Colette is 9 Months Old

Colette is 9 Months Old (7.5 months adjusted)
·      About three weeks ago, she pulled up to standing, started crawling up on all fours instead of her ‘worm’ crawl and a few days later started cruising along the furniture.  Unfortunately she still doesn’t know how to get back down from standing which has led to plenty of falls. She’s also pulling up in her crib. PT was blown away by her progress and gave me some ideas to help her practice getting down… still no luck.
·      She sits solidly and can go from sitting to crawling but she can’t get into sitting by herself. She can climb up stairs but not down.
·      She’s over being spoon-fed and has been eating a lot more -- pretty much anything and we just give whatever we’re eating. She’s very enthusiastic though I’m not sure how much is getting in. Refried beans, cheese and strawberries have been her top favorites. She can sit and eat for 40 minutes!
·      She graduated from GI! She’s on a completely normal food diet and all full-fat milk, no fortifying required. Good weight gain (she’s just over 18lbs and 28 inches).  I’ve been able to boost my supply a bit and still have a frozen stash we dip into daily. She can drink from a straw, still won’t hold her own bottle.
·      She sees pulmonary every 3 months now and is on an inhaler once per day.
·      Her IGG numbers were great after the last infusion so hoping they’ll stay up.
·      She got over her fear of baths! We got her a bath seat and a new bath toy and now she crawls into the bathroom to find the toy instead of crying the instant I bring her into the bathroom like before. Had her 1st bath with her brothers!
·      Went down to 2 naps; she’s sleeping soundly through the night. Still working on early-morning wake ups some days. She sleeps right against the crib rail, bum up in the air (just like George did), cuddled with her wubanub kitty.
·      She passed her oxygen test with flying colors!! The tech said she was the first baby he’s had that didn’t cry at all.  It was emotional to see her do so well. That means she should be fine on the plane. We fly to Florida tomorrow!!
·      We’ve started getting out more and went to our first baby music class. She got scared a few times when she started exploring and realized I wasn’t right there, but then minutes later is crawling over the drum snatching a shaker from another kid J
·      Colette loves: mirrors, faces, other babies (she even started playing with the diaper box since there’s a big baby on the side), listening to people on speaker-phone, the remote, iphone and laptop, listening to Dad play the guitar, the vacuum, the play kitchen, her brothers, touch-and-feel books, playing peek-a-boo, standing at the front window.  She’s ‘talking’ a lot.
·      She’s gotten some separation anxiety and if she notices you leave the room, she’ll crawl after you really fast, whining.
·      She’ll crawl across the room and reach up for Dave when he gets home. She’s always so happy to see him.
·      She snorts or does this guttural throat thing when she’s really excited.
She’s such a happy, smiley girl and pretty much the best ever!

Coco Bean. What a fabulous month for you! You continue to amaze me every day and I think you're surprising everyone else too. No one would know that your first 4 months of life were as rough as they were when you're doing everything chronological-age appropriate (if not even a little advanced). There's such a range for that stuff anyway but it still blows me away how far you've come. Sleep is still a bit hit or miss, though nights have thankfully been sound. Naps still have quite a bit of room for improvement... You totally took off with your eating this month and it's so much fun to watch. You love to eat and will eat just about anything. We're still in the phase where much of it is ending up on your or in your bib, but that's okay. You learned so many new things like much and seem to pick things up pretty quickly. You really need to figure out how to get back down though, you get so sad when you fall. You do seem to get very scared. I can tell when you start to lose your balance or get a little wobbly and you already start to cry. Ugh, hope you don't turn out to be a scaredy cat like me! You really are the sweetest girl, you love having people around, will crawl over to us and start to climb our legs. I love your big smiles and how much joy you bring to everyone in our family. Next stop... Florida!