40th Birthday Trip/Babymoon

I feel so lucky that we got to spend the last week in Hawaii, just the two of us. It was so relaxing and between Dave's bum foot and me being 7 months pregnant, we are quite the pair who could manage little more than a short walk.

Since we're so spoiled with great food in San Francisco, my expectations are always low for Maui. Of course there was a list of places people rave about, but often those end up being just okay. I think both Dave and I were pleasantly surprised with the food we had -- and I feel like we had it all.

Our resort
We started by hitting Mama's Fishhouse, supposedly the spot on the island, and decided to go for lunch since it was just past the airport and would mean an hour plus drive each way if we went from our hotel another day. Such a stunning location, the open-hair restaurant was right off the beach and had excellent food. I had their crab-stuffed mahi mahi and Dave had an awesome 3-fish curry. Really good drinks, even the mocktails, too.

We had a great noodle lunch at Start Noodle off the beaten path in Lahaina (but very well known for it's food and it lived up to the hype) and picked up sandwiches at Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop on the way to the airport (Dave wasn't convinced it was worth the stop until he took the first bite!). Otherwise we ate by the pool. Breakfast was often room service, but we tried out The (famous) Gazebo which was just a few minutes from our resort. Another stunning location on a cliffside and the food was pretty good too (though it's a 45 minute wait no matter how early you arrive so not sure any breakfast is that good). On a rainy day, we also checked out The Plantation House north of Kapalua which had a nice golf course view. I had heard people rave about the dinner, but then read some mixed reviews as well, so decided just to try it for breakfast and it was good.

We ate at Cane and Canoe at our hotel one night, which was overall really good food but very, very slow service. I also debated on Sensai's, which again, is known as the place to get sushi on the island but still got some mixed reviews and seeing as we get some great sushi here, thought we may be disappointed. It's just a few minutes from our resort so we decided to go and it was really good! Dave said it was the best toro he'd ever had! We also ate at Merriman's, another great location and spot to watch the sunset and we could walk from our hotel. Lahaina Grill in downtown is pretty pricy but we had a great meal there too -- Dave had steak, lobster and foie gras! Of course, I had to get a couple of shaved ices too so overall, I'd say we ate very well.

In front of Merriman's, our resort in the background

Our days were lazy and involved a lot of reading and watching some shows. We mostly stayed at the hotel, but did drive out for lunch on the days when the weather wasn't great. We also had some spa treatments on a rainy afternoon. I had an awesome facial!

Laying on the beach, unfortunately so uncomfortable for me at this stage!

Dave especially was a bit worried to leave the boys for so long -- they've been acting up lately with all the nanny changes so we hoped they wouldn't be too bad for the grandmas, and of course, we hoped they didn't get too sad too. Ma was great about recapping everything through photos and I'd say they had the time of their life! It sounds like G had one meltdown midweek asking for us, but otherwise they went with the flow. I think the grandmas did a good job of preparing them for what was next, who was coming, what they were going to do and when we were going to be home. My mom said on Saturday afternoon when she said she was going home, G said, 'who's coming over now?'.

We left Monday morning and my mom was with them all day until Ma arrived that afternoon. Sounds like they were really excited to see her! Luckily Ha came Tuesday through Friday to give them a bit of a break each afternoon and then they read books and put the boys to bed. On Tuesday they headed to the Academy. Wednesday sounds like a highlight... it ended up being over 85 degrees in SF (and that was on a day it was raining in Maui! The grandmas were ambitious and made it all the way to Baker Beach and it sounds like everyone had a blast. Thursday was their swim class (sounds like they did better this week) and then the library like normal. By Friday the weather had definitely shifted and it was misty for their outdoor class but sounds like everyone had so much fun poking around for rollie pollies.

Ma left early Saturday morning so my dad came in and they took the boys out to Hobitot in Berkeley. Jessica came to relieve everyone at 4pm that day until we got home around 10pm. It sounds like they had fun seeing her as it had been a while. Wow, what a whirlwind!

Dave and I feel so lucky that we have parents that are not only willing and able, but super enthusiastic about spending a week with the boys. Although at times they can feel easy (like when they're playing nicely together), they are still a ton of worth, let alone when they start having their bad attitudes. Obviously time with grandparents is special but we're so glad that Dave and I can get away and feel confident that they're not only loved and taken care of, but having an absolute blast the whole time we're gone.

We celebrated Dave's birthday as a family with Ma's special Eclair Pie (Dave's favorite), which the boys helped Ma make.


