37 Months

Only a couple weeks late, but wow, it's been a whirlwind. The boys have had a lot of transition lately and I'd like to think that we're starting to settle back into a routine again, albeit temporarily I'm sure. Their birthday seems like ages ago, when in fact, Colette was born less than a month after their big day. We were hoping to get a few more adventures in with the boys, and were actually planning a day at the Boardwalk, but after initially getting the news about Colette's pleural effusions, we decided to stay local and did a morning on the double decker bus instead. Sitting on a bus for a few hours was the perfect adventure for me as I was trying to take it easy and we all ended up having a great time.

We had a few normal days as far as the boys were concerned, before I was admitted to the hospital on May 5. That night George started getting sick and by the next day, it was clear he had hand, foot, mouth. Ugh. Poor Dave. George was super uncomfortable and was waking up numerous times at night. It was a couple rough days but luckily he was all cleared up and feeling better by Tuesday, though we were so sure that William would get it too (he never did), that we kept the boys from visiting me for another week. Dave has done an amazing job. He coordinated lots of help from my mom, dad and my brother, who conveniently isn't working right now and was able to visit me daily in the hospital and take the boys to their outdoor class and for playdates at his house. Ma came to help for a full week too. Unfortunately we were still trialing nannies but Dave was able to lock someone in for 2 weeks before Jessica could take over. I think it was helpful, but the boys were really clingy during this time and Dave had to be very involved throughout the day. Between the boys and keeping the household running, not to mention visiting me and worrying about the boys, I'm sure he was running on fumes. Thankfully his work was really understanding. I spent time writing out lists for their schedule, what's typically on our shopping list, etc., etc. regarding the things that I usually take care of. Overall, I think the boys did okay during this time, they certainly had plenty of familiar faces around, but obviously it was a stressful time and I sure despite our best efforts, they felt some of that. Though I didn't notice, Dave said he could see a big difference in them when I returned home.

I feel like this week was a good week. We're back in a routine and I've found my place and a new routine. I've greatly appreciated all the family help, having meals delivered, having Jessica full-time, etc., but the first week home was tough. I was dealing with emotions of not having Colette at home with us, I was taking it easy still recovering from the c-section, and honestly not all that excited to be with the boys just because of everything else going on. In some ways I felt like everything could be taken care of for me, so why bother. But after a couple of days of that, I pulled myself together and decided that it would be best if we had some space from the family help and start bonding as a family again. We had a nice Memorial Day weekend with fun adventures to Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay and a hike in Larkspur then lunch at Fish. Dave is still taking charge of the boys for the majority of the day, which I'm grateful for. I've started cooking dinners here and there (though am loving the every-other-night dinner deliveries, definitely breaks it up). I've really enjoyed my adventures with the boys but it's nice to have Jessica each day so I know I'll have time to get to the hospital and that I won't have to worry about all the house upkeep when I'm home. I feel like the boys are getting back to normal a bit too.

As you can imagine, with everything off over the last month, the boys were spoiled a bit and there was more TV, more sweets and not the healthiest dinners. Things like manners just weren't a top priority but I'm trying to reel them back in and get this back to 'normal'. It's going okay. Dinners are still a huge hit or miss and moving away from chicken fingers seems to be difficult. Bedtime is also challenging. Naps have been skipped occasionally which usually helps with bedtime, but otherwise, it's been an endless 'one more song', 'I need a hug', 'I need to poop', etc., etc. It drove me nuts the first few nights home but I'm getting used it now. Honestly, G could definitely give up the nap and go to bed earlier, but I'm waiting to see how tired they are for their upcoming camps before we make any big changes.

helping me prep the asparagus
Behavior-wise, both boys have some anger management issues. George has been running off saying 'I'm so mad!' and then crying for like 3 minutes. The crying is really getting on my nerves. William also has his moments of being really cranky with a bad attitude and can get aggressive with George. I'm hoping these things settle down as we I keep working on them, though honestly not sure how to handle any of this. William has also developed a high voice that drives me nuts. I don't know how many times a day I have to say, 'use a different voice'. I have noticed some progress in the past few days.

George has also been having more accidents, but it seems to be just this week that has been worst. Really, William never needs to be reminded and is actually getting upset when we ask him so sine he never has accidents, we're trying to give him a break but it's hard when G has to be reminded and only he has to go. G just drinks a lot more so that makes a difference, but it's gotten to the point where G doesn't really care if he has an accident and we've even had to wash his bedding several different times this week as he's had accidents at naptime and that rarely happened before.

Fun at the Exploratorium
Play still seems to be pretty good. George is obsessed with playing garbage truck and will take all the books off the shelf to dump into his bed (especially at naptime unfortunately). They love playing with stuffed animals too. Sticks are still a huge hit and will act as blowers, vacuums, fire hoses, a broom, etc. They've also loved playing with these water coloring books that Jenn sent. Magnatiles still get a lot of use too.

To my boys...

Oh b's, what a month... You're officially big brothers! I know you don't really understand what's going on, though you do know that you have a baby sister and that she's sick so the doctors are taking care of her in the hospital. You love to call her Rosie (in honor of Caillou's sister) but you occasionally will acknowledge her as Colette. You did pretty well with so many different people taking care of you over the past month. I know things have been different but we'll get back to a new normal, hopefully with your baby sister home with us soon. I missed you so much when I was in the hospital and it was hard to let go of control and know that everyone was doing the best they could given the situation. Now it's back to Mom's rules :)

George, your crying is getting a bit out of control, but I'm hoping it's just how you're processing everything that's happened the past month. You are still so into garbage trucks. You turn everything into a game of dumping and collecting trash. You're in love with this garbage truck song and know all the words. I let you guys each sing me a song at bedtime and that's been your song of choice lately.

I didn't spend as much time with you this past month, but here are a few things I noted down:
  • You always catch me eating any kind of treat, no matter how sneaky I am. You always say, 'what are you eating?'
  • You pointed to an exclamation point and asked Dedee what letter it was as you didn't recognize it
  • You asked me if you could open the front door and when I didn't answer, you said, 'Okay, if you don't answer, I will do it'... very similar to what I say to you when you don't answer.
  • "I think it was too much cheese"... after you had some diarrhea
  • You called your medicine (a combo of benadryl and antacid) for hand foot mouth 'spicy'
  • We were talking about different sizes and I said, 'I'm big' and you corrected me and said, 'no, you're medium'. I'll take it!
William, you've dealt with the changes of the last month in your own way as well, particularly with this high voice that's pretty annoying. We're slowly weaning you off of it. You have quite an attitude a lot of the time, but again, we're working on that. You seem to be standing up to George more this month, unfortunately that mostly involves you bonking him when you're mad he did something. You're definitely more interested in babies, though you don't ask too much about Colette. I loved how Dad helped you make a baby carrier today by tying a blanket around your doll.

 Only a few notes from you this month:
  • You're a complete threenager... so much attitude, especially with those expressive eyes
  • After you get dressed for church with me each week, you love to knock on Dad's door so you can show him your outfit
  • You hurt your bum and request G to kiss it (you always request a kiss to make any owie feel better, but this was a first

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