Downtown Adventure

This is the last week I have with the boys before their camps start next week. I had everything planned out so that as I entered the last month of pregnancy, I'd have them in morning camps to give me a bit of a break before the baby came. We may not have gotten to all of our 'before baby' adventures before Colette actually arrived, but it looks like we'll have plenty of time to cross these things off the list before she comes home. On the one hand, I'm able to do a lot more physically in my current state versus when I was 8 months pregnant, on the other hand, I'm chained to the pump every 3-4 hours which does make longer outings more difficult.

I wanted to take advantage of the last few days without any classes or camps so we finally got to do something we've been wanting to do for a while - ride the glass elevators at the Westin St. Francis. I wasn't exactly sure where to find them or what it was going to be like, but we found them (tucked away on the interior of the hotel, just past the concierge). We started by taking the bus downtown which is always a hit, and then walking a few blocks up to the hotel. The boys loved going in the elevator and the views from the top were really impressive. We probably rode it for 30 or 40 minutes and it did feel a bit like a roller coaster on the way down.


Next, we walked across the street to Union Square to share a hot chocolate and a croissant, before making the half-mile trek to Dave's office... they did surprisingly well, and thankfully there was a yellow double decker bus they wanted to go on and after we lost him, I told them he was probably parked at Daddy's office so they kept on going. Dave has been wanting us to come by for a while but it's been hard to coordinate since his mornings are so busy and we can't come much later than noon. This worked out perfectly. Dave got to show us around for a few minutes and the boys got to pick out snacks from the pantry. They also had a prime view of the construction site across the street.

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