Last Week of Summer

The boys have their orientation tomorrow morning and then a class picnic and Wednesday is their first day of school. We've had just over a week without camps and of course I wanted to plan some fun adventures before I lose them to school.

Last week Dave was in Taiwan and it was Jessica's last week, thankfully, so while it was a busy and exhausting week, I'm glad I had the help.

My mom had been in Denver for several weeks, and then my dad took over for her to help my brother once she got back. We were so excited to see her and she stayed with Coco on Monday while I took the boys to Alcatraz. I've been wanting to take them but I'm glad I waited until they were 5. We had a great time! The boys loved the quick ferry ride and liked exploring the island and prison. George was very interested in the history and he and I spent a little time the day before reading the history. Both boys liked the audio tour and I was surprised we spent a good two hours on the island. We decided to head to Coit Tower, which we've been to once before, but it was a bit more crowded this time which I should have expected for summer, so we didn't stay long. Then it was a stop for pizza slices at Tony's and ice cream at Swensens. The boys were in heaven! Coco was in heaven having Dedee all to herself at home.

On Tuesday, I took all three down to Curioddessy in San Mateo. I had taken the boys at the beginning of summer but Coco wasn't with us. Coco was a bit difficult that day, I had to intervene plenty of times, but we still had fun.

On Wednesday, we headed to the east bay and my mom met us at the Chabot Space Center, another new place for us. There was plenty for the boys to do and I'm sure we'll go back but it wasn't as big of a hit as some of the others we've been to. We did get to stop by a nearby park that we had been to with Ashely several years ago and the boys had a blast exploring that before heading home.

Thursday we went to the Children's Creativity Museum and played at the playground there before my mom met us. There's so many fun activities there for all ages so everyone had a blast. The boys even made some music videos though I think they need more a bit more practice :) That night, Jessica stayed home with Coco while I took the boys out to dinner. We've been working on their manner's (George's in particular at the dinner table) and they both did really well with ordering, sitting nicely and eaten the southern food feast.

Vehicles we colored and scanned to the screen!

On Friday, I took everyone for donuts at a place we'd driven by multiple times and then we headed over to the new Civic Center Park in front of city hall. They've done a job cleaning it up and the kids had a lot of fun. We also checked out the Main Library, which I've never been in (there are multiple other branches closer to us). It was huge and they had a great children's section. They even have a vending machine of kids books that you can take home and keep. Really fun for the kids to pick them out and push the buttons.

Today was our last day for adventures before school starts so after our Trader Joe's run, we headed down to Chinatown to the fortune cookie factory. It's crazy to see the old school machine with a pancake-like batter that's poured in and pressed down and then each cook is folded by hand after the fortune is put in. We got some samples and then took a box to go.

Then we drove what was maybe a mile to the new Salesforce Park which is build onto of the new transit center. It just opened a few weeks ago so we definitely wanted to check it out but driving there during the week isn't ideal as it's right in the thick of all the office buildings which means no good parking options nearby and just a lot of traffic in general. We parked on the Embarcadero and walked from there. The park is great, reminds me of the High Line in New York. They did a great job. There's a big game cart where you can just take a game and sit down at one of many tables. There's a foosball table and a big connect-4. In another area there's a book cart for adult books and another for kids' books plus coloring sheets and crayons. Coco enjoyed reading books with me there. None of them were too into the actual playground, which is mostly just a big net-climbing area but the boys said they definitely wanted to come back.

We picked up American Grilled Cheese sandwiches and ate them on the drive across town for their first soccer practice. The boys asked me to take photos of them and send them to Dave. They were so proud of their new shorts and soccer cleats. They actually did really well at soccer too!

Coco played by herself for an hour trying these on and trying to hang them on the tree

It's been a fun week and I'm excited for them to start school. Not sure they're particularly excited since they'll be split up and I know they'll do great.

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