Big Boy Room for the Bs

This is long overdue since we moved the boys downstairs to their new room back in June. We didn't love the idea of them being all the way downstairs, but we didn't really have another option. It's a great space for them and nice that the bathroom is in the room and gives them their own zone with all their toys and it actually hasn't been too bad going downstairs when they need us. They sleep so well at night, that it's so rare that we'd need to go down in the middle of the night.

I always find it so hard to start designing a room but once I settle on one piece, it usually flows from there. I knew I didn't want a theme that would seem dated in a few years and while I wanted it to be bright and fun, I didn't want it to be too kid-ish. I think I settled on the Land of Nod bedspreads first and then quickly had a color scheme. I knew they'd want yellow but yellow was a main color in their nursery that I wanted this room to be different so it's a nice accent.

We decided to paint the whole downstairs so I had our decorator help choose wall colors for that.  I love the dark denim blue accident wall. Other than the wall colors, I did everything else myself and had so much fun doing it. The bookcase is from IKEA and fits perfectly between the two beds and is good storage for their books and stuffed animals (in the bins). I love the dresser we got, again, it fits the space perfectly and holds all of their non-hanging clothes. The wall pieces are fun, though the bulbs have already burned out on the cityscape and not sure what we're supposed to do about that...

I think the boys' favorite thing about their room is the marquee letter they each have over their bed. They're all about their initial and it's a fun way to display it. At night we turn off the lights and just keep the marquee letters lit and it's perfect for reading books.

I had my dad build some under-bed drawers to store all their extra books that switch out onto the shelf so the books always seem somewhat new. They work great and store a ton, plus they blend in nicely under the beds.

The transition to their new room was surprisingly easy, but several months in, they do both make plenty of comments about being scared and wanting us in their room. I think they're (and we are) so lucky that they have each other as that's certainly eased the transition. George keeps talking about a 'shared bed' like Dad and I have but oddly the boys have never done well sleeping so close.

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