Colette: 2 Years Old

Two years old already! Of course so much has happened in the past two years, but it is crazy to think back to where we were two years ago with so much uncertainty. And then last year, celebrating everything Colette had overcome up to that point, while being on track with most milestones as well. So much to be grateful for. This past year has definitely been about growth for Colette but also seeing her developing personality, likes and dislikes and starting to hear her thoughts as she talks more and more. I feel like age 3 was tougher than age 2 with the boys but Coco seems to have many of the classic 'terrible twos' characteristics already -- things have to be done just as she wants them to be, fits ensue if not, things she liked yesterday she doesn't like today, plenty of 'go away's are told to all of us each day and there are plenty of things she has to do herself. I think it helps that she's talking more and more, I feel like that really made a difference with the boys.

Coco's birthday

We have a big Safari birthday party planned for Saturday, but for her birthday, I decided to sign her up for a trial class of ballet. Her good friend is in the class and was so sweet and brought her flowers and a balloon, and at the end of class, gave her a cake pop. Coco was not really into the class -- which could have been that it was the first time she was in there and everything was new, or that she was hungry (the cake pop at the end turned things around quickly) or that she just wasn't into it, but I think we'll try again after summer perhaps. They start classes as young as 18 months but like soccer, I think waiting a bit longer is better. We picked up bagel dogs on the way home which was a big hit with everyone.

Before the ballet class, I took her over to the hospital to say hi to the doctors and nurses and bring them cupcakes for her birthday, as well as photos and an update for all those we didn't get to see. It's always random who will be working but we lucked out and got to see a lot of people who worked with Colette. Two of her former doctors were working and enjoyed playing with her. It's so nice they have a little toy area as, like any toddler, she's not thrilled to see so many new faces while sitting in her stroller. The toy section is perfect because they can witness her in her element. She had fun taking care of a baby doll and reading books. I can see how much joy it brings them to see her doing so well.

Colette requested pork chops for dinner and true to form, ate the whole thing. With all the cake and other treats we'll have this weekend, I thought root beer floats would be fun for dessert. I often get one for a treat when I'm out to lunch and share it with the kids and Coco has always liked it. She wouldn't even taste it tonight though... we'll see if she's into her cake on Saturday. She has been likely more of the treats after church but overall has a much stronger preference for savory. After dinner, she opened her gifts, mostly from family who sent something, but I picked out a few small things for the boys to wrap and give to her. Purses were the theme -- she ended up with 3 -- and I think she loves them all. I think I'd have her open presents earlier next year as she didn't want to go to bed. She tried on everything she got and wanted to hold all her gifts at once. She loves her new Lottie doll I picked out but she comes with a little hat which doesn't stay on and based on the 30 minutes Coco had with her tonight, this hat is going to cause a serious headache on an hourly basis. I need to get some elastic and turn it into a bonnet-type hat.

Overall, I think Coco had a great day and I know the boys had fun. I decorated the hallway and her room with streamers and balloons and she enjoyed waking up to that. The boys were really enthusiastic all day about her birthday and very helpful when it came time to opening presents.

Coco at 2 years old:

EAT: Still a hearty appetite though meat is the primary focus. Even when I made pasta and sausage this week, she'd barely eat the pasta and just keep trying to grab my bowl asking for more meat. I give her more but I'm really trying to make sure that she doesn't slowly stop eating the other stuff. She still does pretty well eating a variety of veggies. Still loves fish, cheese and cereal has been a recent hit in the mornings. She's starting to like sweets more. Veggies are still a big struggle. If they're diced up and party of a soup or something similar, she's good about eating everything. She won't eat a veggie on the side, though I continue to try. She likes sparkling water and milk, but only wanted an open cup like George and William so we put away her milk cup. She drinks maybe 8oz of milk a day, though sometimes more.

birthday bagel dog
SLEEP: There was a stretch last week when she was waking up around 6 each day but she's back to 6:30 or 6:40 so I'm hoping that phase is over. We leave her room around 6:50pm and many nights I think it takes her a while (maybe 30 mins or so) to fall asleep. I think they boys were going to bed around 7:30 at this point (us leaving the room at that time, so falling asleep later), but it's nice to have her in bed before I go down to the boys, so we don't have plans to push her bedtime later if she's happy enough reading or playing in her bed before falling asleep. Naps are still relatively short. 1.5 hours is the norm, but slightly shorter isn't rare. She does a 2-hour nap maybe once a week. So definitely a George... doesn't need a lot of sleep. She's been sick so there have been plenty of mornings and after nap that she wakes up super grumpy but she's so into playing now that in the mornings, she's usually excited to get out to her stuffed animals or dollhouse.

PLAY: Coco is so active and loves to run, jump and climb. She can jump in the pool unassisted now and swim a little bit. I still have my hand behind her as she jumps in as I'm always a little nervous she won't jump far enough out. She still loves swimming and going underwater but her actual technique hasn't improved much since when we swim at the JCC, she can usually touch the bottom. I think in the fall, it will be time to start swim lessons and hopefully she can make more progress with kicking and arms. I think it's a great start that she's so comfortable in the water and clearly is having fun. She sees the swim lessons going and is interested so hopefully she'll do well. It just doesn't really work when I encourage her to swim, but we're only in the really shallow end.

