Time with the Girls + Megan's Wedding!


 It's been such a fun few months, with lots more coming up with all the kids' birthdays, but the past couple of months has been special because I've gotten some really great friend time. In January, there was a $100 round-trip flight sale that included flights to Portland so I arranged for a quick 2-day/1-night trip up to visit Jenn before the new baby came. I visited in early March and it was so great. We really don't get time to catch up very often anymore, but when I do a trip like this, and I've done a few over the years, it's so wonderful because it's 36-hours of straight catch up. I arrived Thursday morning and we headed straight to lunch, then on to foot massages. We went home for a bit to see the kids before going out to dinner with Jon. I love Jon and Jenn so much and we always have a great time together so it's special that though we don't get to do it often, it still happens at some point. I feel lucky that Jenn and Jon spend a lot of their vacation down here, but when I see them, it's usually just for a few hours with all the kids, so nice time together but not a ton of catching up. On Friday, we went for a long spa morning of mani pedis before picking up the kids and Jenn's mom for lunch and before I knew it, it was back to the airport. I left about 7am Thursday and got home about 9pm Friday so it was quick, but perfect. I'm so grateful for the help with the kids so I could get away.

A few weeks later, we had Megan's bridal shower down in Santa Cruz, and then her bachelorette party in Napa. So much fun to have the events back to back as it gave us all a chance to hang out before the big wedding weekend.

Napa was such a blast. Ashley and I drove up together and shared a room all weekend, so it was just like my time with Jenn -- the extended catch up time is so great and even living near each other, so are for us to get more than an hour lunch here or there. We headed up early to meet a few of the girls for lunch in Yountville before continuing up to Calistoga for our spa treatments.

We stayed at Indian Springs Resort which was so great. The hot springs pools are amazing, and were the best way to do it since the weather had been rainy and pretty chilly. It was still a small group that night so we went to dinner at one of my favorites, Acacia House in St. Helena, then went bar hopping and dancing til the bars closed. So rare to do this type of thing nowadays, but reliving our college days is so fun every once in awhile.

The next day more of the girls arrived, 14 in total, and we had a shuttle bus take us to several wineries for tasting. Ashely and I weren't sure how this was going to go, but it was a lot of fun. No one went overboard during the day and we even got some sunshine in the afternoon. We had a few hours to relax in the hot springs again before we did a lingerie party for Megan and then dinner at the resort (Sam's Social Club). I had the best pork chop ever so I'll have to remember that next time I'm up that way. The next morning just a few of us went to Solbar for brunch before heading home. Bachelorette parties are few and far between at this point, and with Ashley moving across country, having this girl time was so wonderful and is really inspiring me to get an annual girls trip on the books.

Dave and I feel totally spoiled, we just got back from Megan's wedding weekend in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, just a few days after our time in Hawaii with the family. Between Jessica, my mom and my dad, it sounds like everyone managed fine and they had plenty of adventures, iPad time and special treats :) It was a busy trip, as I was in the wedding, and I don't think I slept more than 6 hours any night, but it was such a blast and worth the lack of sleep. Dave and I flew out Thursday morning and were having margs and chips and salsa poolside at the amazing Villa Verano by 3pm that afternoon. We relaxed for a bit before getting dressed up for a welcome dinner at Megan's parent's villa nearby, where some of the guests were staying. So fun to meet up with everyone from the events of the previous months like the shower and bachelorette and a crew of us was up to party so we hit the clubs downtown until about 2am (thankful for the time change that made it only midnight our time!).

We had a spectacular oceanview room and could leave our doors open all night which made it feel like we were sleeping outside.

The next morning we were up early for a ride on Megan's parents' boat. Initially it was just going to be an hour-long ride, but we ended up stopping at a beach and hanging for a while before heading back in the afternoon.

What a beautiful day, not too hot and a nice breeze. We even saw a whale! We didn't have much time to hang out before it was time to get ready for the rehearsal and dinner.

The villa was just spectacular and theres a little beach nestled into the cliff on the property where the wedding was held the final night, but the rehearsal was held Friday night. So fun with the bright colors and the size of the wedding (about 60) was a great size.

Another fun night with great food (and churros for dessert), fun music and dancing. A group of us wanted to continue the party so we headed out to another bar. The next day was the wedding day and as a bridesmaid, I was booked all day. I got a massage at 10am, then it was hair and make up and hanging with everyone while we got ready, then photos. A tiring day since I didn't get much sleep the night before but everything was so fun (Dave and Ryan had a blast jet-skiing).

The ceremony was beautiful, overlooking the water. Next, we headed up to the pool area the cocktail hour and photos with the bride.

Dinner was delicious -- lobster and steak -- and Morgan's Matron of Honor speech definitely didn't disappoint, she's hilarious! The music was great and we danced, then got some of the late-night tacos they were making and hung out in the lounge area before I convinced a group of people we had to jump in the pool. Dave snuck off and changed into his swim suit, and then led the charge. It was a small group of us by then, and even Megan and Marcus changed and jumped in too. Such a fun night! Oh, and did I mention fireworks were shot off during their first dance?? So crazy, just such a fun experience to be a part of. So happy for Megan and Marcus!

We had a group brunch the next morning and then headed for the airport. Most stayed until Monday but we had been gone and are leaving again on Thursday so we wanted to get back to start the week with the kids. It sounds like everybody did fine for the most part. George got sad at night and wanted me and Colette was very clingy to Dedee apparently but overall, everything worked out. We're so thankful that the kids are well-taken care of while we're away and I feel so lucky to have had such fun with my friends over these past few months and definitely need to make the effort to plan stuff more regularly.

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