Preschool Grads

The end of the year was so busy and energy and emotions were high. I called it 'senioritis' and thankfully it sounds like it didn't effect them at school, but they were definitely crazy at home. They had a great experience at Calvary and I know a lot of the moms were really emotional during the graduation but I think it helps that my time at Calvary isn't over and we'll be back for two years with Coco in 2019.

They've grown so much in their two years and I especially felt that this year. They're big kids now and spent the year in different classes with their own classmates and teacher. Yes, there was plenty of free play time to be together, but I'm so grateful for this year with a taste of being apart. They made new friends and were navigating new challenges and even got in trouble a couple of times. They really hit it off with another set of twins but it seems like the four of them get pretty wild when together. I think as individuals, they've both grown as well. William has become more passionate about art and is clearly talented. George seems to have a knack for math and loves solving different math-inspired questions we pose. George thrived with the routine in Ms. Linnea's room but was also introduced to some new activities like yoga. I was a bit nervous when I found out of that they would both be getting a teacher who was new to Calvary, despite their experience elsewhere. Thankfully they were both awesome teachers and we're so grateful for all they did for the boys.

So much has changed since September 7, 2016 (the day after Coco came home from the hospital!).

Last Day of School, June 2017

Owls Class with Ms. Katherine

Their second year of preschool, William was in the Eagles class with Ms. Amy and George was in the Sharks with Ms. Linnea.

Last day of school, June 2018

Their final progress reports:

The boys graduated on Wednesday, June 6 and did a performance singing several songs before receiving their diplomas. William loved performing and was enthusiastically singing all the songs. George seemed a bit bored :)

The Friday before school was out at Calvary, the boys got to go to Town for Switch Day when each class gets to go up a grade, so all the incoming kids were in the kindergarten rooms. They each had a fourth grade buddy take them around for a tour of the school. The boys were both surprisingly nervous but did fine when we were there. They start 2 weeks of kindergarten camp at Town on Monday, from 8:30-2, so that will be their longest day yet.


Kindergarten, here we come!

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