Colette: 19 Months Old

We're having so much fun in Florida and it's been so wonderful to watch Colette experience our annual vacation. She had fun at the beach and the pool last February in Florida but she was only 6 months old when we went to Disneyland so she didn't get much out of that. I'll do a separate post on Disney but she absolutely loved it this year! I know people always talk about waiting to take their kids to Disney as they won't remember it when they're so young, which I know they won't at 18 months, but Colette was already so into it, loved the princesses, was giddy on the rides; it was totally worth it.

It's been such a busy month from Thanksgiving to right now. We've been busy trying to do all the fun Christmas activities, shop for presents and we celebrated Christmas almost 2 weeks ago now. I feel like we got to do a lot but it was a pretty stressful time for me. Most of our kindergarten applications were due before we left for Florida, which is such a good thing as once we left for the trip, I felt like my to-do list that just kept getting longer and longer, was reset. Of course there are always projects to work on, but many on the list had a due date of before we left so it was such a relief to get through all of that.

So in a way, I just staying afloat with Colette. We did a couple of trial classes to figure out what I wanted to sign her up for during the winter session of classes. Didn't like Acrosports much for her but did like MyGym -- it's all the way across town so still debating on that. We swam often and she continues to enjoy that. I met up with friends here and there but in general I felt like I couldn't plan much more than a day ahead and with balancing the boys' schedules and spending time with them and the holiday festivities, Coco was just along for the ride many days. We still had fun but I'm looking forward to having a few more activities planned each week as she's definitely ready for the stimulation.

EAT: Nothing much new to report here. She did eat peas by choice from her lunchbox yesterday so that's a huge success! I'd just say that she's definitely getting squirmier at mealtime now so I'm finding that she's telling me she's hungry multiple times throughout the day because she's not filling up as much at mealtime. In Florida, she's totally loved all the fish we're having. We had a smaller portion to cook up the other night and the boys were having leftover tofu so I put a small piece of fish down with a couple pieces of tofu for her -- she gobbled up that fish and asked for more 3 more times and must've thought I was crazy for thinking she's eat tofu instead of fresh fish. She loves it! Hopefully when we're back home and on our normal routine, she'll get a little better at mealtime, but I also know it's this age. There's just too much other fun stuff to be doing.


SLEEP: It's hard to separate out our last week in Florida from the last month, but naps had been going pretty well, we had gotten like a week's worth (though not all back to back) of 2.5-3 hour naps, but those seemed to have settled back into 1.5-2 hour naps. She tends to adjust to waking up at her normal time, but local time, very quickly but naps and bedtime don't also adjust which is hard, especially when my body isn't ready to go to bed at 10pm local time so I end up staying up later but don't get those extra hours in the morning. There's still crying at bedtime and some nights in Florida have been tougher than usual. Thankfully she's sleeping well once she's asleep. We are getting a heater installed in her bedroom as her room gets cold with the French doors so we'll see if that helps at all.

PLAY: That couple days after our Christmas and before we left for the trip was so much fun. She really loved all the toys we picked out for her and it's so fun to see her get engaged with new stuff. She loves building with the bristle blocks, is definitely getting more into little characters so the magiclip dolls were great and she loved the 'my first dollhouse' we got her. The vet set was a big hit. She's also so into cleaning lately that the little wooden vacuum was fun too. Seriously, we can give her a wipe or a towel and she can play for half an hour 'cleaning'. We'll see how long that lasts. She loves to pretend to feed her animals and we've even witnessed that in Florida here, she'll try to give statues a drink of her water, etc. She definitely getting more and more social and while she's like George in soooo many ways, she seems to have William's social skills. She's definitely running in her own way. Knees aren't bending up to her body, but she's moving pretty fast that it's that transition to actual kid running. She loves to dig in the sand and have her own bucket and continues to do her screech/grunt to get back her things in the sandbox. Spinning is also a top hit, either twirling around, or doing any sort of spinner at the park. Dressing up or putting on accessories is something she can always entertain herself doing.




TALK: I'm honestly a little frustrated (as she probably is too!) that she hasn't had a big language development yet. I felt like it was coming but especially the last week or two, there has been a lot of screeching and while she does say words, she definitely opts for screeching a lot of the time when she wants something, is mad, etc. Totally normal but I was hoping we'd be getting some more complete words by this point. She now will fully say 'bow' so I guess some progress is being made :) One night she woke up in the middle of the night and kept saying 'bow'. I put a bow in her hair and she went right back to sleep! She is adding words, though I haven't been noting each one down, she has between 40-50 words, though they're still just the first syllable. I don't notice much progress in new sounds being added, it's a lot of new words that stick with the sounds she already knows - variations that start with b, d, m.

POTTY: Maybe a tiny bit more interest in the potty this month, but after her terrible diaper rash last month, thankfully, her poop issues seem to be better at least at the moment.

At church!

Colette: First of all, we're so proud of you for making it through an entire church service in the nursery! Not only that, you didn't want to leave and didn't even look up when we came in. One of the ladies said you had been sitting at the table building with blocks for at least half an hour. This is such a relief as I already start to worry about you being able to do drop-off classes in another year. Sure, the boys had separation anxiety issues, but they also had each other, so for the most part, didn't have huge struggles in this department (or maybe I'm forgetting...). I love that you start twirling anytime you hear music, even in the church pews as the choir starts. Your shrieking has been tough to deal with lately, but you're slowing picking up new words to defend yourself against your brothers, 'mine!'. It was so much fun to watch you open all your Christmas presents and see you start playing with them right away, although Dad and I felt so bad for you on our Christmas. The boys needed so much attention building their huge lego sets that you were left to fend for yourself. You so wanted to be right up at the table with us but that didn't usually work out as you're quite grabby :) I'm so proud of you for how well you did on the plane. You weren't perfect and oddly you didn't like some of the fun snacks I packed but I'm glad we brought the carseat as keeping you contained did work well. Although you weren't necessarily too into all the items I packed for you, you ended up using all of them enthusiastically on the 3-hour drive from Orlando to Naples. I may have created a bit of a monster when it comes to clothes. Anytime I show you something new I got you, you hold it up to your chest and give it a big hug. You're already getting opinionated about what you wear, always must have a bow, love when you get new shoes and love looking at yourself in the mirror or going out to show Dad or the boys when you have a new outfit on. You pull at your top and use body language to say, 'look at my new outfit!'. I can hardly help myself though, the clothes for girls are sooo cute! I have accumulated all these pants for you in bigger sizes but not as many tops and honestly the dresses are so cute that you wear that most days. You also love dressing up in general, especially having a mask on or the cape from your birthday party. I love how you reach your arms up, at least one to grab my hand, but often the other so that you can walk between two people. I guess it's the time of year, or all the fun activities we've been doing, but I think often about how blessed I feel that you're here enjoying life with us. Dad and I were just talking about how the boys are at a fairly independent age - can swim in the pool by themselves, can walk (perhaps still grudgingly) around Disney, etc. and how things with them have gotten so much easier (though they still have their moments!) but we 100% couldn't imagine our lives without you in it. You love your brothers so much and they adore you as well. This is such a fun age to witness and I'm anxiously awaiting all that the coming months have in store. I can't believe you're now closer to 2 than you are to 1! We love you!

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