey, but it was raining so hard that class was canceled. I thought we'd take advantage of the opportunity and stop at the San Jose Discovery Museum since it's just far enough that we've avoided doing it thus far. The boys had a blast -- a full-size firetruck and ambulance were definitely the big hits.

Then we headed to a famous BBQ spot for lunch and had a feast of ribs, brisket, fries and cornbread.

We were hoping the full bellies and getting on the road would put the boys straight to sleep, but it took them basically 20 minutes outside of Monterey for them to finally crash. Though I despise driving aimlessly just to keep them asleep, and rarely do it, we thought it was the perfect chance to do the 17-mile drive around Pebble Beach. We didn't get to do the whole thing as G woke up, so decided to head to the house.

Chip and Julie arrived shortly after us. We just hung out that night and had awesome pizza from Gianni's. The next morning everyone was up and moving early so we headed to the famous Denis the Menace Park -- such an amazing playground with like 6 different structures. The boys loved it.

Just before 10 we headed over to the aquarium which was super busy, but we were still able to see and do everything we wanted to. The boys are at a great age where they're able to walk around and see and do everything on their own, of course with us sticking right by them. Two adults definitely necessary! We explored Cannery Row a bit before heading back to the house so everyone could take a nap.

That afternoon we hit up another park, Caledonia Park in Pacific Grove, that had a train and a big stone table with a built in track/mountains to drive cars on. The boys loved that and Dave looked into getting one in our backyard ;) We decided to stop at the beach before heading home and that was the highlight of the trip. It was cold, but the boys of course had to get their feet (and shoes) wet and dig in the sand. We checked out the tidepools on the edge of the beach before heading up and climbing some of the rocks on the cliff.

The rain returned Saturday night so while I had some fun ideas for Sunday morning before heading home, we decided to wake up and get on the road. I feel like I have so much on my 'list' for before the baby comes, but I'm really glad we got to do this weekend away. Oh and the boys had so much fun with Simone in particular, they adore her and even got to have a sleepover both nights. Her and William were especially buddy-buddy.

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