It's been a nice tradition to go to Disneyworld every year, which really started because there's a direct flight to Orlando, which is not that much farther than Ft. Lauderdale to Naples, the next best direct flight from San Francisco. It's been fun to see the boys get more and more excited about the characters and the shows now that they watch a bit more of that on TV.

Dave was a little bummed we weren't going to be able to go this year, knowing how much the boys would love it at this age. Once we started talking more, we decided it would be fun to take a little trip, but driving so we'd avoid the germs on the plane. Dave and I have avoided all drives longer than about 3/3.5 hours (like to San Luis Obispo). Being stuck in the car that long with kids isn't fun so we've never driven to LA with them, not even to visit my sister, which we really should've. But Dave seems to be a lot more into driving now since the Tesla is so fun to drive, and the boys can be handed an ipad and they're happy for literally hours. We weren't sure about Coco, and having to stop to feed her the bottle was going to be a pain, but we decided to go for it. It actually worked out pretty well.

The drives went well, coming in at about 8 hours total including 2-hours worth of stops to eat/charge the car/feed Coco. Since we would've had to stop with kids anyway for eating and the bathroom, it wasn't a pain at all to charge the car. There are superchargers all over that charge really fast, so either a quick 15-minute charge to get you the last miles home, or a longer 45 minute full charge. We left early each way, probably by 5:30. The boys didn't go right back to sleep immediately, bur after 30 minutes or so, they did fall asleep for at least another hour. Because you know that ipads don't work until it's light out, right? :)

W especially had a hard time giving up the ipad. He was lounging like a teenager in the back, foot crossed over his knee, relaxing with his headphones in and lots of attitude anytime I interrupted him, or God-forbid, asked him to put down the ipad. I'm not into screentime, but fine with it for the drive, though I would prefer they do something first and get at least a little bored before immediately handing over the devices. Colette did really well in the car -- lots of sleeping, or just hanging out I guess, we didn't hear much from her!

We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and had plenty of room for all of us. It was nice to stay on-site, but for the money, we weren't that impressed with the accommodations. Dave does such a great job planning, has all of our meals booked out with reservations, whether at the hotel or in the park.

The first day was spent at Disneyland and we were there from probably 8:30-9 until about 3. The boys did well, we ended up walking about 5 miles that day and though there was plenty of complaining, we didn't use a stroller at all for them, so I was pretty impressed. It was a little drizzling for the first hour of the day at the park, which ended up working to our advantage -- we rode many rides over and over again so by the time it was 10am, they had been through these rides maybe 15 times. They both loved Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I was even able to take Colette on some of these when she was in the ergo.

We split up at times so I could go pump and feed Coco. They have a baby center there which made it really easy, though Colette was too distracted throughout the trip, even when in the room, to finish bottles. I ended up adding her 10pm dreamfeed back in just while we were gone so she could still get her volume. We were able to feed her solids at dinner each night too, somehow. Unfortunately this trip was at the tail-end of her sleep issues -- waking up at 3am and up for an hour, and one night she was up for much longer which made the next day at California Adventure pretty tough for me. The day we went to Disney was the day her first tooth popped through and she pulled herself forward and started crawling for the first time. I was pretty sure the sleep issues were related to something happening developmentally and that seems to be the case. I was pretty tired, but we survived.

We went to a character dinner the first night, and the boys the refused to say hi to any characters, oh well. The next night was pizza in Downtown Disney and the restaurant was awesome, so accommodating with three crazy kids and awesome food. Maybe it helped that Dave ordered a nice bottle of wine ;) We did room service the last night which the boys thought was so fun.

I had never been to California Adventure, so that was fun and something different, but unfortunately a lot of the rides had a height minimum which meant that Coco couldn't come with me even in the carrier. It still worked out okay and was neat to see, but Disneyland definitely seems better for our family at this point. We went to the Little Mermaid Princess lunch and Coco slept during lunch, but she was up at the end so I had to get her first photo with a princess (the boys again were too shy to even look their way).

The trip was pretty exhausting. By the time we wrangled everyone back to the hotel at 3pm each day, Dave and I were beat and needed a break, so there was more TV time for the boys. I think they loved having a TV in the room. Bedtime was a bit of a battle each night too, but I think there's just so much excitement with everything going on.

On Sunday, we drove to my sister's house, hung out there for a bit so the boys could play on the trampoline and then headed to the beach for 'snow sledding'. It was so great to see them. The boys really love being with their big cousins and I can tell the older boys love playing with them too. Besides of video of the sand sledding, I can't believe I didn't get any photos, especially of Colette with my sister.

I think we were slightly intimidated by the trip and no doubt, it was tough with three young kids, but I think we're glad we did it. It was a great time to go, while the park was set up for the holidays, but didn't have the crowds of everyone there during Christmas.

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