To Ma's boys...  
You guys make me laugh...a lot!   Maybe we were building duplos or designing a train and you have a comment that just comes out of the blue.  Of course I can't remember all of them but just know I listen to all your little conversations and I can't believe how much you have changed in a few months.  William, you are always looking out for George.  Sometimes you would tell me about George's favorite color, "yellow" and that a particular toy or cup or shirt would be George's favorite.  I even smile when I hear how you pronounce George's name, so carefully and distinctly. Very cute.  And George, you are so precise in everything you do, reminding William about where certain pieces go or how to connect the Magnatiles in just the perfect order.  You each have your own special qualities and talents and you are best friends.  So sweet.

And you are both such big helpers.  George knows where everything is stored in the house.  All I had to do was mention that I couldn't find something and George was on a mission to find it...thanks so much for your help.  And George is the best at cleaning up toys before moving on to the next activity.  Ma really appreciates all that help.  And even though you are kind of set in your ways about certain things you didn't complain when Grandma Jeanne and Ma picked out the wrong clothes for after our swim.  Your jeans were much too tight - probably Williams - but you didn't complain and just proceeded to eat your lunch and walk to the library like there was no problem.  Those pants were so tight Ma thought you looked like a real San Francisco Metro Male.  So cute and so handsome in those tight jeans!

William, you are the charmer. You can tell a story and roll your eyes and have me wrapped around your little finger.  You can play by yourself using your imagination to create all sorts of scenarios that Ma cannot see or be a part of.  But is is fun to sit back and watch you, deep in thought and play, oblivious of your brother or anyone else in the room.  I know another little boy just like you who could play just like you do...your daddy.  

I love how you always wash hands at dinner and after using the bathroom.  I love that you know your routines and like to stick to them even when Ma and Jeanne are visiting.  I love that you are so independent and can do lots of activities on your own.  I LOVE how you love to read "bookies".  There is nothing like having both of you crawl up into my lap or next to me in the chair with a book to read. 

I do remember one conversation with William.  After using the bathroom you told me you didn't have to wash your hands because you "didn't touch your penis or the potty".  Hmmmm...don't think that will work but it was funny!

Let's see if I can remember all the fun activities:
Mon - Ma arrives and you were waiting for me after your nap!  We played outside and had dinner with Pop pop and Dede.  Then we had big fun in the bath tub before we went to bed.

Tues- After the garbage truck left (and the garbage man waved at us in the window!) we went to The Academy of Science.  What a great day playing in the museum and eating lunch outside!  Ha came over in the afternoon and we all had dinner together and played for a while after bath time.

Dedee's special treat -- whipped cream!

Wed - Today it was 80 degrees in San Francisco so we went to Baker Beach.  We played in the cold Pacific and built castles in the sand.  Then you two found a hole in the sand that made a perfect play spot and spent a long time with your toys creating your own imaginary playscape.  We brought a little sand home and Ha accidentally got some on the floor when she was getting your shoes out for the park.  George told her that "Mommy wouldn't be happy about the sand on the floor and we needed to get the Baccume out to clean it up!!!"

Ma's special treat -- white donuts!

Thur - We did a big walk today, first to the YMCA to swim then to the library to read books and color a picture for mommy and daddy and finally to the bagel store for chocolate milk and a blueberry bagel.  Whew...that was an exciting day and we even saw a big cement truck pouring concrete so we stopped to watch and the firetruck passed as we waited for the walk light and the firemen waved and honked their horn.  So fun!  We got a little off our schedule today because of our long walk, so naps were late and Ha just played at home with you because you woke up late form your nap.  No problem!  We even got to watch a short "show" tonight as a special treat after our bath!

Fri - What a great hike in the Presidio.  We climbed on big logs, looked for worms with our sticks, and we found "more than 5" roly-polies .  I think there were thousand in that log and you two were such good scientists looking for more hiding under the bark and then replacing all the pieces so the little guys could go back to sleep with their families.  You were good listeners today and I had such a good time on that beautiful path...thanks for letting me join you!

Sat morning I had to leave early - before you woke up - and by accident I had 3 cabs show up to take me to the airport.  I guess calling more than once is not necessary - even when the cab is later than promised!  Ma went home on two jets and Grandpa Gary was very happy to go to dinner with Ma and listen to all my stories and look at all my pictures of William and George.

I love you William and George.  You laughter and enthusiasm for life is so contagious.  We talked a lot about your new baby and I know you will be good big brothers.  I already miss you and can't wait to see you again.  You are Ma's sunshine and happiness.  Hugs and kisses, Ma

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