Coco is 27 Months

We're in the last week of summer before the back-to-school activities and first day of school come for the boys next week. We've been home for most of the last month and unfortunately we weren't greeted with sunny days but instead the typical foggy San Francisco summer. It's been pretty depressing, but we've made the most of it.

Coco completed another 3-week Tue/Thu summer camp session at Stretch and had a great time. We had no issues with drop-off, she seemed really comfortable with the routine and it was so fun to hear about her talk about 'going to school at Stretch.' She did pretty well with her potty at school, which sort of surprised me, but I guess with other kids going, and frequent teacher reminders, maybe it was easier than being at home and distracted during play. She did come home in her spare clothes most days, but due to playing with the water table. She got so used to the routine, that on the last day, the teacher told me she saw a kid pour water on himself, so did the same and then said, 'I have to change now!', smiling. She has no problem with outfit changes :)

Sleep and eating has remained the same. I'm actually really happy with the variety and volume she continues to eat and think back to the rough early days trying to get her to eat, wondering if a feeding tube and being intubated for so long would affect her relationship with food longterm. So far she hasn't slowed down at all. Sleeping is generally okay, though she is taking longer to fall asleep at night. She probably needs a slightly later bedtime, but she does well in her crib until falling asleep, at least most nights, so we'll stick to the routine for now. Naps have been great some days, and non-exisistant other days but I'll attempt naps for as long as I can.

Overall, she continues to surprise us each day with the things she can say and do. She really seems like such a big girl. A few days ago we were at the park and she was able to climb up this big spider-web that I really didn't expect her to be able to do. Her language has exploded even further and I feel like she can say pretty much everything. Sometimes it's the phrases that surprise me, but other times it's single words like 'either' used correctly that make me pause. There are so many I have thought, 'I need to write that down', but here are a few I actually did:
'I still oosing (using) that'
'That will be so good for her' or 'that will be good for me'.
'See you later, I'll be right back' when she headed inside to get her tools.
She told me I was hiding her cup, then said, 'I'm teasing Mama!'
When I finally got her out of bed one day after she didn't nap, she wags her finger at me and say, 'I not sleeping'.
'She so happy!' is what she says anytime her princess underwear stays dry, and therefore her princess is still happy.
When she was trying to put my shoes on and I told her they were too small, 'no, they're perfect!'
When I ask her to do something she's fully capable of doing, like 'can you bring your cup over?', sometimes she'll say, 'I can't. I can't'.
'What dis?' 'What dat?'

There has been so much imaginative play surrounding potty training. I overhear her at her dollhouse talking about the dolls having to go potty, sitting on the potty, etc. But her favorite thing is to get all her favorite stuffed animals and have them wear a pull-up and then underwear over. We seriously have like 6 pairs of underwear all over the upstairs every day because she's playing with it all day. I hear her say, 'Mickey have to go potty! Still dry! Yay Mickey!'. She sits her friends on the little potty and says 'tinkle toot toot' and then gets their underwear back on. It turns bedtime and nap time into a whole thing because everyone needs to be appropriately dressed in the pull-up and underwear combo. That may be part of the nap issue too, she can sit in her bed chatting to her stuffed animal friends for well over an hour. I just went in now and saw this, with them all lined up and she told me they were on the carousel. She did finally fall asleep.

Her potty is progressing well. She's definitely out of diapers and there's no going back. She does pretty well with pee and will go when we're out and I ask her, most of the time, and will mostly hold it at home and then go when she needs to. But there are definitely still accidents here and there. It's only been wet underwear at its worst, I've never needed to change her clothes. Poop has continued to cause some issues, though I do think it's getting a little better. She held her poop even in diapers and we've continued those troubles where I see her standing there with her bum clenched and tell her to go potty and she runs over squawking, sits down and lets a little out, though usually it's whatever she has let out and is sitting in her bum that then falls out into the potty. Finally this week we were successful with some bigger poops in the potty instead of tiny ones multiple times a day. Then last night she had diarrhea which I think has actually helped things as she told me beforehand both time and was able to make it to the potty the last few times. I'm hoping that's a blessing in disguise and clearing out her system a bit so she's not backed up and will get us on a better track. She's good about having prunes each day and I've been giving her prune juice and occasionally a prune pouch too. She also has a kids probiotic which I think is making a difference too so when she does go now, it is a better consistency which will hopefully break the cycle of it being painful for her to go. Well, I guess that doesn't sound great, but really, overall we can go out, I have her go when we get somewhere and every 45 mins or so but for the most part she hasn't told me when she has to go when we're out (or maybe I haven't given her enough time?). At home we continue to do bottoms free so she just runs around with a shirt on and it does make it easy for her to go on her own at home. I usually hear a squawk and tell her to go sit on the potty and she will, and goes. Occasionally she goes over and goes on her own without announcing it frantically. But even when she does do the squawk, she is still holding it and making it to the potty so I'm fine with it.

the night she took her diaper off

Coco: You keep growing so much and just seem like a bigger girl in what you can do each and every day. With the boys starting Kindergarten in a week, I am so grateful I still have you with me (but already don't know what I'll do when I'm saying goodbye to you at K!). While I've had moments of regret that I didn't try to get you in a 2-year old preschool program since you did so well at Stretch, I am so glad I have this year with you. We'll do our classes and have a good schedule for the week and I know you'll get plenty of enrichment, but again, with the boys starting longer days soon, it does make me want to take advantage of every moment I have with each of you before the time at home gets shorter and shorter. It really is different with 'just one' and I've enjoyed the freedom we have that I didn't have with your brothers. I think you will be so ready for school a year from now but you'll be totally fine home with me for another year. I really have so much fun with you, you make me laugh and bring so much joy to me, as well as to our family. Next month's update will be fun as you will have started all your fall classes; I'm especially excited for you to start private swim lessons at the end of the month!

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