William and George: 4th Birthday Interviews

William and George's birthday celebration went on for a while, starting with getting their birthday present (new pedal bikes) on Dave's birthday so they'd have some time to use them before we went to Hawaii. We celebrated more in Hawaii, but unfortunately William was sick on his actual birthday so wasn't in the best mood, but then the celebration continued with their big party and then finally, in early May, their celebration at school. They got to bring snack for their little class and George wanted to bring steak and William wanted to bring fries... so we made it happen. All the teachers said it was the best snack ever. The kids weren't too impressed though did eat the fries. Usually the birthday kid's dad reads a book during snack but Dave said he'd do a song instead so brought his guitar and played some songs from The Little Mermaid, the boys' favorite.

I did my annual birthday interview before their party. Not many surprises at all :) I think these will only get more fun as they really think about the answers and don't just say whatever the last thing they played with or show they watched.

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