William and George: 5 Years Old

These updates get harder and harder. Sure, they're not changing as quickly as Colette does at her age, so more frequent updates aren't really justified, but it's also difficult to sit down and sum up everything that's happened in a year.

We've had so much fun on our trips and when I look back at the difference from Hawaii last year to this year, it's big on all accounts. Just their independence and swimming ability alone are noticeable. Physically they've grown, their skills have developed in so many fine-motor as well as gross motor ways. Socially they've grown, but also encountered the challenges of navigating new friends, as well as testing limits. We've also had various issues with each of them over the past year -- last summer G was still having potty trouble -- and W's attitude was a big problem for awhile. I know new things will continue to come up and we're still figuring out the best approach to all of this as we go, but despite the challenges, it really is a special age. I feel like at times they're still babies, but in other moments I can't believe how grown up they are. I'm looking forward to the time we have together this summer before they really enter the next phase.

EAT: We continue to have ups and downs in this department. Overall, I think they both eat fine. They eat enough of a variety, have some fruits but very few vegetables. George eats a ton and William eats much less than George usually, but still much more than what I feel like a lot of kids eat. Breakfast is still the easiest and we have a big mix of what's offered (and they often eat much of it all on the same morning). We recently added breakfast sandwiches in which will be a good option for fall when we have less time in the mornings. I feel like we've gotten into a rut with lunches a bit and W will mostly just eat peanut butter sandwiches (along with other snacks and fruit) when out, though I think he'll do grilled cheese or a quesadilla when at home. Dinner is always a work in progress. George has gotten very picky and will clean off the food to have it just how it wants it, mostly just eating the meat. Sometimes W will eat it no problem and other times he won't even try it. It all comes down to their mood. What I'm most concerned about it how it will affect Colette. She's still a great eater and when G gets out a big thing of cottage cheese at the beginning of a meal because he's not going to try what we're having, she wants that too. Thankfully she has such an appetite that usually she'll eat the dinner and a big bowl of cottage cheese. Whereas we used to be able to pack a lot into smoothies, those are much more hit or miss now too. G does better with drinking them, which is surprising, but W eats so much fruit on his own that I don't worry as much. Veggies are always the problem. W has started eating a small 'salad' (3 pieces of spinach with olive oil and salt and pepper), so I'll take that, but eating a side vegetable just doesn't happen. W does better with eating a spoonful of chili or soup that has veggies in it, G will pick them all out. In the fall, they won't bring their lunch to school so we'll see if that influences what they eat or if they end up having the same sandwich or similar every day.

SLEEP: It seems funny to keep this on this list, but I think that's a good thing. No issues! Up until about January, William was still napping several times a week as needed, and George, maybe once a week, maybe not. A few months later, and a nap is a rare occurrence. Even when we were in NYC last week and they both seemed tired, William just sat down to do some art, and George couldn't stop moving around. Thankfully they both still do a quiet time, which I think we'll continue indefinitely. It's really good for everyone, no matter the age, to have some time to themselves every day, but especially when you have a twin your could be with pretty much anytime. In fall, they'll go to school until 2:30 or so, so I think we'll cut quiet time during the week, or maybe just do a short break on their own when they get home, not sure what their schedule will be like. Currently we try to say goodnight between 7:20-7:30 and occasionally they both fall right to sleep, but G is usually up until at least 8. Sometimes he'll come up and need us to tuck him in again, but generally they're both pretty good. Their sun clock goes off at 6:50 and they never come upstairs before then, though I think many mornings they wake up earlier. We'll see in fall if we need to shift the schedule at all, get them to bed earlier, etc., as it will be a long day.

Legos are the current hit since they got several sets for their birthday. They've really improved since Christmas and were able to build the sets themselves, even working together. Now they're all built so we'll see what happens next. G really likes to play with them (he's been playing with his Police Station since Christmas) but I think W enjoys the building more.


I feel like most of our toys get used -- they like duplos or the play kitchen when upstairs, mostly when playing with Colette. Downstairs magnatiles are still a huge hit and we got more at Christmas. They'll build crazy structure with wood blocks, magnatiles, train tracks, etc. Quiet time is generally when they get started on something. Lincoln Logs and the castle set with all the accessories are both very popular. G definitely moved out of his puzzle phase. Dress-up is a hit, more so with W but G will get in on it too. William really relaxes when working on art, so often at quiet time, he'll get some markers and his sketchpad and do drawings.

They love to be outside and riding bikes is still the most popular. They recently got skateboards from Jessica for their birthday so we'll see how they take to that. They also love climbing the back tree with all their tools in their tool belt and 'working'.

They can both swim across the pool and do side-breathing. I wouldn't say they're ready for swim team type of lap swimming, and when they're just playing they mostly bob up and down in the water, but overall I'm pretty confident in their swimming abilities.

