William and George's Trash Bash

When the boys decided last year that they wanted a garbage party, I looked a bit on Pinterest and there wasn't much so I was hoping their (George's) interest would wane and we'd come up with another theme. By earlier this year, it was clear we wouldn't be changing to something new, but I looked again on Pinterest and thankfully there was a lot more. Several successful garbage parties were all I needed to get the ideas rolling.

I just looked back at my Evernote and it looks like I created my planning document March 11, so I started much later this year than I had in past years. Each year gets better with planning though and we had plenty of time to finish everything. Jessica was a huge help and did some projects for the party from home while we were in Hawaii. As always, my dad was a big help too. He was in touch with his local recycling center for stuff for the goody bags and I got connected with someone at Recology in the city. I really wanted to have a local garbage truck stop by but couldn't get the approved when talking to Recology. They did drop by a bunch of awesome stuff -- signs, mini garbage cans and other things to give out to the kids. So if I couldn't get them to approve having a garbage truck stop by the party, I figured my best bet was to befriend a local garbage man and see if he's just do it. I talked to one over by the boys' school and found out that they obviously work by neighborhood, but that they switch off for Saturday pickups. So then we were on search for a garbage man in our neighborhood on a Saturday and luckily we found one, and a great one! We stopped Alex and told him the situation and he said if he was working, he'd definitely stop by. We exchanged numbers and I continued to text him over the month leading up to their party. It sounded like he would come, especially when he found out he was working, but I still wasn't so sure. Then we talked by phone the night before the party and it was on! Alex was the best ever! So enthusiastic with the kids, let them dump the cans, take tons of photos, etc. He even texted me later and offered to come by at the end of his shift and pick up our party trash!! The boys' day was made and it was such a fun treat for the kids.

As for the details of the party, I feel like I've found a mold that works well so the past few parties have been very similar, just a different theme. I have the same yard setup with the food and dessert tables in the shade and the games spread around the grass. There were lots of fun ideas to do with garbage and recycling and the food was easy to theme out as well. Dave wasn't too into the idea of collecting clean recyclables for a month before the party, but it really worked out great for our various games, and also for 'decoration.' There was very little I bought in the way of additional decorations.

  • Trash Toss 
  • Knock down the Tin Cans 
  • Dumpster Diving     
  • Grabbers and lunch bags or green handle bags to collect ‘treasures' 
  • Sort the trash/dumping grounds 
  • Build a trash tower 
  • Plus my dad built an amazing garbage truck 

  • 'Take out of the trash muffins' - Green muffins - in garbage can shape (using bouchon muffin tin)
  • Stinky Smoothie - Green smoothies
  • Compost cups - fruit salad
  • Garbage can lids - bagel bites
  • PBJ sandwiches cut with garbage truck cookie cutter 
  • Broomsticks - pretzels 
  • Mixed recyclables - chex mix 
  • Compost bags - Fruit snacks

  • Compost pudding cups  
  • Garbage can cupcakes 
  • Compacted trash rice krispie treats 
  • Sort the trash candy - coke bottles, runts or gummy fruit in egg carton
  • Garbage truck cake for George and '4' cake for William  


photos by Alyssa Hunter Photography.
As featured on Kara's Party Ideas.

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