Colette: 10 Months Old

It really feel like she's getting so much bigger. She's still gaining well, over 18lbs now, but we're not going to nearly as many appointments now so her weight isn't getting checked very often. We had such a great trip to Florida and have enjoyed a break in the rain at home to get out to the park.

·      The highlight of the month was our trip to Florida to visit Dave’s parents. The travel days were long, but overall everyone did really well. The worst part is all the stuff we have to bring for three kids and reinstalling carseats to get to the airport and then again at our destination. We really had the best time though and I think we were all very conscious of how special it was to be doing our annual trip with Colette this year.
·      In Florida, we swam at the pool most days, went to the beach, to the zoo, to the great botanical gardens they have, rented a boat on Naples Bay, got family photos taken and spent lots of time with the grandparents. Colette adjusted to local time immediately and was waking up by 7am ET while the rest of us could’ve slept much longer. Other than that, she was so easy to have along and loved everything we did including so many of her firsts in the water, etc. It was such a great trip!
·      Eat: She’s eating so well, still taking in 26-28oz of breastmilk a day and eating tons of solids. She’s getting much better with her pincer grasp so doing really well with whatever we’re eating. Her favorite food by far is chili – she’ll eat it all: the beans, bell peppers, meat. We went to a burger place in Florida so I ordered her a cup of chili and everyone was shocked when she finished it!
·      I’m still pumping about ¾ of her daily needs and have a bit of a freezer stash that will hopefully get us to a year. I’m looking forward to being done; it wasn’t fun pumping on the plane and bringing frozen milk on the trip.
·      Sleep: The good thing is, she sleeps totally through the night, going down at 7pm but then up at 5:45am. I was pretty discouraged when she continued to wake up at 5:45, even after the time change. She takes a 30-minute nap in the morning (not a minute longer) and was taking maybe a 1h30min nap in the afternoon, but always waking up once crying. Then a couple days ago she slept until 7am, what a dream! In the past few days, she’s started taking 2-hour naps in the afternoon, without waking up at all, so maybe we’re finally getting on track. Well, let’s hope!
·      Play: It took her about 5 weeks but she can finally get down from standing! She’s cruising all around and much more independent when crawling around, heading to the bathroom is her favorite.  She likes to push her cart around while walking. She does best when lots of people, or her brothers, are around. She gets very needy when it’s just her and I and whines a lot, though stops the instant I pick her up. She’s always interested in what her brothers are doing and starting to get into everything. Her physical therapist said ‘she looks like a million bucks!’ and thinks she’ll be walking in a month, so we’ll see. I think it’s time to graduate PT too J
·      We’ve had fun going to the park, meeting new friends and I’ve been taking her swimming at the JCC every week. She loves ‘jumping’ in from the side and will let me dip her down in the water, face and all.
·      We’re starting to plan her first birthday!

 Cokesy-bean. What a fun month! It was such a treat to have you in Florida with us and to be doing everything 'as normal'. Despite your need of little sleep, you're very easy to travel with and as long as you're around people and part of the group, you're happy. It was fun to have so many firsts this month and you seemed to enjoy all your new adventures. You did really well with eating on the go, which was a relief after we struggled with that on our trip to Disneyland. You're getting to be so big now, I can't get over how long your legs are when they're stretched out. You're so strong and want to walk but first need to practice standing on your own. You're getting there, going hands-free while balancing against a table. I'm so excited for you to walk! I've so enjoyed getting out with you more and the one benefit of you taking short naps, especially in the morning, is that we can all go out as a family/it's not like we're waiting around all morning for you to wake up. Everyone always loves having you along. I'm so excited for the next few months. While it's crazy to think that an entire year is almost up, I'm really looking forward to celebrating your first birthday and all you've accomplished so far.

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