W&G 38 Months Old

It's been a really good month, all things considered. It's been a full month since I've been home and I think the combo of me being back, Jessica being back and Dave being back at work (not that we don't want him home!) has really helped the boys get back in a routine. They don't really like Dad going to work, but I think now that we've had a few weeks of the same schedule, things are starting to settle in.

Lemos Farm
It's taken a few weeks for me to get into a routine myself but now with Colette being 35 days old, I do feel like there is a new normal, at least for now. The past two weeks the boys have gone to camp each morning. Last week they attended an outdoor camp in the Presidio where they even got to take the Presidigo bus to visit different areas like Crissy Field and the horse stables.

I think they enjoyed the class well enough, but all we got out of them, or G specifically, was that he wasn't allowed to pick up sticks. Apparently he also got a time out one day for not listening and staying with the group, but the teacher said he was trying much harder after that. I'm not really sure what kind of class doesn't allow the kids to pick up sticks, perhaps he was trying to bring them on the bus, or was bumping people or something. You never know the whole story with a 3-year old.

This week they started summer school at Calvary and I'm not really sure if it's any different than what they'll be doing in the fall. Drop-off was easy and it seems like they're having fun. They're coming home covered in paint and yesterday the highlight was that they got to water the plants on the rooftop playground. G has done really well with using the potty (W too) and in general, the accident count has seriously decreased over the past couple weeks. The only problems we encounter is when he can't unbutton his pants (which are too tight to be able to pull down buttoned) in time and no one is right there to do it for him.

Jessica has picked them up from their camp each day. Some days they go to the park for a bit, other days they just come home for lunch. The big change is that over the past couple weeks, naps have seriously declined. Even for William. Jessica was putting him down and by 2:30 he was still awake, which means she couldn't put G down. Unfortunately, despite decent attempts, we weren't getting them down any earlier at night, so eventually after 4 or 5 days of not napping, they'd finally nap again, leading to a later bedtime.

Dave and I barely have time to talk since he's now doing his workouts in the morning. We see each other for dinner, then he does his routine with the boys, I finish up their bedtime and immediately head to the hospital until about 10:30 most nights, by which time he's already asleep since he's waking up so early. It was nice that we were able to go out to dinner last Saturday as it finally gave us some time to really catch up and get on a new plan for their schedule. We decided to drop the nap completely, which I know will still be a bit of a transition, especially for W. Having twins, I always worried how we'd manage this since W needs more sleep, but since he showed us over the past few weeks he doesn't necessarily need it daily, I feel like we need to make our move while we can. There is definitely crankiness, some falling asleep in the stroller on the way to the park around 3:30, but we're pushing through. It's a lot of work for Jessica, but should make our evenings better with hopefully an easier bedtime.

The other big change is that they are officially in their new room! Photos to come :) We were nervous about them moving down there and they had mentioned that they would be scared. Unfortunately with everything that's happened, the room has been set up in pieces over the last few weeks, but we finally made some good progress this past weekend and got a lot of it set up. They were really excited and wanted to sleep down there Sunday night, so we went for it. This was also our first day of the new schedule:

6pm dinner
6:30-7pm bathtime, getting ready for bed and shows with Dad
7pm books and goodnight with Mom

They had been having shows twice a day so we now only do that at night which I'm happier about. We've also cut out a lot of the extras at bedtime -- last potty, last milk, etc. We had even introduced a treat trying to bribe them to do their last potty at last potty time and not 5 minutes later when we left the room. That was more trouble than it was worth. It helps that after dinner, they head downstairs and don't come back up. They take their bath in the bathroom in their room, come out to the playroom to get dressed and watch shows, and then it's back into their room for bedtime with me. I am so happy with how they've done! Yes, we're still working out a few things, like who's bed to read books in, how to switch off, which lights to leave on, but I think we're making progress. They've done well with going to the bathroom on their own, either before I leave the room or right after, but at least now they're not at their door calling to us that they have to go potty. W has been so tired that he settles quickly, G still is a little restless, but I've been able to have a much calmer approach to bedtime. I have it in my head now that it will be at least 7-7:30, but I've built in a buffer until 8pm that I sit out on the couch outside their room, and can go back in and walk G to his bed, help him after he's poops, etc, without feeling annoying that they're still not in bed. I think I've been fully done and upstairs by 7:45 each night. We don't need to use the monkey lock either (which we haven't been using for a few weeks anyway, since it broke).

