Giants Game

We've wanted to take the boys to a Giants game again (last time they went was when they were 3 months old) but the games are usually at 1pm or 7pm... neither good with their schedule. I scoped out a 5pm game last month, but that didn't work out, so luckily there was one more, this one at 5:30. The plan hinged on the boys actually napping, which is becoming rarer and rarer, but luckily they both gave in.

The boys didn't watch much of the game, but had a blast nonetheless. Dave got awesome tickets at the last minute so we were on the top row of the Club level which meant it was more of a platform instead of a row. Gave the boys plenty of room to roam around. Food was the highlight for them I'd say -- a soft pretzel, a slice of Tony's pizza and cotton candy.

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