Colette's Current Favorites: 2 Years Old

Looking back, I can't find that I ever did a favorites post for Coco, which I guess sort of makes sense since looking back at the boys' at the same age, there are a lot of similarities. Coco is so into pretend play and though I wouldn't say she's obsessed with dolls or stuffed animals (she doesn't need to bring them everywhere, doesn't have a favorite, etc.), they get a lot of use on a daily basis. She pushes them around in her doll carriage or stroller, set up tea parties for them or likes a doll or friend to sit next to her at the table while she eats. She's also very into accessories, loves when a box of new clothes comes and wants to try everything on. She often needs to kiss her jackets in her closet good night and likes to feel each one. I don't really consider that a toy, but she is getting more into dress up so I included that on the list. She's also really into playing outside and likes her scooter and bike, though isn't anywhere near as good as the boys were at this age as she only likes to ride for a minute or so before she gets bored. Books are another item that will always be on the list but she's started to move away from her few favorites so I didn't include that on the list. She also loves her magiclip dolls for her dollhouse, but honestly plays with so many different friends (big bad wolf and the three pigs, fire people, whittle world people, etc) that I didn't specifically call them out.

She loves playing with duplos (the boys still do too!), her dollhouse is number one and the Melissa and Doug Tea Set gets use every day. Her backpack has been a recent hit, she loves packing it for trips but now that she needs it for school, she always gets excited to put it on. I just bought a few dress-up clothes for her and she really loves wearing them. The doctor kit or vet kit, as well as tool sets have been super popular lately. She likes to be like the boys and put her tool belt on (often over a dress or a tutu skirt) and fix things in the backyard. She loves little people of all kinds but really likes the Melissa and Doug wooden sets. Balls are always popular in the backyard and at the park.

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