She's a big fan of all of her classes. She loves to find rocks and sticks and jam them in her pockets at outdoor class on Monday mornings in the Presidio. Tuesdays is MyGym and jumping on the trampoline, putting balls through the basket hoop or going in the ball pit are her favorites. Wednesdays we go to an open gym class through the city. They have all kinds of toys, a bouncy house, cars, etc., set up in a gym, then they have an arts and crafts room as well as another room with smaller toys like a play kitchen, dolls, dinosaurs etc. We have several friends in this class. At the end, they do singing and she loves 'Tick tick' and The Wheels on the Bus. Wednesday afternoon, we have our class at the preschool Stretch for caregivers and kids. It's such a great class and Coco is really at home there. Dave got to take her yesterday for the first time -- they don't allow photos so I really wanted him to see her in the environment. She's also going to do her first drop-off class/camp there this summer, but I felt it was a good place to start since she knows it. At the of the class, they do songs and one of them is, 'Is Colette here today? Is Colette here today? Jump up and down and all around because Colette is here today!' and then the child jumps up and down. It's seriously the cutest and she's so into it.

We spend a lot of time at the park and she's been climbing a lot more, but she also loves anything that spins, she loves to get dizzy.

Here favorite toys right now are her doll house and all her various dolls and stuffed animals, but she also likes puzzles, building with legos or bristle blocks, putting trains together downstairs, the wooden people sets and truck books ('Whose Truck' is read multiple times a day).

TALK: Colette is talking more and more each day and I've definitely reached the point where I can't keep track of new words anymore. Yesterday I asked her if the garbage man had come and she said, 'not yet'. She's stringing more words together, maybe 4 or 5, but songs are when she can really say the most words together. She loves Old McDonald Had a Farm and The Wheels on the Bus. A couple of weeks ago I taught her 'go away' for when her brothers where all over her, messing up her dollhouse when she was trying to play, etc. Well, unfortunately that's one of her favorite phrases now and tells it to all of us -- when I'm trying to change her diaper, do her hair, get her dressed, etc. She still has plenty of instances of shrieking or screaming which I think is why I taught her to say go away, instead of doing that, but we're still working on 'using our words' instead of pushing or screaming.

POTTY: There is plenty of talk about the potty on a daily basis as Coco still doesn't like to have her diaper changed. We offer for her to use the potty instead and she did a handful of times this month, sometimes with success, but overall, she's still not interested. She talks a lot about how she'll get to wear underwear, which I think she's excited about, but not motivated enough to start using the potty. I was really hoping to do it while we're up in Sonoma since we can be outside most of the day but I'm not sure she'll be ready.

2-year old stats:
27lbs  - 24lbs 6 months ago34 inches  - 33.2 inches 6 months ago and questioned accuracy ;)(just slightly bigger than W and smaller than G at the same age) 
Teeth: 19 (18 6 months ago)
Diapers: size 4
Clothes: 18-24 months with some 2T
Shoes: 6/6.5
Hair: when wet goes down to the center of her back!

Colette, 2 years old already! I love reading your special 'Oh, the Places You'll Go' book with all the heartfelt notes from your nurses and doctors. It takes me back to a time of celebration, and you achieving what many did not think was possible. I overheard one of the nurses tell another when we visited them on your birthday, 'there will always be a few cases that you will always remember and Colette is definitely one of them.' It brings them so much joy to see you running around, talking, taking care of your babies. They still can't believe it. You're right on track with all of your milestones and are growing well. Just within the past two months, you've really started talking and in the last week or so, you're repeating so much and stringing together sentences with 4+ words. It's so fun to hear! You are definitely too and so opinionated. As expected, you fall apart if your banana breaks, if I give you the wrong spoon or don't put your blanket on just right. You want 'all of it' or 'all-dem' is a top phrase - 'all of them. You want all the space and tell everyone in your zone to go away. You don't like it when I'm on my phone when you want attention and today you told me 'no phone Mama, put in pocket' and tried to open my pocket. You have been an absolute disaster after naptime, crying and crying and it's almost comical because we can't do anything right. You don't want to get out of your bed but don't want to stay in. I can't leave the room but you don't want me there. If I turn off your sound machine or turn on the light, that sets you off throwing yourself backwards. It's really not fun. The carseat is a constant battle as you want 'me do' - to do it yourself. I try to be patience but you also like to stand up in your carseat which obviously makes getting buckled in impossible. You don't like the car in general and complain much of the drive, that is if you're not putting your leg on George which is so annoying too. You love Papa (which you pronounce the French way like Pa-PA) and Dedee and are very demanding of their attention, dragging them to play with you at the dollhouse. You want to go into school with the boys so badly each day, the teachers basically have to stop you from sneaking upstairs. You are so strong and independent and you're at a point where I'm seeing growth in your abilities each week. I was so surprised to see you could climb that curved ladder at Alta Plaza. I love listening to your conversations when playing at the dollhouse. You're constantly asking for 'one more' and saying 'playtime' whenever it's time to move on to something else. As many have told me, you have such a zest for life. I'm so glad I get to be along for the ride, happy second birthday sweet girl!

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