Colette | 13 Months

The month since her birthday has flown by. It was so busy up until that point and then was busy for a few weeks with the boys' end of school and them being out of school and camp. I feel like things are finally slowing down and I'm able to catch up on projects that weren't as urgent.

We've been getting out most days, mostly to the park, and swimming at the JCC several times a week. I'm getting a bit antsy to meet more moms with kids her age, but finding that surprisingly difficult. There are tons of kids at the park in our neighborhood, but the majority are with a nanny.  I've met moms here or there and have met up with them, but nap schedules don't match up or many are traveling for weeks/months during the summer. Since we're gone several weeks too, I think I'll hold off signing up for any classes until fall. She'll likely be on one nap by then which will also make scheduling a bit easier. I'm hoping that will help connect me to other moms, but it is so disappointing to live in a neighborhood with so many families where casually meeting moms should be easy but it isn't at all. Regardless, C doesn't seem to notice the repetition of Clay St Park :)

She's eating really well, though I already feel like we're past that initial window where if you offer them enough diversity, they'll be great eaters. Time flies, and honestly, it's a ton of work to keep coming up with new things for them to try. She doesn't really eat any vegetables. She'll chew on a green bean or asparagus, but I don't think much actually goes down. I think she eats veggies when they're cut up and part of a soup or something, but it's pretty funny when she stuffs her face and then just the veggies make their way back out. Other than that, Colette eats a variety of fruit (loves cuties best), loves eggs and any kind of meat. I told Dave that we need to start serving her from her own piece of meat so we can see how much she actually eats -- we know it's a lot. She's hit or miss with baked goods, breads, waffles, etc., and breakfast is the hardest meal to get variety as she doesn't care for yogurt or oatmeal either, though I continue to offer. She's not much for dry cereal, but I discovered she likes it with milk when she ate out of my bowl.

pork chops

She transitioned to cow's milk easily -- I just switched the bottle one day and she drank it without a problem. I stopped pumping a few days after her birthday and she finished up the final breastmilk a couple days after that. I'm so happy we were able to make it to a year and that she was able to have my milk. When we transitioned to cow's milk and she didn't have a problem, I then made the switch to having the milk out of a straw cup, starting with the 2 daytime bottles. I also added snacks at that time (after each nap). As she's started sleeping later, I also switched the morning bottle to milk with breakfast in a straw cup so now she just has one bottle at bedtime. I've played around with how much she's getting as I know she should be somewhere within the 12-20oz range and she's probably still at the high end of that most days. She doesn't drink a ton of milk all at once like she did from a bottle, but still ends up getting through an 8-10oz milk cup during the day. She has 4.5oz in the morning and evening most days too. I'm not worried about getting rid of the nighttime bottle yet, though she almost always eats a great dinner so I'm sure her body would get through just fine. I have dropped her nightly bottle from 6oz to 4.5oz and she hasn't complained. She's getting better about eating on the go and even though there are certainly things she doesn't like, volume- and variety-wise, she's doing great each day. I feel like this was the easy phase with the boys too though, and they only get pickier from here so we'll see what happens.

So much better this month! I know so many parents go through the phase of 5:30 (or earlier) wake up times and I think for most, you just have to wait it out. We had 4:50am days, 5:10am etc., when 5:30 actually felt like a good day but since around the time of her first birthday, she's done much better. Some days she'll wake up a little after 6, but many days it's later than that. The later she wakes up, the happier she is, which means she'll often find the books I leave in her bed and read and play for even longer. Naps have improved as well. Her morning nap is longer than ever -- often an hour or even an hour twenty, but occasionally as short as 45 minutes. Better than the 40-minute max we were getting for a while there. Afternoon naps haven't gotten much longer and she often still wakes up after about 40 minutes, but she almost always puts herself back to sleep. An hour and a half to two hours is normal. She generally goes down easily for naps and bedtime, but we have had some crying at bedtime lately. Not too bad, usually just requires going back in to pat her down for a minute. We have the random night here or there when she wakes up (I think one night she was up for 2 hours!) but that's very rare. Many nights she sleeps soundly all night, sometimes I'll have to go in once or twice to set her back down and then she's back to sleep. Overall, things are pretty good.

