LA Trip - Disney and Cousins Visit

Going to visit my sister in LA is always on the list but we haven't been able to make it happen. Finally we decided to do it, flying down and not doing the long drive. Dave wanted to add a day at Disneyland and since my sister's kids were still in school, we decided that made sense.

The boys graduated at 10am and we were on a 3pm flight to Orange County. Colette had one of her worse tantrums ever while getting our baggage and rental car and the car seats were impossible to get installed but thankfully that was the worst of the trip. The boys only knew we were going to LA to see their cousins so as we got close to Disney, we tried to have them guess the surprise but they couldn't and just got annoyed. Of course they were excited when they realized the plan.

We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott which was awesome. Such fun rooms that had 2 queens in one room attached to another room with a bunk bed, sitting area, little dining table and big bathroom. Plus, it was less than 2 blocks from Disney (such a quick walk!) and had a fun pool area with waterslides, a big kids water play structure and kiddie slides, splash pad and pool. We thought we'd go to the pool when we arrived the first day (but it was too late) and then after Disney the next, but we stayed at Disney instead so we actually didn't hit the pool until Friday before driving to my sister's in the afternoon.

After the week we've had, I'm even more grateful for the unicorn of a day we had at Disneyland. We told the boys that we could stay as long as everyone was behaving and listening and when that changed, it would be time to go. Amazingly, that worked and they all were so good that day. We had so much fun, rode lots of rides and the boys got to ride all the big ones like the Railroad one, Splash Mountain, Matterhorn and Space Mountain. That was a first for William on some, and for both on Matterhorn. Dave is so good with the fast passes that we didn't have to wait for any of those big ones, plus we each got to ride with the rider swap (one adult stays with C and the other swaps in to ride with the kids) so on some of the rides the boys got to ride twice back to back. Coco was a good sport, she wanted to ride the carousel again and again but only got to once. We did a couple others for her and overall she had fun and was really good too, finally taking her nap around 3pm for an hour. It was hot, but not too hot so we were perfect in shorts and a t-shirt from about 10am on. The boys walked back without complaining. It really was such a great day.

They were so excited to be at my sister's house and had a blast with their cousins over the next few days. Those boys are SO great with them, and with Colette, it's really so sweet. She'll usually tell you what she wants to do or play and they would do whatever she wanted. We had a great bbq dinner that night and roasted s'mores before heading over to our beach apartment in Manhattan Beach. It was another 9pm or later bedtime for all... then C surprised us and climbed out of her pack and play and into the living room... then the shades weren't great in the room so she was up at 5:30. Dave and I were exhausted. We went out to a quick brunch the next morning before heading to the beach. We lucked out with beautiful weather so after spending the morning with my sister's family, we stopped at an awesome ice cream shop on the main strip in Manhattan Beach. It had ice cream, cupcakes, ice cream cupcakes, soft serve, homemade candies and ice cream sandwiches, along with a bunch of old school candies. So good. Everyone rested that afternoon, well, except George and I. We walked around downtown a bit before going back to get everyone to go play at my sister's house and have pizza.

The next day we packed up the apartment, stopped for breakfast and then went to my sister's again. We didn't really have any plans but the kids were having so much fun that we felt bad breaking it up when we finally decided we should check out Santa Monica Pier. Everything in LA takes forever, so it took close to an hour to get over there and by the time we got out to the rides on the pier, we only had about 40 minutes. We did it because Dave had gotten an alert that the flight was delayed until 3:30 so we figured we'd start walking back to the car about 1 to get to the airport by 1:40 or so. Well, about 1:10, we got another alert that the flight was back on time so we rushed to the airport, had to get gas in the rental car, Dave dropped all of us and our stuff off, I made it through security with everyone and then we hoped Dave would be able to make it before we took off. The car rentals in LA are far so I wasn't sure. Well, by the time I made it through security, I saw that the flight was delayed a half hour again so thankfully Dave made it in plenty of time. It was an easy flight back and it was nice to get home to my mom and dinner ready for us.

I'm so glad we finally made the trip to LA happen. We all have so much fun with my sister and her kids and Disney was such a fun bonus.

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