Colette: 11 Months Old

I can’t believe there’s just one month to go until she’s a year old!

Coco is eating well with solids, though maybe slightly less enthusiastic than last month. She loves meat, cheese, beans, fish and most of Mom's 1-pot meals. Her bottle volume has dropped a little bit (typically she takes around 24oz) as well but she seems to be gaining weight well (most recently weighed at 19lbs6oz). She’s getting several more teeth in so we’ve had some tough nights here and there, but overall she sleeps well at night… but is up early (around 6) and takes short naps. Her naps have improved this month though and she's able to sleep through without waking up 45 mins in. Naps vary in the afternoon from 1.5 hours to 2 hours or so if we're lucky. Morning naps seemed to be capped at 30 minutes, but for the past few days, she's been sleeping at least an hour. Up until recently, she’s gone down for naps and bedtime really easily, but she has serious separation anxiety right now. It actually hasn’t affected sleeping too much, but she’s extremely clingy and especially if tired or not feeling well, she doesn’t want to be put down. She has big tears the instant you put her down, but immediately upon being picked up, she’s fine. If she’s not fully engaged in an activity, she’ll get really upset if I leave the room. She does best when lots of people (or at least W&G) are around. She’ll play with them, or even just by herself, but if she’s one-on-one with you, there’s no chance to escape even for a second. Health-wise, she’s doing well.

She loves being around other people, is social with others at the park, like mirrors, the Peek-a-Who book, listening to conversations on speakerphone and is obsessed with iphones and remotes. She’s a fast crawler, getting much quicker at cruising and can stand unassisted for a split second before falling to her knees which is progress from last week. She loves to push her cart around to ‘walk’. We’re having fun at the pool and she’ll ‘jump’ (fall) in on her own, go under water and even let me let go for a few seconds.

The highlight of the month is the shift in her understanding. She can now clap and wave and responds to other stuff where you see that she really gets what’s going on. She’ll hold her headbands up to her head, signs ‘all done’, sit down when I tell her to in the bathtub and though she’s not saying any words, I feel like she’s communicating a lot more. She's vocal and chatty and though there are plenty of daaaaadaaaa’s, she’s doesn’t say them to Dave specifically and doesn’t have any real words. Oh, and she can finally hold her own bottle, though she prefers someone else to hold it for her ;)

We are so excited to celebrate her birthday!

Beanie - I can't believe there's just one month to go until you're a whole year old. It's been such a fun month to see the wheels turning as you figure out new things each day. It's always reassuring to see you meet milestones right on time for your actual age, despite the long hospital stay. It's also so fun to be able to go through all this again. Seeing you clap for the first time, getting stronger with standing and starting to sign. The physical stuff is so easy to take note of, but it's the other development stuff that really excites me. The fact that you're learning to sign back to me what you want is so cool. For months it's a mostly one-way street with talking, singing, etc., but when you're able to sign back, seeing that understanding is so awesome. You've been so clingy this month, not just to me, but in general. You still love being with Daddy (and will crawl super-fast across the room to have him pick you up), Dedee, Jessica and me. I don't think you'd want to be held by someone new though, but in general, you don't want to be put down. Today I opened your car door, and then went to the trunk to get the stroller out and you started screaming. Currently that's typical. I know it's normal but it does make some moments really hard. Hopefully it will settle down soon. Looking forward to our trip to Hawaii, celebrating your brothers' birthday and then it's your turn!