We've been surprised when each morning they come upstairs on their own, after waiting for sun to come out on their clock. W has been sleeping in later too, probably making up for the extra sleep he needs. They love their new room and are excited about the big bed and the blanket and everything. Hopefully that doesn't wear off, but I have to say, it's a pretty cool room :)

Initially my plan was to keep their old room mostly set up (since much of their new room is new stuff anyway) and let them decide when they wanted to move downstairs, so they didn't feel like they were pushed out. They were so excited about it though, that W asked on Monday morning, 'can we sleep down there again?!' that I took advantage of the excitement and moved everything else down there and have basically stripped their old room to just the stuff that will be used for Colette. So far, they haven't been upset about that. G did ask about moving his yellow dresser downstairs but I told him he has a new dresser down there and that we'd paint the yellow dresser for Colette to use. At first he didn't like that, but now he's asked me about painting it so I guess he's okay with it. I know anything can change tonight or anytime, but we're off to a great start and it's been nice to clear out their old room and start to get rid of stuff before the new stuff for Colette starts arriving.

always the funniest sleeping positions for G!

Eating has also improved over the past month. They're not eating any better than they were before I went to the hospital, but they're back on track. Like I said, I think it's been helpful to get back in the swing of the old routine, even if there are some new changes.

I feel like Dave and I are beginning to find some balance on the weekends too, of family time, time for each of us to spend with Colette, as well as a break for each of us. That last part could still use some improvement, especially since they're not napping, but I feel like we've had a lot of fun as a family this past month, going to the fair, the Giants game, hosting a BBQ with all the cousins last weekend, etc. Dave and I are starting our weekly date nights as well. Dave has been enjoying the new TV upstairs and watching old movies which I'll been at the hospital each night. It's a nice break for him with all he's managed over the past couple months.

I think one of our big goals for the next month is to figure out a way for us to get a break without them napping and one thing I'm looking into is creating 'quiet time boxes' for them with different activities that they can do independently (and ideally quietly) to give them some downtime without actually napping. This is where having twins is a challenge again though... debating whether to separate them or not, because the time won't be 'quiet' if they're together. In fact, they've actually been super rambunctious during the time when they'd typically be napping.

As far as play, they're not home nearly as much but from what I've noticed, they haven't been playing much with their toys. They're still very into playing fireman or garbage truck and generally collect things around the house that assist in their imaginative play. They had fun using their cozy coupes as golf carts (Ma's idea when she visited) and now have elaborate games with Dedee involving parking spots, meter maids and avoiding getting towed :)

Free day at the zoo with Tenzing and Uncle Jon

It's weird not to be spending as much time with the boys, but the current arrangement is actually working really well. I like my time with them in the mornings, still see them at points during the day, but it's a relief to know that Jessica has them all day and I don't have to rush from the hospital to make on time to pick them up. Especially now that they're not napping, I'm not sure how I'd have the energy to go to the hospital, entertain them in the afternoon and then head back to the hospital in the evening. Even though I'm spending up to 6 hours a day holding Colette, which you'd think is pretty relaxing (and it is, I've read several books), being there is very draining and I definitely need a break to do nothing when I get home. Though I was hesitant to have so much help, it really has worked out for the best, at this at this time. Jessica has been extremely helpful and despite them not napping, has kept up with all of the household laundry, kept things clean, makes the boys smoothies and packs their lunch each day, cleans up after dinner, definitely more than she was responsible for before just so we can focus our energy on the few most important things.

