Colette: 15 Months Old

What a fun month we've had! So many adventures -- a trip to Santa Cruz, a weekend at Aunt Meghan's farm, a visit from our Cincinnati family (post to follow) and lots of swimming and walking in between. It's been such an action-packed summer and I'm so excited to spend the next few week's low-key in St. Helena, but also looking forward to the routine that fall will bring at least for the boys. I'm ready to sign Colette up for some regular classes as well and will be looking into music and MyGym.

EAT: She's eating well and has made some progress even. Still not a fan of veggies, though she likes corn on the cob (just like her brothers!) and ate several broccoli at dinner tonight. She'll eat veggies if they're cut up as part of a soap or something. She still loves meat of all kinds, fish -- though like George, loves salmon, but doesn't really eat halibut. Cheese, eggs and fruit of all kinds are on the daily menu. She's gotten much better at breakfast foods and will eat a bowl of Greek yogurt, a bowl of cereal, a piece of toast or oatmeal. She's still not much into sandwiches. It really seems like she's hungry all the time and if food is in sight, she throws a fit until she can eat. When Dave was grilling the other night, Jessica had to bring her upstairs because she couldn't handle seeing the food being prepared. She loves drinking from a glass, though isn't very good at it, and prefers eating with a spoon or fork, and is actually really good at it. She always wants my water from a glass and I finally had to order her a water bottle to match the boys as she was refusing her water cup and only wanting theirs.

She's had a serious diaper situation the last few weeks and has been holding her poop. I think at some point she was constipated, it hurt to go, and now, even though she's not constipated, she keeps herself from going. Then a little comes out, sits just in her butt crack, irritates the skin, I change the diaper (and now she hates diaper changes and makes it nearly impossible for me to get in to clean her) and then repeat several times a day. She does have 1-2 normal sized soft poops per day, so the doctor isn't concerned, but we're working everything possible in to keep her poop moving and hopefully if we can get this diaper rash gone, we can make some progress. It's such a horrible cycle that I'm hoping we can break it and she can get over this. It could effect potty training if she continues to hold her poop but right now my main concern is getting her diaper rash cleared up so at least I know she's not in pain down there.

First bagel dog -- ate the hot dog totally out of the bun!

SLEEP: I'd say that sleep has been pretty good overall. She's sleeping in later, at least past 6, sometimes 6:30 each day. At night, she's woken up here or there but it hasn't been too bad. Teething has had a lot to do with it I think. Naps are a bit all over -- some mornings she doesn't nap and is able to last til her normal 2pm afternoon nap. Other days she won't nap and will be a basket case all morning. I'm sure she'll transition to one nap within the next month, but it's clear she still needs a nap some days so I'm not gonna push it yet. Bedtimes have been tougher this month, it's like she all of a sudden realized that other stuff is going on and she doesn't want to miss out. There's plenty of whining and crying and some nights she really holds out. We are back off the paci though I don't think this is all that related to that. It's more that she seems mad to be left... though if she was given the paci, I'm sure that would help! :)

PLAY: She loves books right now and will spend forever in a corner, or in her room, taking books off the shelf and flipping through. The fact that she's really walking now, and fast, has changed so much, she seems so much more active. She's finally figured out how to get herself to standing without pulling herself up on something else. Her arms are still raised a bit and at times I'm sure she's going to fall, but she rarely does. She likes exploring and especially likes getting into the closet with the art supplies. She likes to color too. She's active at the park and likes the sandbox, the swings (just for a little while) and climbing up on the play structure. She will go down the slide, but usually sits at the top for a while and often wants help going down. She doesn't yet go up, sit down and push herself off to slide down. While she has no problem climbing up stairs, she hasn't entered the climbing phase yet. I was just looking back at photos of the boys at this age and W had just started climbing up on the kitchen table. I did notice at the museums that she was interested in pulling herself up on ledges to be able to see signs, so maybe the climbing phase is upon us. She's still loving the pool and continues to impress me -- and everyone around. We can't go swimming without people stopping me to ask how old she is and how amazing it is. She just loves to be underwater and is constantly pushing out of my arms with her face in. She does arms, legs and blows bubbles, though doesn't propel herself very far, but has no fear. She doesn't know how to come up for a breath so I pull her up and then put her back down. She also loves diving down for rings in the pool. We've been swimming so much this summer and it will continue with the next few weeks in St. Helena. I'm still debating starting her in swim lessons, but for now I think I'll hold off. She's very interested in the stuff her brothers have so we had to get out her scooter for her to start pushing around. She went for her first ride on Dad's bike -- with all three kids on it! I think she was a  bit unsure but the bike helmet was slipping down so we'll try again now that we have a helmet that fits.


TALK: She only has a few solid signs, but she's very effective at communicating what she wants. She uses 'more', 'milk', 'all done', 'food/eat', 'diaper change', occasionally 'please' and 'thank you' and lots of pointing. She has a few words: Mama, Dada, Ma, all-done (all-du), water (wa-wa) and a few animal sounds for cow, monkey, cat. The boys went from 2 words at 15 months to 60 by 18-months, so can't wait to see if she has a similar burst of vocabulary. She surprised us all when she bit W the other day after he pushed her down -- he cried for 20 minutes. I guess he doesn't remember the many times he bit G!

22lbs 6.5oz (68th percentile) - 20lbs 10oz 3 months ago
31.5 inches (82th percentile)  - 30 inches 3 months ago
(just slightly bigger than W and smaller than G at the same age)
Teeth: 11 (6 teeth 3 months ago)
Diapers: size 3
Clothes: 12-18 months

Colette: You officially entered toddlerhood this month, complete with your first tantrums. Though you don't know many words, you don't seem to have any trouble communicating exactly what you want. Your tantrums stem from not being able to get what you want versus not being able to tell us what you want. You no longer let us use your tray on your high chair and require that you're pulled up to the table with the rest of us. I would love to call you a go-with-the-flow third child but I don't think that's quite who you are. You're terrible at napping-on-the-go -- you just can't miss out on anything. In general, you look like William but eat, sleep, and act like George. Really, I think it's the fact that there's only one of you that keeps you in the 'easy' category. With that said, you're still the best. So much fun, so sweet and it's been such a joy to witness your milestones and all the development. You're to a point where I'm confident you understand just about all of what we're saying, and are learning new things each day whether it's new sounds, identifying things or growing your physical abilities. I just look at all the things you've gotten to be a part of, especially as the anniversary of the day you finally got to come home approaches. You have such a wide fan club -- wherever we visit, there are people who want to meet you who have prayed for you so much, you're a celebrity at the pediatrician's office with your photo up in their break room -- everyone stops to say hi when we have an appointment. Even to our family and those who has seen you consistently over the past 15 months, we're all so aware of the miracle you are. How your sick little body was able to overcome all those issues and today you're happy, healthy and show no signs of any delays is the ultimate blessing. We love you!

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