Weekend at Aunt Meghan's

My mom planned to go out to visit my little sister in Clovis and then my older sister decided she would try to drive up with her kids so everyone could see each other. I couldn't miss out on the chance for everyone to be together so I proposed the idea to Dave -- heading out to Clovis for just 24 hours. I also offered that he could stay home if he wasn't up for it. We'd been gone the weekend before and work was crazy, plus his family was coming the following week so there was a ton going on. In the end, he had to travel to NYC last minute and the only available flight was Sunday morning so he wouldn't have been able to go anyway. So I picked my mom up on the way and she drove out with us, and because Dave wasn't going to be home anyway, I decided to have the boys skip camp on Monday so we could spend all day Sunday with the family. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but so much fun... any everything Dave isn't a big fan of: horses, dogs, cats, etc (allergies), heat, a long drive, staying at my sister's house (or really anyone's house for that matter).

The nights were brutal. It was still in the 80s at night and the house was just as hot. I was in a room with all three kids, which we've never done before. The kids were out of sorts, they are used to high 50-degree nights and didn't know what to do with it being so hot. It took forever to get everyone to sleep and there were constant wake ups from George and Coco. At one point Coco woke up signing milk, she was so thirsty even at 1am.

BUT, beyond that, it was a such a great weekend. It's so special for the kids to spend time with their big boy cousins and those kids are such great kids and so good with mine. Everyone was in and out of the pool all day and Colette showed off her great swimming moves. Everyone got a turn on the horse too! William and George absolutely loved walking the dogs and did that several times, and as predicted, both came back with skinned knees after the dogs pulled them a bit.

My parents and sisters were great help with the kids -- there's no way I could've done it on my own. But it's so helpful that the boys are swimming now, and while we'd never let them in the water with no one around, I trusted other people to be put in charge of keeping an eye on them and it all working out nicely.

Another highlight, my sister feeds all the animals at a nearby barn on Sundays and all of us headed over to help her. All of the cousins got to ride in the tractor and around the property to deliver food to over 20 horses. It was like 103 degrees, but everyone had so much fun. My sister and Kenny were great hosts and during the day, the boys kept asking if they could come back  again. (During the night, G woke up and was crying and saying he never wanted to come to Aunt Meghan's again, and asked why God made it so hot!).

We missed Dave but as I told him, I think it worked out better that he wasn't there this time as we were able to stay with my sister, which has it's downfalls, but also allows so much extra time for everyone to hang out. The nearest hotel is 15-20 minutes away and if we left during naptime, it would've been a big chunk of the day. We also went with the flow a bit more, I let them stay up late, etc., which totally didn't work out as they all slept horribly, but it was nice for me to at least not be worried about Dave being stressed out, etc. Dave got about 24 hours on his own, probably even less (before getting on the flight) and it sounds like he almost didn't know what to do with such a quiet house. Yummy snacks, a bottle of wine and binge-watching a new show solved that pretty quickly!

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