Colette: 25 Months

 Coco is becoming such a big girls, talking a ton and using the potty more and more. And she's had several successful days at her drop-off camp. I was so proud of her that she went right into the play yard at school. She didn't want the teacher to get her out of the carseat but once I got her out, she walked right in without a problem. I've gotten lots of photos and feedback that she gets right in and starts playing.

It's been a busy month since her birthday -- all the end of year stuff at the boys' school, then our trip to LA and then the first week of summer. It's been a bit crazy and Coco has definitely been a bit off with sleep and a lot of mornings, it's been really hard to get her dressed and out the door. She just wants to stay at home and play and I think we've been on the go so much it's hard. She always has fun when we're out so often I push for it, but for the first time in a while, we just came home after dropping the boys off and played all morning. We didn't even leave for the park until 12:30.

EAT: Nothing much to report here. She gave up her milk cup a month or so ago and though occasionally finds it in the cabinet and wants to use it for the day, she does just fine drinking out of the cup. She loves oatmeal in the morning just like William and Dad. She's possibly getting a little pickier with fruit but still eats plenty. Meat and cheese are always devoured first out of her lunch and she'll pick the meat out of any dinner. Sweet treats are still hit or miss. Sometimes she likes them and other times she won't even taste (and I'm not gonna force!).

SLEEP: I was a bit worried about our return home after she climbed out of her pack-n-play and ordered a door monkey immediately but thankfully she hasn't successfully climbed out at home. I don't think it's too far off though. When she's really mad, I see her trying to. She doesn't love wearing her sleepsack anymore but without it it will be a lot easier to climb out so that's a non-negotiable at this point. Shortly after her birthday, she was sleeping so much -- sleeping in late, then taking 2.5-3 hour naps, unheard of for her. Now I feel like we're on the other side of that, though even in the last few days she's been napping super early, falling asleep at 9:30 or 10 in the morning when we've been out on our adventures and clearly she was already tired. I'm still not totally sure when her nap should be. When we were in LA, she was going to bed at 9 or later, then up by 6:30 and surviving on an hour nap during the day. The amazing this is she actually can manage pretty well on that amount of sleep. She often wakes up in a pretty bad mood, but once she snaps out of it, she has a good afternoon and evening. Bedtime has been a bit tougher lately as she doesn't want to wear the sleep sack, and I have to move her crib away from the wall as she'll reach out and turn on the light now. She's not screaming or anything but definitely not happy that we leave. She needs tons of animals, 'all' the books, etc. Even when she's calm, she'll talk for a good hour at least before going to sleep. Thankfully she sleeps well at night and even if she wakes up before sun, she's quiet in her room.

PLAY: Coco loves playtime and will always take your hand and drag you over to 'play dollhouse'. She set ups her friends at the table for a tea party, pushes her various animals around in a stroller and she just recently got some dress up clothes that have been a huge hit. She's a girly girl who loves pretend caregiving roles, but I'm always amazed at how rough-and-tumble she can be with her brothers (not really by her choice!) and she comes out just fine. She also loves to build with duplos, play with the fire station toys and the castle and the tool set, in addition to the doctor and vet kits. She enjoys reading and will set up with a big stack of books in her room by herself, but her attention span has gotten better for me to read books to her. She's recently gotten into the Nursery Rhyme book that the boys loved at her age.

As you can tell from her Sleep update, she loves climbing now but I feel like she's grown with her gross motor overall.

First time on the bridge and made it just fine!

Adventures at the park with her doll


TALK: Language continues to grow and she's like a walking monologue narrating whatever she's doing, 'go to room and get books' as she walks to her room for example. We're getting plenty of 5-, 6- and 7-word sentences. Her words are becoming clearer, though there are certainly times it takes me a few tries to figure out what she's saying. George is 'Gorgg' and William is 'Weeim' and it was so cute to hear her use her cousin's names last weekend too. It's hard to believe that she was just saying the first syllable of plenty of words 3 months ago and now her speech is becoming clearer and whole thoughts are expressed. This age is so fun!

POTTY: I picked up some underwear a few weeks ago and Coco was pretty excited about that. We let her wear it a couple of times at home and she peed in it, so a few days we've had the potty out in the living room and just had her pants free or in a dress without a diaper. She's gone both #1 and #2 in the potty, though #2 has been more when we can tell she's about to go and put her on the potty and she goes just a little more. Today was our best success, when we were home all morning, she had her diaper off and when we first brought the potty out, she sat and peed once, then a bit later, she started to pee on the floor and ran over and finished in the potty, so she's definitely learning! Tonight she got mad when I was putting her nighttime pull-up on and said she wanted to go potty. We tried for a bit without success and she got really mad when I took her into her room and said potty again so I gave her another chance and she went #1 right away. Our plan is still to do a lot of diaper-free time in Sonoma when we can be outside and hopefully get it done there. But if her interest and success continues over the next week before Cincinnati, I think we may try to go diaper-free for our backyard time there too so we don't loose momentum.

Colette: It's been a month of ups and downs. Your 2-year old personality is coming out and there are times you totally drive my crazy with wanting something just so. You must've been growing right after your birthday as we got those super-long naps, and now we're back to short naps or naps in the morning. I think you've been a bit out of your routine, which you do fairly well with, but you also love some good time at home with your toys, especially if you can have that time without W&G around. You weren't excited when Jessica came to pick you up from camp the first day, but when she told you that she would take you to the park and W&G weren't coming, you were very excited to go with her :) They've been so crazy and all over you that I can't blame you. You've also been so much fun, your Aunt Jen adored the time with you and said that you are so personable and sweet. Hearing your thoughts more and more are so much fun, and seeing you so excited at Disneyland is the best. I'm so proud of you for going to your first drop-off camp on your own without any problem and your progress on the potty is awesome. We have such a fun month ahead with a trip to Ma's house and then summer in Sonoma!

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