Colette's Nursery

With the new baby coming, I started ordering things for the boys' new room back in April, assuming that we'd make the room change in May, but that we'd leave their old room set up for a bit so ease the  transition. Of course none of that went according to plan and we actually canceled our contractor coming over when everything happened early with Colette. Since we didn't know what the situation would be, we didn't want to change anything more for them. As we got some initial reassurance that things would be okay with C, we moved forward and got the downstairs painted and the new lights installed. The boys transitioned so nicely to their new room that I ended up taking down their old room immediately. I started planning Colette's nursery -- I had pinned ideas on Pinterest for both a boy and girl so now that I knew, I started narrowing down exactly what I wanted.

Planning the nursery was a welcome distraction until it wasn't. Initially I was so consumed by what a long wait it was going to be for her to come home (little did I know that it would end up being much longer than I ever imagined), that it was something fun to focus on. I was so hesitant to order anything for the room, but eventually started, and then of course, she got much sicker. Again, we halted any work on the room. Stuff started arriving and it got left in the box. We definitely didn't feel confident in setting up a room for her to come home to. So when she finally started getting better and we saw that she really was going to come home, it was a whirlwind to get everything done. Thankfully our contractor was able to get the room painted and the light fixture installed so we could get the rest done. As always, my dad was so great in helping me with the dresser (which I ended up painting most of myself, and with the boys' help) and hanging everything on the walls. Unfortunately when he went to set up the new twin bed, we realized the headboard was split. I called for a replacement and it was backordered. Despite many calls, the day arrived when she was to come home and still not headboard.

My dad came that day and worked on the headboard, finding a temporary solution that didn't look great, but working perfectly, so that I could have a bed to sleep in on the night we brought her home. It took another couple weeks to get the replacement headboard and it was so great to have it set up during that time.

As far as a theme, I knew I'd be working with gray since we kept the same shades the boys had, as well as one of their cribs which is gray and white. I was drawn to a painting I found on One Kings Lane with lots of coral, so I bought that and coral quickly became a main color of the room. Then I added in gold (and gold dots) and bit of floral.

I had so much fun putting the room together, but there was also a lot of hesitation about getting excited about it. When it was all set up (at a point when we knew she was coming home), I was so thrilled with how it turned out, and now that I've spent so much time in it, I still love the space. It's super functional -- and I was nervous about the layout of trying to fit a twin bed in there; because of all the doors and windows, it doesn't leave a good space to stretch the bed out from the wall -- having a bed in the room has been so great, we've been able to use the chair-and-a-half we had with the boys, I still love that dresser and am in love with how the coral ombre paint job turned out and had so much fun bringing together all the decorative aspects, a lot of which were found on Etsy.

My favorite piece is probably the chandelier, something so fun for a girl's room. I feel elated that I get to be in this fun space with her and hopefully some of the pieces will be around long enough for her to love them as well.

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