We stopped soccer in the fall and started up baseball in the winter. They seemed to like it at first but when I kept asking them if they wanted to do soccer or baseball for spring, it too forever to get an answer. They decided against soccer and then it turned out we were gone so many Thursdays or I didn't have someone else to help me get them there during C's nap that I decided not to sign up at all and just do drop-in if they wanted... and we haven't been to a class yet. They still love art camp at the deYoung on Tuesdays and acrosports on Wednesdays has been something they both have enjoyed so there's still plenty they're involved in. Initially I was worried about them doing too much but honestly they have so much energy and with school being just 3 hours, I think they could handle something every day even though we don't do that. Excited to see what they decide to do next year when school starts.


weight: 38lbs (34lb 1 year ago)
height: 42.5 (39.25 inches 1 year ago)
shoe size: 10
clothes: mostly 4T, growing into 5T

weight: 50lbs (43lbs 1 year ago)
height: 47 inches (42.75 inches 1 year ago)
shoe size: 11-12
clothes:  5-6

To my boys...
What a year this has been. I look back on last year's annual post and you guys seems like such big boys now. You're so ready for kindergarten and I think you'll do great there. While I'm so excited, it is a bit overwhelming to think that we're entering this stage of you being away from me longer than you're with me in a given day, and that you're only going to need me less and less. Of course when I'm in the thick of it, it's so much work and I feel like I need a break, but then elementary school is here before we know it. This year, especially in the last six months, we worked a lot on time for you guys to be apart. We did separate play dates, 'special time' for 1:1 time with each of you and really pushed the alone time at quiet time. At the beginning of the year, it was clear you needed it and I think it's helped, though I think there could be plenty more of it. It's been so great for you two to be separated at school and have your own teacher. You still play together often, but have definitely made your own friendships too. You've tested limits and we've had some situations at school to deal with. Looking back 6 months ago, we were dealing with bad tantrums for G and W had an issue with attitude and being an instigator to set G off. Thankfully, we've made it through those phases. As is common with kids, some instances you guys can really seem like big kids, and then other times you fall apart at the drop of a hat. We're still working on talking to others, being able to say hello and answer questions from adults, sitting nicely at dinner and waiting nicely at restaurants for the food. I've convinced myself that because there are two of you, you rile each other up and make some of these things harder than they should be. Regardless of the challenges, I'm excited for the months leading up to Kindergarten and am hoping I get plenty of time with each of you before you start that next big adventure. It really is so special to see you guys go through this together, I don't think you realize how lucky you are! Though you're in good company. In your combined kindergartens at Town, there are 3 sets of twins, 2 brothers from a set of triplets plus one boy from boy-girl twins. Can't believe all the multiples!

George, it's crazy to read back on the birthday updates and see that despite how much you've grown, you're still very much the same person at the core. You do best with routine and knowing what is coming next. We really had to convince you to do the NYC trip for your birthday as you were adamant that you had to have the party like you've had every year. You are very focused on what is fair and nothing slips by you in this category. If dad picks up W for a minute to carry him or he sits down in the stroller, you're right there waiting for your turn. This is an area that's hard for me because there's so much in life that is not going to be fair like this. We always talk about it often and the other day you even told me, 'I know Mom, sometimes William will have a birthday in the Eagles class so he'll get a treat and I won't get one in my class'. It still drives me a bit nuts as you are two different kids and while I'm all for being 'fair', you take it to an extreme that just can't be maintained. You're still curious as ever, just like you were when you were learning to crawl. You are always asking really good specific questions about how the world works, you always ask about any word you don't know when we're reading at night, plus you often have commentary on just about everything. It does annoy William and he'll often say, 'George! Can we just finish the story?!' I can't wait to see how you are in the classroom and I really hope this curiosity lasts despite being in a class with 20 other kids. You and I have become really close this year, and I love that. You and I are very similar -- always on the move, so much to do that it's hard to just sit down and relax. I'd also say that both of our love languages are 'quality time'. We had so much fun in Hawaii -- we wanted to be the first ones on the water slide in the morning and as soon as quiet time was over, I'd come back to get you to go out and have more fun. The others liked to hang out and relax and play in the room. You told me over and over while waiting in line for the water slide how much you loved our 'special time' and I do too. You've always been my good helper, and you still are many times, but sometimes the whole 'fairness' thing comes into play and you focus too much on, 'well, I'm not gonna do it if W doesn't have to' or 'well I didn't make the mess, he did' type of thing. I'm hoping that so much time apart in your separate classes next year will really help you break this whole competition thing a bit. I know it will always be there, and that's understandable having a twin of the same sex but it seems like you turn everything into a competition or have to evaluate the fairness. I think you do struggle a bit competitively since you see William as faster than you and you even asked us the other day why William always wins in 'fights'. We try to focus on each of you having your own strengths but I know that's sometimes hard to see at this age. I have to comment on your size too, I knew you had gotten big but I didn't realize how much you had grown in a year. Wow! From age 3 to 4, you gained about the same height and weight as William (though you were at different starting points) but this year you completely took off and grew a lot more in a year than previously. We were at our Kindergarten night the other night and even though you'll be one of the youngest kids in the class, you're definitely probably within the tallest 5 kids (and the mom of one of the kids was towering over me!). You've had some issues with falling lately and though we will ask the doctor about it, I'm convinced it's just your size. To gain 7lbs and 4-5 inches in a year on a little body is a lot so I have a feeling you're always trying to adjust to your new size. Something that hasn't changed is how much you love your sister. As time goes on, that has changed one little bit. You've become a bit better about giving her her space, but still need reminders sometimes. A hug from Coco always makes you feel better. You try to smuggle her into school with you every chance you get. I'm interested to see how that will change in coming years, especially since she won't be going to the same school as you ever. You love to read and have been obsessed with Berenstain Bear books, which I loved as a child too. We lucked out and got a bunch second-hand so we have quite a collection. For a long time, you would only choose Berenstain Bear books to read at night and didn't like the Magic Treehouse chapter books W loved -- you couldn't really sit still for them -- but I'm so excited my friend Jenn told me about the A to Z mysteries. You've loved these! It usually takes us two nights to finish a book and you'll sit there the whole time and listen. I can't wait til you're reading these books to me! You seem to like math and will now do various addition and subtraction problems and tell me the answers. While you're a great eater in quantity, quality needs a bit of improvement. You still won't eat veggies and your list of acceptable fruits keep dwindling. I think it will be a work in progress for awhile. Your table manner are pretty atrocious, you often don't use silverware and make a huge mess on your face, shirt and table. We're trying to work on this. We stopped doing the weekly challenges at some point last month but this is a good reminder to reinstate that. You love the nighttime routine and won't let me leave the room with out a hug, kiss, snuggle and 'shush-a-by-baby'. I love you so much and I'm so excited to see what the next year will bring for you!

