Colette: 14 Months Old

Time really does fly by, it's hard to believe another month has passed as she's getting further and further from being a baby. This was a big month for growth. She's walking, signing so much more and just seems to be a lot bigger. We'll get stats at her doctors appointment next month.

 A lot of other firsts too -- first Giants game, first ice cream cone, first drawing, first ride.

EAT: She's still eating really well and in some areas, has made some progress. She'll now eat yogurt, oatmeal and dry cereal but we're not getting anywhere with veggies. I keep offering, and that's all I can do. I've stopped keeping track of how much milk she has, but I'd say maybe 12-14oz a day. She's been sleeping later in the morning which has made it easier to drop the morning bottle. She drinks from a milk cup at breakfast, lunch and the 2 snack times, but only a little at a time. She's started throwing -- or dropping -- food more, and dropping her milk cup too. I try to take it away immediately but she doesn't seem to be learning. She always asks for her nighttime bottle but loses interest quickly, often not finishing. Probably in the next month or so I'll reduce how much is offered in the bottle and then see how she does before taking it away completely.

Coco loves food and will gladly accept anytime it's offered. I've started bringing lunch to the park every day even if I plan to feed her more at home. Once the nannies start getting out food for their kid, Coco will beeline over to them and start begging.

She's made a ton of progress with her signs and has 'more, 'milk', 'all done' and 'hungry/eat' down. She also can finally point with a finger so can get most of what she wants across at this point, which is really helpful. She's also become more interested in using a spoon, with limited success at this point :)

SLEEP: Currently pretty good. She transitioned well to Cincinnati time (thankfully it wasn't like FL and Hawaii when she immediately adjusted to local time and was waking up super early). The biggest struggle we have is the 'good paci'. This is the paci that hasn't been trimmed and I brought it on the trip and it worked great on the plane both ways and to get her to sleep longer or fall asleep quickly when we were out and about. She didn't use it for every nap or bedtime, but enough that she started pointing to the drawer we keep it in when we got home. She still has her trimmed paci but now it's a game of throwing it out when we leave the room so we have to come back in. We're still working out how to best deal with this but I've been trying to tell her 'bye bye baby. He's gonna be over here since you don't want him'. I give it back one time but if she does it again (which she always does), then I take it away. She will eventually settle down and if I give it back to her then, she usually goes to sleep quickly. Other times, she's just sort of whined and eventually gone to sleep. We'll see how this works out. Thankfully she's been sleeping a bit later, waking up between 6-6:30 which as been so much better than 5:30. Morning naps are short, 45 minutes or so, but still needed. Afternoon naps are 1.5-2 hours.

PLAY: She did great with her swimming in Cincinnati and still loves the water. She always tries to swim out of my arms and wants to put her face under. She also learned to stand on the steps and 'jump' off and swim to me... which is basically self-initiated falling, but she loves it nonetheless.

She took her first steps at 13 months and 6 days but just within the past 3 or 4 days has she taken off with her walking and for the most part, is preferring it to crawling or walking on her knees. She can walk pretty far, even when it looks like she'll definitely fall over, she manages to stay up. She still can't get up to standing by herself (doesn't know how to squat and push up to standing) but if she pulls up again something, she'll take off walking. She wasn't even standing unassisted and even took her first steps before I'd seen her stand unassisted for more than a split second. But a few days after those first steps, she finally started standing.

She loves going to the park and now that she's more mobile, loves climbing up the play structure and going down the slide. She also loves the swings but only for a little bit. She makes friends easily and it always crawling into other moms' or nannies' laps. She'll also hold her own. If another kid tries to take something from her, she will not give it up, even if the kid is twice her age :) I can't really think of any toys she absolutely loves but she is really into books, and she likes stuffed animals, especially cows at the moment (she says mmmm which we think is moo). She's exploring more and likes to open the cabinets and going into the bathroom, the closet with the art supplies and her room to take all the books off the shelf. She still loves to pull stuff off the coat rack and when Dedee was taking the boys out the other day, Coco put on a scarf and grabbed her sweater and tried to walk out the door behind them :)

Colette: This month has been so much fun watching you learn new things. I see the wheels turning and your understanding is so much more than even a month or two ago. I'll ask you a question and you mimic my intonation while turning your palms up and practically shrugging your shoulders. You're so smart too and know just what you're doing when you do things like throw your paci out of the crib for us to retrieve. Your frantic use of signs, especially when you're hungry, is pretty hilarious too. You did so well on the plane rides to and from Cincinnati, even the red eye, thankfully. You were so much fun at Ma's house too, settled in pretty easily and going with the flow. It's so much easier with just one baby! You started walking and we're all so excited about it. You are so proud of yourself too. For the first week or so, you'd walk from one person to another and then immediately clap for yourself. You still appreciate praise. You made some progress in Cincinnati, but I had guessed you'd be walking by the end of the trip, but the big jump really happened a week later. It is so fun to see you toddling around with your arms up in the air. You took your very first steps at the Discovery Museum -- I stood you up and wasn't expecting it, but you took a step or two to Jessica. Then she turned you around and you did the same back to me. I had you outside a few minutes later and stood you up and you took 5 or 6 steps before falling down. I was so surprised!! I'm looking forward to all that's to come in the next few months, especially when you start saying some words (currently it's only Mama and Dada). We love you!!

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