Colette: 8 Months Old

8 Months Old
(6.5 months adjusted)
  • She's increased her feeds and is steady at 32.5oz/day of full-fat breast milk. One bottle is fortified with Monogen and Vitamin D. I still can't get over how easy feeding her a bottle is now after several tough months of her being so finicky. 
  • She’s making progress on solids and has been cleared to eat anything developmentally appropriate. Her latest favs are baguette and strawberries. She does okay with spoon feeding, but also likes to feed herself… not much gets in though!
  • New foods this month: barley, carrots (including steamed whole carrots), green beans, zucchini, blueberries, strawberries, avocado, chicken, eggs, pancakes, Greek yogurt, prunes, peaches, cauliflower, broccoli.
  • She still uses her steroid inhaler twice a day but I’m going to check at her next pulmonary appt to see if that’s still necessary. Our appts have been spread out to every few months.
  • Getting up multiple times a night to replace the pacifier was getting a bit old, so since our neighbors are gone for the month, I decided to see how she’d do without it and do a little sleep training. She’s actually done great and is officially paci-free! We still give her the little kitty that she likes to hold. She’s adjusted pretty well to falling asleep without the paci but we’re still working on extending her afternoon nap without it as she keeps waking up after 45 minutes when she should be sleeping for about 2 hours at this time. She’s slept through the night much better without it. Unfortunately she wakes up earlier, around 6, and that’s the hardest time to keep her calm without the paci since she has to wait for her bottle to warm up.
  • I've moved back into the master bedroom! I started the New Year back in the room and while I had to go back in for the paci, I think returning was a bit overdue. She hasn't been waking up at night to eat for a while, and though I think I'm naturally a bit more protective over her than I would normally be, she hasn't shown any signs that would give me reason to continue sleeping in with her.
  • Colette’s crawling much further. She’s really engaged in toys, including her brothers’ stuff and when motivated (especially by an iphone), she’ll crawl across the room! She likes doing plank and going up on her hands and knees but her ‘crawl’ is still pretty funny. My friend said, ‘she’s doing the worm!’. She’s not quite at the stage where I put her down and turn around a minute later and she could be anywhere… but soon I’m sure. 
  • She’s sitting up unassisted pretty solidly now. She will eventually fall over/hasn’t mastered going from sitting to crawling. PT has been thrilled with her progress. She's still a bit stiff and doesn't have the natural reflex to grab onto you or to brace herself when falling. This is still in the realm of normal.
  • We’ve had several recommended follow-up appointments and she’s passed her vision and hearing tests. 
  • She’s has another cold, her 5th so far, and while she's handling it fine, it's definitely the worst she's had. Breathing appears to be fine, she just seems fussy and uncomfortable and her nose has been running like crazy. We were supposed to do her oxygen test tomorrow to see how she'd do on the plane, but she shouldn't do it with the bad cold so we're postponing the test.  
  • She seems to be going through some separation anxiety which seems to be right on schedule according to the baby app. Amazingly, she does pretty well with us leaving her in the room initially (she may get mad once she wakes up if we go in and then leave again), but does not like when she's playing and we leave the room. If she's distracted, it's fine, but if she sees you leave, she's not having it. As long as you're talking to her, or near her, she's pretty content, even during the tougher times of day like before dinner. 

    Cokesy-Bean. This is the month we shared you with the world. Well, at least the Facebook world. I'm so private on social media but Dad has been working with several organizations and we'd like to raise money to research pulmonary lymphangiectasia. He put together an emotional video chronicling your journey and we shared it, receiving lots of supportive words, congratulations, as well as donations. While our closest friends and family, as well as people we see frequently, know the basics of your story, there are many others we're connected to who didn't even know we'd had another baby. My profile picutre hadn't been changed in at least a year and a half, so it was nice to add an updated one with you, as well as one of you and the boys. I'm still not sure how we ended up so lucky. I continue to see posts memorializing angel babies on my Hydrops facebook groups. Just today I saw one for a baby born sleeping at 34 weeks, hydrops discovered at 30 weeks. I often read about situations that are identical to ours, yet they weren't lucky enough to take home a baby. I'm still in awe of how far you've come and while there are many moments you're treated without a thought of your past, I get in as many snuggles and kisses as I can during the day. Witnessing an ongoing miracle is pretty incredible, but I'm grateful that the amazement hasn't dulled and I can truly say that I recognize multiple times a day how special you are and how lucky we are. It's pretty cool that your brothers do too, on a much simpler level, and shower you with snuggles, kisses and endless 'I love you Cokes' throughout the day.  


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