SF Week with the Ohio Cousins

Lori, Zach, Lizzy and Ma came to visit last week and we had the best time showing them around the city. It was so fun to see Zach and Lizzy get to do a lot of the stuff they've heard about from Lori and Ma from their past visits.

They arrived midday Monday. We had lunch at home and played a bit before heading to Clay St Park. Then it was quiet time for us and rest time for them as they had been up early for their flight.

They came back over that night for a BBQ and some more playtime. Lizzy is a great helper with Colette!

The next morning, we met them at Muir Woods and hiked around the loop for several hours. Everyone loved seeing all the tall Redwoods. 


Next, we headed to Sausalito for lunch along the water before Ma, Lori, Zach and Lizzy took the ferry back to SF.

After a pizza dinner at home, Dave took Lori and the kids for a quick drive in the Tesla and of course had to visit McDowell Ave. :)

Wednesday was another big day. We met at the Japanese Tea Gardens and 9am and had fun exploring before heading over to the Academy of Science. The kids liked the dinosaur exhibit and George especially liked the earthquake exhibit where you feel the magnitude of the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes.

We headed over to Koret Playground to get some energy out before going to drop off Lori, Ma and the kids at Stowe Lake to do the paddle boats. William threw a complete fit and I decided to let them stay to do the boats too, figuring the little time with their cousins was so valuable. Luckily they did great on the boats, but that night was a bit of a nightmare. I don't think missing one quiet time was the problem, we had just had several busy weeks when there wasn't much resting going on so I think it just caught up with them.

Dave had a busy week of work so wasn't seeing too much of his family so he picked them up for In n Out and a Chinatown tour that night while Jessica and I stayed with the kids.

Thursday was our last day together and once again, we packed it in. We met at the Exploratorium when it opened and it was so much fun to watch the kids experiment with everything. I love that museum more and more as the kids get older, but it's even fun at Coco's age when I have just one that age and not two.



We headed to Gott's for lunch at the Ferry Building after, then across to the park to play for a bit before Lori and Zach caught the ferry to Alcatraz. We all came home and Ma and Lizzy went back to the Exploratorium until it closed! We all met back at our house for Captain Crunch chicken strips before saying goodbye as they were headed back to Cincinnati first thing in the morning.

We so appreciate them coming to visit. We had so much fun showing them our favorite spots in the area and showing them 'life in the city'. They had the best attitudes, were up for anything and had so much energy to pack those days full of adventures. We're looking forward to the next time we get everyone together!

Color Factory!

We somehow scored tickets to Color Factory right before it sold out and I'm so grateful we did. What a cool experience. It's a temporary museum/exhibit in the city that winds you through different rooms each featuring a different color. It's not just a visual thing, they incorporate in several treats, and have a scratch-and-sniff wall with about 25 different dots just as you enter.

William had really acted up that morning and I after several threats of not being able to go with us, I finally had to tell him he couldn't come. Even though I'm one to stick to what I say, there was no way I could let him miss this. I did hear George telling him, only Dad allows earning back, Mom does what she says... hmmm, I told him I would allow him to come, but would not be going back on what I said again.

On our way in...

First treat - cookie sandwich from Sift!

Orange room

G taking our photo :)

W's turn with the camera

 Next up, the blue room made out of balloons and big exercise balls.

 Then the hologram room.

 Onto the lite brite room. You could move the lights.

Then the green room, with huge markers to use to draw on the wall!

The rainbow ribbon 'carwash'

 The confetti room!

And the grand finale... the massive yellow ball pit. George was in heaven!


 We wrapped up the outing with lunch at Sears Fine Food for pancakes and bacon. What a fun day!