Father's Day

With the tough day on Saturday, we weren't sure if the boys would be able to turn their behavior around for Father's Day but I had a chat with them the night before and reminded them that the day was about Dad, so they needed to be thoughtful about making sure he had a good day and not to think too much about themselves. Somehow that actually worked and they woke up in a great mood on Sunday, helped me make breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and Trader Joe's frozen chocolate croissants. We had breakfast together and Dave was nice and let me go for my swim as normal, though he decided to put on Moana for everyone to watch for the first time while I was gone.

William made an awesome book with multiple drawings of all the different things he likes to do with dad. George and Coco make pictures too.

We headed to church and then picked up our favorite roasted turkey sandwiches and hung out before everyone got a long rest time. My dad came over and played with the kids and George and Coco stayed behind to help me prep some of the dinner while Papa took William out to ride his bike. Dave got some time alone in the backyard to grill the ribs, his only request of the day. We had a feast with ribs, Brussel sprouts, cornbread and even some fresh crab.

We are so lucky my dad is close by and helps us with so many little projects on the house but also that he loves spending time with the kids. I asked the boys a bunch of questions about Papa to share with him and some of my favorites were:

  • What is Papa good at? 'Going to Costco' - George, 'Tickling' - W
  • What do you like best about Papa? 'That he brings us money (coins)' - W
  • What's your favorite thing to do with Papa? 'Beat him up' - W, 'To play' - C
I think Papa really enjoyed that, as well as lots of sweet photos I got of him and Colette at her birthday party.

Now onto our star, who does so much for us. We feel so lucky that he has a job provides well for us, but more importantly, allows him to be present with the kids just about every single day. He's often up with the kids in the morning and is always doing the boys' bath and shows at nighttime. Even when he travels, he's away the shortest time possible, even if it means a rough turnaround on his end. He's so patient with George's endless questions, will do anything Coco drags him by the hand over to (mostly dollhouse) and feeds William's imagination with his stories and drawings. Even though trips can be trying with the kids, I feel so lucky that we have the opportunity to spend so much time away as a family and experience some of our favorite places through the kids' eyes. Dave really is the best to me and the kids and though he's not much for big celebrations, we like to recognize him for all that he does and all that he is. We love you!

Interview about Dad
  • How old is Dad? '22' - W, '42' - G
  • What is Dad's favorite food? both said 'ribs'
  • What's your favorite thing to do with Dad? 'Go to Disneyland' - W, 'Watch shows together' - G, 'Play dollhouse' - C
  • What is Dad's favorite drink? 'soda water' - W, 'wine or beer' - G
  • What is Dad really good at? 'boxing' - W, 'biking' G
  • How are you like Dad? 'we both have the same hair style' - W, G couldn't think of anything, though these are always hard with him, he can't sit and think about it for longer than a second.

Happy Father's Day!

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