W&G Lately (40 Months)

It's been a much better month. If things are going well at the hospital, then that really has a positive impact on everything else. I feel like Dave and I have found a pretty good rhythm with being present for the boys and spending time with them on the weekends. We've had lots of fun adventures this month including a trip to Train Town in Sonoma yesterday. They've also had a lot of birthday parties, we went to the opening of the new Mission Bay playground, Sutro Baths and the Kite Festival in Berkeley.


They finished up summer school at Calvary at the end of July and then had a week of art camp, which they loved (and were covered from head to toe in paint each day), and then have gone to outdoor camp Mon/Wed/Fri for the past two weeks. That left some open days which Jessica came early for and they had some fun adventures together like going to the zoo, the Exploratorium, and Discovery Museum. It's a bummer to see them do this stuff without me -- I'd love to be taking them myself, and obviously could, but I want to be with Colette. It will be nice if we're able to do all this stuff together in the future.

They don't have any camps for the next two weeks so they'll get extra time with my mom and also be with Jessica. It would be nice to take them on some adventures before they start preschool in September, but again, we're focusing on what's most important.

Quiet time is going relatively well, I think William naps most days, George sometimes does. I only do it on the weekends but lately they've tended to give me more trouble and don't stay in their assigned spot (either bed or couch). If they end up together, no one naps, thus it's necessary to separate. The games and toys still seem to be doing the trick when they do end up resting. Bedtime has been going okay. William has been calling us down saying he's scared so we deal with that. G seems to have endless energy at all times of the day so he's usually asking for another kiss, drink of water, needs to get another book, etc., etc.

G continues to have accidents, I guess mostly due to being lazy. He hates being asked to go potty, so we try to avoid it (and have pretty much stopped with W because he never has accidents and gets really mad when we ask him to go). I don't think there's much to do with this and just hope it sorts itself out. It's not happening every day, but it's definitely frequently enough.

Eating has possibly improved a little but not much. They generally do well with their lunch and are getting a bit better at finishing their breakfast. Dinner is still hard. We have the most success with grilling meats, they both do well. Jessica makes smoothies and luckily they're a huge hit. She puts tons of fruits and veggies in them and G especially likes them so at least they're getting that.

There's been a bit more fighting, a lot of crying and a lot of screaming, 'you're a baby!' while the other is crying. There's even been the occasional bite. William especially has thrown some obnoxious tantrums lately and he's just so dramatic I have to keep myself from laughing. With that said, they still play really well together. They've played with toys a bit more this month but continue to do imaginary play like garbage or firefighter. I ordered two small (like what you'd have by your desk in an office) trash cans and G especially has really liked loading up books and other 'garbage'. Anytime we have a box with a bunch of packaging, he always asked excitedly, 'can I have this for my garbage??' :)

I rarely update on their talk anymore as they say pretty much anything, but I have noticed a few toddlerisms. They definitely don't get the tense right a lot of the time... 'you maked me a sandwich' for example. And they also says things like this a lot, 'can you put on it?' instead of 'put it on'.

Mom: I added exercise back into my daily routine this past month and it feels really good. It breaks up my day a bit and fits nicely into the routine. I lost the first 25 pounds relatively quickly but I still have about 4lbs to go that don't seem to want to budge. We've had so much take-out that my diet probably hasn't been helping but we're definitely eating mostly homemade food again so hopefully that helps. The majority of my pre-pregnancy pants are still too tight in the waist so I'm still wearing some of my maternity jeans  (which are definitely feeling a bit loose) and got a couple pairs of new pants in a size bigger than normal. Dave and I have been able to do our weekly date night each week which has been a lot of fun since we really don't have much time just the two of us. We may even try to do an overnight away just before Colette comes home. We'll see.

To my boys... It's getting harder and harder to keep up with all the funny things you say and do, partly because I'm distracted but also because I'm not spending nearly as much time with you as I have in the past. I'm grateful you've adjusted so well and I do feel like I get several nice chunks of time with you, usually from 7-9am and 5:30-7:30pm. I get jealous that Jessica gets to take you on fun adventures during the week (it's easier when I just drop you off at camp), but also know being at the hospital is most important right now and it's where I want to be. You've both been so understanding with this, in fact, you say, 'Dad goes to work, we go to camp and you to the hospital'. We all have our jobs. You've seemed so grown up to me this past month. I'm not sure what it is in particular. I guess size-wise you're both growing, and your new Calvin Klein underwear are the cutest and make you even more grown up. You no longer use a booster at the dinner table and often ask for 'adult' plates, forks, etc. and big glasses. You're both getting so much better at getting yourself dressed, though there are plenty of times you're still too lazy to do it. You came with me to the hospital this morning and you both are so good in there. You read books to Colette, tickled her toes and shook toys in her face. I can tell how much you love her already and know that you're going to be the best big brothers once she's home. You've got exciting things happening in coming weeks including starting preschool, and hopefully welcoming Colette home.