I don't think we're getting much closer to taking the boys over to meet Colette, but maybe when she gets off CPAP we can finally do it. They understand enough about what's going on, and we have several books that do a good job explaining it for this age, but they don't ask too many random questions about her unless I bring it up. Hopefully by next month's post, they will have gotten to meet her. They were given a little goodie bag from the social worker for the NICU, and they loved their big brother shirts and little dogs. They're still calling her Rosie (after Calliou's sister) often, but occasionally will acknowledge her as Colette.

To my boys:
I am so impressed with how you've adapted over the past month. It feels so great to see you acting more like yourselves (even if that includes plenty of threenager moments!). I know change is so hard on kids, and you guys especially since we've always kept things so consistent, but it's a relief to know how quickly things can be turned around. You both seem happier and more comfortable and have fallen into a nice new routine. This was a big month for you and you've done so well going off to your drop-off camps, and now staying downstairs in your new room. I really can't believe how easy that transition has been (though I know it will still be a work in progress!). I miss spending more time with you but love our mornings and evening books and the additional help during the day has allowed me to be more patient and present when I am with you. It's been a good month all things considered and I can't believe how much you've grown up!

  • You've had a lot of adventures with Dad this month, like riding in a bike trailer through Golden Gate Park or in the peti-cab on the Embarcadero
  • You imitated me pumping one day
  • If I ever start laughing really hard, you both join in and it's the best 
  • You both conveniently saved your poops for the woods... luckily I had two emergency diapers...

William. I'm so glad your high voice has (mostly) left the building. It still comes out when you're tired and grumpy but overall it's so much better, which leads me to believe that you're feeling better in general. You've definitely had your moments when you get so mad and smack G and then get really upset. You know to use your words and usually can't get them out until you've followed your immediate instinct to hit him. You're still so expressive with your face, it's hilarious and in general you have the attitude of a teenager, practically angled with hand-on-hip :)
  • I asked you if you wanted to make something for Jessica for her birthday and you got so excited and said, ‘cookies! fire truck and garbage truck and Easter bunny cookies, because the Easter bunny is a girl. I want to put a ‘gina on it!' 
  • You asked Dad when you could help with the baby’s diapers and Dad said when she comes home, so you said you’d take the diapers to the hospital
  • You swim teacher is black and you refer to him as the 'boy with the brown face'
  • You jumped up and down (likely from a sugar rush) shouting 'this is the best day ever!' while at the Giant's game (after having a bunch of cotton candy) 
  • You were using the screw driver, G wanted it so asks when you'd be done. You said 11. G said he couldn't wait that long and says, what about 16-11. You say, ok 16-11. Then when you do finish, you said, 'okay, it's 14'.  
  • You were so excited after sleeping in your new room, the next morning you came upstairs and said, 'can we do that again?!' 
  • Lucas dumped a bunch of glitter in your hair and it was at least a week until it was all out
George. I'm so proud of you for getting back on track with your potty. You've been a bit clingy with Dad, which is understandable. You also still cry pretty easily, whether it's for something legit like hurting yourself, or just when you're frustrated or not getting your way. We've definitely had some battles-of-the-wills and I do everything I can to be consistent. Dad has said, 'why didn't you just fill up his cup?' when it lead to probably an hour of crying and screaming. I know I need to pick my battles, but I'm trying to be very consistent and get us all back on track, and overall, I think it's working. You are as strong-willed as ever and always want to be in control and many times my old tricks of giving choices or asking for your help don't work as well as they did previously. I think overall, you've really improved and seem to be readjusting to everything really well.
  • You think it's so funny to go take books out of the special book closet
  • You have been obsessed about certain books. Like when W hit you, you made a huge deal about getting out the Hands Are Not for Hitting Book. One day you didn't want to hear Dedee and I talking so you asked, 'can we go to the store and get a book about not talking?'
  • All you would tell us about your outdoor camp is that they wouldn't let you pick up sticks...
  • We were talking about how you'll need to get a job and make your own money if you want to buy things and you said, 'I will get in my uber and go to work!' (just like Dad :)
  • You got a time-out at outdoor camp and when I pulled you aside at bedtime to ask what happened, you said, 'I was just trying to pick flowers for you'. Awww

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