Back to School

The boys have been back to school for just over a week. We had 'visit day' which is an hour-long visit that the parents stay for. There were some last minute changes when a teacher gave her notice 2 weeks before the start of school, so it meant that both of the 4-year old classes have brand-new teachers. Not ideal, but so far they both seem great.

Visit day went okay -- George was extremely clingy and wouldn't talk to his new teacher at all. William didn't seem to have any problems. I chatted with G on the way home and asked him what we could do to prepare for the next day since he'd be there with out me. I thought it was great that he was able to verbalize, 'It will be fine. There were too many parents there and I couldn't find my friends. I'll be able to find everyone tomorrow.' And it's true, the room usually holds about 60 kids and on visit day, you have 60 kids, plus at least as many parents, and sometimes both the parents came. It gets very loud as parents are catching up after the summer and doesn't seem like the best environment to get comfortable at school.

But luckily the official first day went well. I walked them up and they went right in after a quick hug. We didn't hear too much from them about school the first few days, but are now getting a few more stories.

It's the first year they're in different classes. George is in the Sharks and William is in the Eagles. The room is one big room with all 60 kids, but it's separated into 6 different 'classroom' areas, the Eagles and the Sharks being right next to each other. The boys can spend much of the day together if they choose, but of course, we were hoping that wouldn't be the case.

I love that a week into school, the teachers send a little update to share how things are going with your child. The transitions aren't surprising, but so glad G has settled in and I'm impressed that the teachers already seem to be seeing bits of their personalities.

Ms. Linnea about George:
"I am writing to share what a joy it has been to get to know George over the past several days.  The Sharks have had a wonderful start to the school year, and George has very much contributed to this.  He has been busy building in the block area, painting in the Art Studio, crafting books about animals (George is a very proud author!), and is creating and building new routines in our classroom.  Too, he is always willing to lend a hand, often looking for how he can assist, and is very well liked by his peers. "

When I inquired more about whether G is seeking out W, she replied:
"George is doing really great! 
I think the first two or three days may have been a bit challenging for him, to find his place and all.  William and George were very much glued together early on, and when not together, I could see that George was thinking of William and wanting to be with him.  It was hard for him to be present with us during our classroom time.  That has all changed.  He has grown more and more independent with each day.  George is coming up the stairs in the morning, right into the big space, and knows just what he wants to do, with or without William.  He's been painting all on his own, writing books as I shared (he loves the Art Studio), building with fellow Shark classmates, etc.  He is doing really wonderful work and coming into his own.  The time that I do see them very much together is on the roof, when bicycling and all.  They like to chase after each other.   
 Too, George is enjoying his Shark peers more and more.  As I may have mentioned, they look up to him.  He happened to be our Line Leader this week, but, too, he feels like a leader to them throughout the whole of the morning.  He has a maturity they admire.  He's strong, but kind. 
On a sidenote, it was adorable this morning... I had just finished writing words in one of George's books with him.  William came over with a baby doll and sat with it alongside of us. George proceeded to read his book to the baby and William ~ "The giraffe went to the zoo.  The dog went to the zoo..."   Very sweet!"

Ms. Amy about William:
"I hope you are having a good week. The Eagles class is off to a great start. We are adjusting to being back in school and getting to know each other. William is adjusting very well. He particularly enjoys creating art at Mrs. Smiths table. He has made many fantastic paintings. He also enjoys listening to stories. When we are outside on the roof he has fun on the scooters. When he runs into George they give each other a quick hug. It's very sweet. It's a delight having William in our class."

And again, when I inquired if he's spending time separate from G, she wrote:
"From what I have observed it appears that during free play they spend about a third of their time together and then go their separate ways. William enjoys playing with many different friends. He spent the majority of this morning with me and a group of children reading books." 


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