Current schedule:
6-6:45 - wake up, have milk in bottle if up really early, otherwise breakfast and milk cup around 7am
9-9:45 - goes down for a morning nap sometimes during this period and sleeps for 45 mins to an hour twenty
10/10:30 - morning snack with milk
10:30-12:30/1 - activity time, lunch. We still change this up each day but many days we're at the park. She's just started getting better about eating her lunch out of the highchair so we're starting to eat lunch out more.
2-3:30/4 nap
4 - afternoon snack and milk
play at home
5:30 - dinner
playtime, occasionally a bath
6:45 - bottle
7 - bedtime

She's still not walking, which I know is totally within the range of normal and we still have months before it would be considered a problem, but I'm anxious for her to walk. I'm finding it really hard to do activities with W&G to places beyond the playground since I don't want her crawling around on the dirty ground at many of these places. Even if she was toddling a bit and up and down, it would be better, but she's not too interested. I do think she's made progress in the last few weeks and is getting stronger but her balance still isn't good at all. Despite pulling up to standing and cruising since late January, she still doesn't stand unassisted. She'll do it for a second or two and then quickly drop her knees. She walks fairly well with assistance, even just holding one of my fingers, but as soon as I let go, she drops to her knees. I was convinced it was a fear factor, but she's stopped whining when she does fall down (most of the time) so now I think she just doesn't want to walk yet. She still pulls up all the time and likes being upright, but she is a pretty quick crawler now. We'll see when she decides to start walking, but I hope it's somewhat soon. I know having a walker will entail new challenges, but it will certainly be easier than having twin new-walkers and I think it will open up where we can go as a family.

She may not be walking, but she's swimming! She loves the water and tries to swim out of my arms when in the pool. She can jump in the pool from a seated position on the side, though I always hold one hand to pull her out further as on her own she barely clears the wall. She'll now 'swim' 3-5 feet on her own and absolutely loves being under water. We went to the beach last weekend and she even swam in the bay. Goggles on and everything, putting her head under and wanting to swim out of my arms. I debate putting her in swim lessons -- I'm capable of teaching her how to swim on my own, but I worry a bit about transitioning to a class down the road and how she'd do swimming to a teacher. I think doing a class and being around others could be fun, but I feel like the baby classes are so  much repetition of really basic stuff that I'm not sure it's the best fit. I'll reevaluate in fall.

I feel like the last month she's really taken off with her interest in different things and is figuring out how different toys work. She loves books (taking them off the shelf, reading them, doing the flaps). It's always so fun to see them with something new and figure it out quickly. We were at storytime at the library the other day and they brought out toys at the end, including a board with pegs that you slip shapes with holes onto. She obviously didn't get them all, but I was amazed to see her figure out how to get some on.

can crawl up and down stairs and walk a bit too

I definitely see a difference between her and the boys at this age. G was so interested in how everything works, trying to open everything, would study small specks of whatever he finds. Colette is definitely curious too but loves dolls and stuffed animals, people, etc. Faces seem to be her thing and she still gets such a kick out of playing peek-a-boo. She also loves accessories and playing dress up. It's so funny, I don't feel like I've influenced this much at all, beyond just putting bows in her hair, shoes on her feet, etc., but the boys wore hats and shoes, so.... But one of her favorite things to do is play downstairs by the mirror and coatrack. She'll pull off all the scarves and though no one showed her what to do with them, she'll drape them around her neck. She prefers to have a bow in her hair and though I don't think she loves that actual act of getting dressed, she gets really excited when I show her her clothes or shoes for the day. It will be a nice change of pace to be able to do some of the 'girly' things with her as she gets older.


berry picking (and tasting)
Colette. The month since your birthday has flown by. We had such a fun celebration and now it's bit of catch up, but I'm so glad we're back on track with your monthly posts. You've been so fun to watch this month, seeing you grow developmentally and in ability. This is such a fun phase when every month you'll be doing new things. Though still a bit inconsistent, you're getting much better with your signs and do 'food' often when hungry or when we ask you if you're hungry. 'All done' you have down pretty well too, as well as more, though often only if prompted. Milk is hit or miss and you don't really do water yet, but those are the ones we've been working on. I'd say your Mama is pretty good now, though I'll hear you saying it when I'm not around too (maybe you're calling for me?). You say Dada as well but no other words. If I had to guess, I'd say 'all done' will be next as you say an unclear version of it often when you're doing your 'all done' sign. You're definitely making progress with walking though you're so stubborn and always drop to your knees the second I let go. Your balance still isn't good, but I don't think you're scared necessarily, or so I'm hoping. Predicting when you'll walk, hmmm... maybe in 6 weeks? I'm hoping by the end of summer/by the time you're 15 months and that seems realistic, but also who knows. Regardless, I've enjoyed seeing each tiny new thing you learn to do. You love people and always like being close to other kids and adults at the park. You're also strong and I can already tell you won't be one to easily back down when someone takes something that's yours. You've got Dedee wrapped around your finger and whine for Dad whenever you see him. Your a very smart girl and I can't wait to see everything you'll learn to do this summer.

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