Halloween 2016

This was such a fun age for Halloween. The boys really get it and were so excited and did really well trick-or-treating. Plus, Colette is big enough to be in a cute costume and out for a few photos, but still small enough that she slept through all the trick-or-treating :)

We had a month packed with various Halloween parties -- GGMG, SFPOM, the parade at their school, then two trips to the pumpkin patch. Though Dave and I both had doubts over George's ghost costume that looks like a French marshmallow, he still loves that costume so it was totally worth it. William didn't make it too long with his big mask/hat as it blocked his view so I'll definitely consider that for next year's costume.

It was so fun to see all the different costumes and I already told Dave that we definitely need to dress up next year. We'll see if the boys will be up for a family costume.

Lemos Farm

Calvary Parade

Nicasio Valley Pumpkin Patch


Trick or Treating

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