First Day of Kindergarten

I almost didn't know what to do with myself when I got home at 9am on Wednesday after taking the boys for their first day of school. There had been so much leading up to the moment, that it sort of felt like, 'now what?'. Coco and I had a fun morning and went to the park but I couldn't stop thinking about the boys and wondering how they were doing and couldn't wait to go pick them up to hear all about it. This was such a long and intense process, that it was crazy to think that we had made it and it was finally their first day!

We had a good night before school started. They did well at the 30-minute orientation earlier that day and we had a lot of fun at the park afterward with all the other Kindergarten families. The boys still weren't feeling particularly excited; all they could focus on was the fact that they wouldn't be together. The teachers had sent the kids home with 'jitter glitter' and reading it to them and sprinkling a little under their pillows, plus the addition of introducing them to the 'night before school fairies' actually got them really excited. They said they had to go to sleep right away, and in fact, they did.

I decorated their room with a 'happy first day' banner, a bit more glitter sprinkled on the floor and left some balloons around the room. I woke up at 5am realizing I had forgotten to set an alarm and couldn't go back to sleep with first-day excitement myself. But it was a really smooth morning, I finally had to wake Colette up when we were leaving at 7:45 and the babysitter had arrived. We decided to take the bike to school since we figured parking would be awful and it was the right choice.

Then we waited in the long line of families waiting to shake hands with the school heads, what I found out is a daily tradition but all the families are there on the first day and they have a photographer to get a photo of each child. George was getting stressed out waiting in line and with the thought of him having to shake hands so I let him run around the block a bit, which helped, but he still was not happy about shaking hands. Classic photo though!

The boys went into their classes just fine and Dave and I said goodbye and went to the parents reception for a bit to chat with other parents. There have been lots of events so far and I already feel like I'm getting to know a lot of the parents. We're really happy with the community.

I couldn't wait to pick the boys up and they were excited to see me too. I took them to get ice cream after and tried to get as many stories out as I could. I was a bit nervous to hear how lunch went -- you can't bring a lunch to Town, everyone eats the cafe food but it's high quality and apparently really good. Every day there's a salad bar, two soup options and sandwiches, plus main courses -- the first day was sausage and bell pepper pizza with spinach strawberry salad. Good way to start off the year, George said the pizza 'was good, like really really good'. Typically the kids head through the line with their trays to get what they want but for the first few weeks of school, a tray is plated for the kindergarteners with a little of each main of the day. Side note: I got to do lunch duty on Friday which was taco salad, brown rice and grilled squash for lunch so I was definitely curious to see how the boys would do. I checked on them and G had eaten the chocolate chip bread (on Fridays they get dessert instead of fruit) but that was it, but William had gotten up to get himself soup. I helped George go pick out a sandwich so hopefully he gets the hang of it. It's so funny though, there are three lunch seatings, K/1/2, 3/4/5 and 6/7/8 and with each shift, the kids are more adventurous, taking vegetables, more of the main, etc., and by 8th grade, some of the kids are taller than me and eating a huge plate of food. 

Other stories from the day -- George 'loved everything except upper field (recess) because William was playing with another kid and didn't want him to join'. The snacks were good and they get a morning snack and afternoon snack. The teachers are nice and they both love PE (they're playing soccer) and recess. William has since mentioned a new friend most days; we haven't gotten as much out of George, he says he plays with William. They get to sit together at lunch currently (assigned tables which get switched up every month).

They both have a female head teacher, and a male assistant teacher. Ms. Frelinghuysen and Mr. Dumothier for George in KB and Ms. Hollister and Mr. Vick in KA. I love that they both have a male teacher. We gave each teacher a little gift on the first day, thanks to Annie for the tip.

The rest of the week has gone well but it's so nice to have two short weeks before really getting into the school year. We're feeling so great having them at this wonderful school!

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