Despite the boys being sick on and off all week, I still had a great birthday on Wednesday. Both had come down with a stomach bug Monday afternoon so we kept them home Tuesday and Wednesday even though they seemed to turn a corner by Tuesday morning. They worked with Jessica to make me cards and a flower bouquet and had talked about doing 'breakfast in bed' on my birthday for a while. Unfortunately Coco slept horribly the night before -- up multiple times that involved me holding her for long periods of the night. She's definitely teething and we've gotten a few other wake ups this week too. Anyway, it was nice to be left to relax until breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and fruit was delivered to me in bed.

Jessica came a little early to watch the boys so I could take Colette to her music class, then I came home to pick up the boys and Dave and we headed to the Ice Cream Museum, a temporary exhibit that just opened and tickets were very hard to get. It was such a fun way to celebrate my birthday. Basically they classify it as 'an Instagrammer's Paradise'. Lots of bright colors and themed out rooms, similar to Color Factory in a way, but more treats at this one. I felt like the Color Factory was a little more interactive and slightly better for kids, but W&G did fine here. There was just some waiting to get in, and while inside, and there were certain things you couldn't touch. Throughout the museum, we tasted gingersnap ice cream with strawberry basil sauce (so good!), mochi, cotton candy, soft serve and Pop Rocks. The boys had fun, though I don't think the treats were ideal for tummy's still recovering so G continued to have issues for another day.

We just had dinner at home that night as Dave and I had a meeting to go to that night and our scheduled dinner the next night was canceled because Jessica came down with what the boys had.

It was a great birthday. It's funny to think back to past birthdays when I was on a great trip but still didn't have the best day as everything didn't go exactly how I wanted or I didn't hear from someone in particular or whatever the reason. I find that lowering expectations, not in a bad way, but just that things don't have to be so over-the-top or exotic has really made me enjoy these days a lot more. I always like a dinner out with Dave and it's nice that the boys are getting a little older and are making an attempt to make me feel special on my day. That's really what makes it a fun day, doing stuff together, getting a good meal and just a general feeling of celebration and recognition of my day. Here's to 36!

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