W&G notes:

  • Dad calls you the 'Kings of Clay Street' since everyone knows you at that park.
  • The teacher said, 'Awwww, we're gonna miss these guys!' on your last day of summer camp at Calvary.
  • The teacher at art camp told Jessica what good listeners you were when things got a bit chaotic one day.
  • You guys are getting to be great swimmers! You're about a foot away from being able to swim the width of the pool. I now can take you to the pool on my own, so much fun! 
  • We had fun watching some of the Olympics (gymnastics and swimming) and had a good run convincing you that eating healthy makes you swim fast or be able to do flips. G asked if they ate dessert and I told him no, because dessert isn't healthy. There were random moments when you ate a little better but didn't last long.
  • We went to the opening of the Mission Bay playground and waited in line to get your face painted. Multiple kids before you would wait like 15 minutes and then get to the front and not want to do it anymore. Neither of you had any problem sitting down with them and telling them what you wanted (W chose a princess butterfly lion)

  • You guys tend to wake each other up in the morning (on purpose), so we're working on leaving the other one sleeping and coming upstairs so everyone can sleep as long as they need to. Some days it works (W is better at leaving G sleeping).
  • You both love the roller coaster at Train Town (though G does get a little nervous, which he admits)
Waiting for the garbage truck

William. You've sort of had a rough month. You weren't feeling well, I don't think you get as much sleep as you need with G waking you up in the morning or keeping you awake at quiet time. This all leads to some serious grumpiness. Sometimes you wake up in a terrible mood, most days if you nap, it's no fun waking you up. There are plenty of moments when you use this deep, annoying voice with these mad eyes just to show us how mad you are. You also beat up on G quite a bit, but most of the time he's pushing your buttons so I really can't blame you. I'm proud of you for how much more independent you are now - you'll get dressed on your own (sometimes), go potty by yourself, much more likely to pull up your pants and you play really well by yourself too. You continue to make friends so easily and still are attracted to big kids especially.

W notes:

  • You often say, 'can we come here again?' when you really like something. You've been doing this a while, but it's still one of my favorite things to see you so happy.
  • We've changed the bedtime reading set up and now and instead of me switching beds for books, I sit on the floor and lean against one of the beds, stretching my legs out straight. You get settled in on top of me, stretching your legs out along me, with your back against my front. G is usually too antsy, moving around doing all kinds of stuff during reading time.
  • You've started calling me back downstairs at bedtime to tell me that you're scared.
  • You had your first nightmare (at least I think) a few nights ago. Dedee was sleeping on the couch and went in several times before we heard you upstairs. Of course, even in your sleep, you only want Daddy so he had to go down several times throughout the night.
  • You were so scared when I had to take G from the park to the hospital to get his chin fixed up and you had to go home with Jessica. You kept shouting, 'I need to go with my brother!'. We later figured out you thought G would have to stay at the hospital like Colette.
  • You were at a birthday party at a park where the parents had dumped a bunch of the birthday girl's sand toys for everyone to play with. You were playing with a truck when the birthday girl came up to you and tried to take it away. You guys went back and forth using your words and when she snatched it away, you shouted, 'you're not gonna get to open any birthday presents!'.
  • You picked out a sock that didn't have a mate the other day and then told me, 'I think it's at Stowe Lake, I think we need to go back'. You love going to Stowe Lake and you made this comment so nonchalantly.
  • You were sick with a fever for several days in a row.
  • Many days you have the attitude of a teenager. 'Don't look at me!', 'Don't talk!', 'Don't be right here!'.

George. You're still so particular about things and definitely throw a fit when you get frustrated and things aren't exactly how you want them. For all the rules you love to know about and signs that note these rules, you don't always follow rules. You're still so obsessed with garbage and it's by far your favorite game. You've been pretty attached to dad this month and even asked him if he could not do his workouts in the morning as you want him to be here when you wake up.

G notes:

  • While at the Academy with Dedee, you loved looking at the different compost, recycling and garbage cans. Dedee told you the trash can was called 'landfill' and you said, 'no Dedee, landfill is where the garbage gets dumped'
  • You've been talking about pepper soup for weeks. It all started when I asked you what vegetable you'd eat. You chose peppers (which you wouldn't eat when offered raw) but went on and on about making a pepper soup -- even so far as adding carrots, zucchini etc. We finally made the soup (not even with other vegetables) and surprise, surprise, you didn't touch any of the peppers. You then told me, 'I just wanted to talk about it, I didn't want to eat it'.
  • I finally put on Coldplay's Yellow for you honoring your favorite color. Now you ask for it often and love to hold my hands and dance around the kitchen.
  • You still love signs and told me we needed to bring a sign to Sutro Baths that said, 'watch out sandy stairs'
  • You also asked for a sign in your room and dictating the rules. Some days you do really well with making your bed and taking off your pull up, other days you don't...
  • You often comes to tattle on W and I'm trying to teach you that distraction or not making a big deal about what you want will lead to the other forgetting about it. I told you to ask W if he wanted to ride bikes, to get W to give up the table, but then you got distracted and and wanted to ride books too :) Can we come here again? W
  • Always aware of rules, when you're playing with your cars in the backyard, you say, 'you better curb your wheels or you'll get a ticket!'. You also ask me if I've curbed my wheels when I park.
  • You do not like pirate stuff nearly as much as W and one day you had a complete breakdown crying, 'William won't stop saying 'shiver me timbers!'
  • You sliced your chin open at the park and were pretty upset. Dad was extra sympathetic to you at the hospital. They let you look through their book of DVDs to pick something to watch and you picked out a pink Barbie DVD but then the DVD player was broken so you didn't get to watch it. When you were all fixed up, they gave you a Popsicle and you asked if they had a bowl for when it started dripping.
  • One night during books, you asked me when you could walk out of the house on your own and go down the street. You even acted it out, 'I'd close the door and then say, 'bye mom'' which you said with a higher shouting voice just how you'd shout goodbye to me.
  • You got to see a yellow garbage truck, best day ever!

Helping to paint Colette's drawers

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