A Day at the Fair

Yesterday, we decided last minute to go to the San Mateo County Fair. Yes, it's crowded, expensive and hot, but still so much fun! The boys are at a perfect age where they can go on the kiddie rides by themselves and can also occasionally manage waiting a few minutes for the rides. We hit it at a good time where, while crowded, we were never waiting to long to go on a ride.


We spent a while on the rides, then ate a tasty lunch and had several treats (snow cone was disappointing but the kettle corn was a hit, especially with the boys), so we didn't even have time to go see all the animals, which I know they would've liked. The boys haven't been napping to we took our chances leaving late and they both caught a short nap in the car. Hard for us since we don't get a break then, but even the short nap made a difference and they weren't a disaster at bedtime.

I'm hoping there will be another fair nearby that we can visit this summer, definitely makes it feel like summer when it's been typically cold in the city.

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