Boys' Best Day Ever

It must have been fate. We were out of chickpeas when I was halfway through making dinner so I walked over to the store to pick up a can and ran into my friend. I mentioned to her that we were thinking of heading to the Discovery Museum on Friday and she told me there was a Public Service Vehicles Day going on the next day at the museum. So of course we changed our plans and headed over with my dad (so helpful to have a second adult!).

I couldn't believe how many different vehicles they had there -- multiple fire trucks, police cars, ranger trucks, ambulances, coast guard boat, rescue jet skis, police horses, tow truck, and even a helicopter! The boys were in heaven and we spent about 2 hours checking out each of the vehicles. In most of them, they were allowed to push buttons, talk on the loudspeaker, turn on the siren, etc. So much fun.

They even got to put out a real fire with a fire extinguisher.

They spent the most time in the police cars using the loud speaker to tell me to 'pull over!' :) They also loved the 'hot dog boat' (looks like the weinermobile in one of their books) and spent about 30 minutes steering the engine, rescuing us with the ropes and lifeguard buoy and trying on the fins.

Junior League is hosting a Touch-a-Truck day in May, but as far as I can tell, the Bay Area hasn't held anything like this since the boys have been born. I'm just so thrilled that we found out about it as it wasn't really advertised and it was definitely something the boys don't get to do every day.

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