William, you continue to impress me with how many different things you're good at. You pick up sports fairly easily and your ability to focus allows you the time to actually learn the proper stance or technique enough for you to be successful, which of course makes practice more fun. We were at the art show at school recently and one of the teachers was telling me what a talented artist you are. Your work really is impressive. Your fine motor skills are strong and your writing is clear an a stark contrast from many of your classmates. You're so into drama, imagination and creating that art is an extension of that. The only problem is, you can get really frustrated when your art doesn't turn out exactly how you were hoping. It looks great to us, but it wasn't just as you were envisioning so you aren't happy. I'm so excited for you to do the Rabbit Hole camp this summer. I really think you're going to love it and I can't wait to see what parts of the theater you are most drawn to. You continue to make friends quickly and even when we're on trips or at the park, you'll be the first one to join in with other kids. You do have your main buddies at school, Grant in particular, and you have been testing limits with him. I know you know the difference between right and wrong in most situations, but you are a bit mischievous and I see you tempted to do something even though you know you shouldn't. This has gotten you in trouble at school several times now and actually you, George and the other set of twins who were concocting these plans weren't allowed to play together for an entire week. The situation did improve, but although I would often say that George has more typical 'boy energy' than you, you have your moments when you're wound up and ready to push everyone's buttons. Some of the things that have happened at school do make me a bit nervous for when you're a teenager and so-and-so tells you to do something you shouldn't. But I think you'll figure it out. You still love shows and will get totally lost in them. You also love listening to your stories playlist on Alexa. Villains are you favorite and you love playing the bad guy, or as I've seen recently, depicting the bad guy in your art with knives or guns. You've been in a gun phase for the past few months, playing 'hunters' with Grant. They finally addressed it at school and basically it came down to keeping other people comfortable -- if anyone felt uncomfortable, then you had to go somewhere else to play, no pointing finger guns at them etc. Playing witches is another game you and George love to play with Grant and Elle, casting spells on others. I've tried to encourage you to play superhero where you can save people from the bad guys but you clearly thought that wasn't going to be fun. You are very close with Dad and love your time to snuggle with him and watch shows or play board games. You like to play hide-and-seek with me. You love scratches on your back or tummy and generally fall asleep very easily, even on the random days you fall asleep at quiet time. I know you're conscious of being shorter than George, but George is exceptionally tall, but wherever you end up on the growth chart, you have so much going for you that I know what you lack in height, you'll make up for elsewhere. One day George was crying to Dad and I and asking us why you're better than him at everything. We reminded him that everyone has their strengths. He was still confused about how you're able to beat him 'in fights' even though his bigger :) I know you struggle sometimes with always having George around, especially when you're in situations where it's easy for you to have fun with others whereas George may be depending on you a bit more. I'm excited for you to start elementary school where you should have plenty of opportunities to form new friendships and have time in your own classroom. You're also lucky to have your brother there though, even when we went to the welcome night at Town, you two did stick together so I know you're comforted by him on a certain level too. Sometimes you like to bug Coco, but generally you're such a sweet brother to her. Lately you've been a great helper getting her dressed in the morning. You still crack me up how much fruit you can eat in a day. You definitely don't eat as much as your siblings, but you still eat plenty and I like that you really know your limits. You often tell me that your tummy is full and I appreciate that you can do this even with treats. It's rare for you to eat all of your ice cream cone, usually you give to George to finish after he's eaten all of his :) I love you so much and can't wait to see what passions you develop at school with all Town has to offer.

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