Pre-Thanksgiving Fun with our LA Cousins

I'm always so grateful to my sister for making the long drive with her three kids to come visit us. This year her husband wasn't sure of his Thanksgiving work schedule so she made the call to come up Saturday through Wednesday and be back in LA for Thanksgiving with the whole family. I'm praying travel isn't too difficult tomorrow, but at it should be easier than the last trip back they made after Colette's first birthday party when everyone was vomiting...

Anyway, we headed out to my parents' house where they stayed, on Sunday after Colette's nap and had lots of fun playing in the big backyard with all the leaves. Rain was predicted for their entire stay but we haven't seen a drop and today it was in the high 60s! We had a nice feast including ham which all three of mine were thrilled about and then packed up Colette and left the boys for a sleepover with their cousins. They were so excited! They had cookie ice cream sandwiches rolled in sprinkles for dessert and when my sister asked them if they wanted a small one or a big one, they said, 'well, our mom only likes us to have a little, so maybe just a medium one'. :) Sounds like things went well, they were asleep 8:30, G woke up crying at one point because his sleeping bag was tangled, but Kyle fixed it for him and otherwise he was fine. In the morning they had donuts and sugar cereal for breakfast and had plenty more time with the cousins. I drove out to pick them up and was going to meet them at a park, but they didn't want to leave and W refused to even get dressed. They really adore their big boy cousins.

William fell asleep shortly into our drive home, I moved him to his bed when we got him and he ended up sleeping for 4 hours! Jessica finally took his temp and he did have a bit of a fever so we gave him some meds. He didn't eat any dinner that night, but wasn't acting sick. Thankfully he woke up this morning with no temp and a big appetite.

We had a big day at the Exploratorium which is such a great place for kids of all ages so it worked out well. We spent several hours there before walking to the Ferry Building for lunch at Gott's. We had a little while at the park before heading home for naps. C took her short nap in the car unfortunately, but W napped in the car and then continued to nap. He had a hard time getting going after nap, but doesn't seem to be sick so hoping an uneventful day tomorrow will do the trick.

So special for the boys and Colette to get this time with my sister and her boys!

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