Colette: 7 Months Old

A bit behind on this one, but glad I got the update to the nurses on-time so this sums up what happened last month -- not necessarily where she's at today.

7 Months Old (5.5 months adjusted)

Colette has had an exciting month! We started increasing quicker and she is now completely on full-fat breastmilk!!! (as of Dec. 24). My supply has dropped over the months, but I continue to pump about half of her daily intake and supplement with my freezer stash from the earlier months for the rest so I think -- and I really hope -- we should make it to a year.

We dropped the 10pm feed a week before she hit 7 months and she’s done well at adjusting her daily intake between the 5 feeds, taking 6.5oz bottles at 7am and 7pm, and 5oz per feed during the day for a total of 28oz avg (this has gone up again in recent weeks!). We fortify one bottle per day with Monogen. She weighs about 16 ½ lbs now.

Though she gagged and spit up the first few times she tried solid food, she’s done much better over the past few weeks and has had squash, sweet potato, broccoli, pear, peaches, mango, banana, applesauce and oat cereal.

The last 1-2 weeks of her 6th month had been rough for sleep and for multiple nights in a row, she woke up at exactly 3:10 or 3:11am and was active (happy & ‘talking’) for a good hour. I figured something was up developmentally and just shy of her 7-month birthday she cut her first tooth and started crawling – well, pulling herself forward a foot or so to reach a toy (or an iphone really gets her moving!).  

Unfortunately it’s been an endless month of illnesses, though thankfully nothing serious. Over Thanksgiving, the boys came down with enterovirus. They were quarantined downstairs with Dave for 4 days while I kept Colette in her room. She’s a pretty easy baby but was so high maintenance; I realize how much she gets from just being around everyone and taking it in. The colds seem to have dragged on and despite our best efforts, Colette has already had 4 colds, but she’s been fine each time so far. She got her first IVIG infusion on Wednesday since her levels were borderline. This is basically plasma from 1000 different people and helps keep the immune system strong. It was tough managing an active baby with an IV but she did well.

She had her first trip to Disneyland! We drove and she did so well in the car. Besides being too distracted to eat full bottles, everything went pretty well. She stayed in the ergo most of the time but I had to get her out for a photo with Cinderella. Taking 3 kids to Disneyland is no joke though, talk about exhausting!! She has an oxygen test in January as we’re hoping to take her to Florida in February and want to make sure she’ll be okay on the plane.

William loves to play ‘digger’ with her when she’s doing tummy time. He sits behind her and uses her legs as his ‘controllers’ and calls her bum the ‘engine’ :). ‘Cokes’ or ‘Cokesy’ seem to be the nicknames of the moment for her.  She loved meeting Santa, I think because he looks a bit like Papa.

Coco Bean. What a big month for you! And now seeing you several months later, it's crazy how much your eating has improved again! You really do continue to surprise me. But like any baby, things change by the day. Each time Dedee comes (Sundays and Thursdays), I feel like it's a new update on how you're sleeping or eating. I'm so glad we've gotten through the parties-in-the-middle-of-the-night phase and as I suspected, you were just getting ready for some big things. I noticed your tooth peeking through as we waited for Dad and the b's to be done on the Winne-the-Pooh ride. I couldn't believe it! Then we got back to the room and you finally pulled yourself forward to crawl. That's a loose term of course, you're not moving far, but you can pivot and if motivated, pull yourself several feet forward. What a month with all the sicknesses we've had in our house, but you really are our miracle baby, you avoided enterovirus and mysteriously were totally fine after showing signs of getting a cold for about 24 hours (watery eyes, coughing, sneezing). Dr. Hardy, who saw you the morning you were getting sick, thought for sure she'd see you again as things progressed, but when she called the next day, I told her you were totally fine, no signs of any sickness. So crazy. Your first Thanksgiving was a bust, but next year will be better anyway -- you can eat food :) Though a bit distracted while eating on our trip, you otherwise did well. I think you fussed one time on the way home -- and William was annoyed like a teenager would be when I kept asking him to replace your paci. He's so sweet with you all the time, that this was so out of character. You were so easy to travel with, I hope we're able to take many more trips in the (possibly near) future.

We love you!!

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