Coco is 29 Months

It's been a busy month with school in full swing and lots of nighttime events for Dave and I, either together or separately. It seems like every group I'm a part of has had a happy hour or mom's night out in the last few weeks and while I've wanted to do all of it as it has been since before summer that I've seen a lot of these women, it's just meant a lot of nights out. We're still doing fine with the new routine and each of us can get the kids to bed on our own so I feel like it's much more manageable than it was a year ago, it still feels like a lot at time. Dave and I evaluated how everything has been going and while overall things are fine, we did discuss some changes to make.

We're so lucky to have my parents help and that's covered a lot of my key needs to be able to help at the boys' school, take care of my appointments and get a work out in. But they've been really busy lately too -- my mom was in Boulder, came back for a couple days, and then went to LA, where my dad basically go into my sister's car as my mom got out for her flight home. Since they have the dogs, someone always has to be home with them at night. My mom often stays over on Thursday nights so Dave and I can keep our weekly date night, but we realized that besides my birthday, we hadn't been out for most of September and October. Often times if my mom couldn't stay over, then I just wouldn't plan anything else on Thursday I'd need her help with so she wouldn't have to come in. Dave and I talked about how important the date nights are not just for us as a couple, but also because it means one night that I don't have to cook and clean up dinner so we've decided that regardless of if my mom is available, we still need to go out. So on Sunday, I asked one of the women in the church nursery, whom we've known for 5 years now, and I know she nannies, and she was able to come over on Thursday so we could go out. I think it's tough when someone new is over -- I tried to give her the rundown of the routine, but really we didn't want her to be overwhelmed on her first visit so Dave bathed the boys before she came, I had dinner ready and most stuff cleaned up. I think once we get into the swing of things with someone, we can be more hands off and it may feel like more of a break for us.

I've also been working on taming her hair... I didn't do this though!
Coco and I have enjoyed doing her classes each morning, though I'm getting a bit tired of MyGym so I've put in our cancellation for that and we'll wrap up in early December. I'm starting to look into ballet or soccer, not sure what else is appropriate at this age but I know I'd definitely ready for a change.

EAT: No big changes here. I would say maybe she's slightly less likely to go for different fruits and a bit more influenced by what her brothers are or aren't eating. I will say that she still willingly tries new things. At her outdoor class, kids are eating avocado, snap peas, etc. and she will try them. She spits them out after, but I think it's great that she hasn't moved onto the 'no, I don't want to taste it' phase.

SLEEP: Mostly okay, though again she decided to have a party in her crib at 1am, nonstop talking to all her friends and keeping us awake. We've definitely noticed that she falls right asleep at 7pm without a nap, but will chat in her bed for over an hour if she has a nap. Last week I didn't have any help during her nap time so I just didn't put her down since I have to leave to get the boys at 2pm. She does fine without a nap, but by Friday at 1:30, she was definitely a mess, she needed a nap, and we had boy of the week at William's school so she still didn't get a nap. She's make up for it this week and took a 3+ hour nap on Monday. I think our typical plan of she naps on the days when someone can stay with her (which is usually 4-5 days) and we don't put her down on the others works well... except when she decides not to nap on one of those days when someone is actually home with her. Ugh! She's still good about sleeping, or at least being mostly quiet until her sun clock goes off at 6:45. She did climb out of her crib a week ago but apparently fell and was sad so after a talk with her that she shouldn't climb out so she doesn't hurt herself, she seems to be okay staying in. It's been a full week so we'll see...

PLAY: Much of what Coco has been into recently has continued. She is still really into Halloween and we must've read Little Critter's Halloween a million times by now. We still have out about 30 other Halloween library book so those get mixed in as well. There was some back and forth on being a ghost or a witch, but she decided on the witch so I got the dressed hemmed and we're all set. We went to one Halloween party and she wasn't too into wearing the hat, which really makes the outfit so we'll see how she does on the big day. We have the annual NICU Halloween party next Saturday so that will be fun to see everyone. I tried to convince her that I should be a black cat, which would be an easy costume to pull together, but she told me her doll is already being a cat and that I need to be a witch with her... so that's what I'm doing.

Dress up and the dollhouse are still top favorites, though we did have to put away a lot of her dollhouse friends and she does not likely putting things away at night. We're still working at that without much success and she doesn't really care when we take them away.

I feel like we don't have that much park time now and realized when my friend's daughter who's a month older than her pulled up to the park on her scooter (they had walked/scooted the 7 blocks to the park and not taken the stroller like we did), that I need to get her on her scooter and balance bike more. I really should just have her ride her scooter if we walk over to the store or the park, but the stroller is so much easier... She just isn't very good on her scooter yet and I feel like the boys' used there's so much more in that 18-24 month period when you're at the park most days. They also went to the park in the afternoons with Jessica, which we still do a few days a week but we're mostly walking from the boys' school after parking. I just need to make it more of a priority.

POTTY: Unfortunately no progress has been made and after some frustration, I've put Coco back in diapers. We went to the doctor to get her urine tested just to make sure there wasn't anything that was causing the accidents and thankfully it came back clear. The doctor had a few suggestions, and since most of her issues are involving poop, she gave some recommendations to make sure constipation is not an issue. We've been diligent about that for the last week and while the consistency of the stool has improved, her pooping really hasn't. She'll still do lots of small poops, running to the potty once it's already started to come out. She doesn't seem to get the feeling of having to go and sitting down before actually going. With pee, she mostly does fine and sits down and then starts going, but there are accidents here and there with that too. So I tried to stick with it as far as keeping her bottoms-free at home so she gets the feeling of having it come out on her, still taking her to the potty while we're out, asking her if she has to go, etc., but she's just wearing a diaper now when we're out. Often it's dry which is encouraging, but we just got home from the park and had to rush out because I had taken off her wet diaper and asked her if she just wanted to leave it off and she said yes, then she pooped a messy poop all into her pants which reminds me why I went back to diapers. It's discouraging because I felt like she was beyond diapers but I was getting stressed with the accidents so I know this is better. Hopefully continuing the doctors's recommended course with prune juice, etc., her poop will continue to improve and hopefully her body will start to get it. Unfortunately this is not an issue that just arose with potty training but holding her poop has long been an issue so I'm not sure when she'll be able to overcome it.

TALK: Coco is still talking a ton but lately she's taken to speaking in the third person. All day long I correct her with 'I want...' etc. and she does adopt it briefly but usually continues on with 'Coco...' We're trying to remind those around her to speak normally and not refer to themselves in the third person which may confuse her further.

Coco, it's been a busy month with all your activities and you're getting very comfortable at the boys' school. It makes me sad that you won't be able to go there, but it's fun for you to be part of the community regardless. You rush up the steps and shake the Head of School's hand each morning, just like each boy is required to do. You have to get a drink of water every day at the fountain and then if I'm not watching you closely, you'll sneak right into one of the boys' rooms. George usually needs an extra hug from you before heading in for the day, and then you and I are off to do our stuff. My day still largely revolves around you and while I occasionally sneak in an errand or quick workout before we head out for your activities, mostly that time is filled with what you want to be doing. My focus has definitely shifted a bit since Jessica left and now I may have an hour or so to sit and eat lunch while you play before we go pick up the boys. I do have other chances to get out and take care of my stuff, and during that time you're with Papa or Dedee which you love. This month you had Papa painting your toe nails and dressing up each one of your stuffed animals in different costumes! Our big challenge of the month has been the potty and while I'm thankful everything checked out at the doctor, I'm feeling a little discouraged about you ever figuring out your poop situation. Hopefully we keep on our path of what the doctor recommended and we'll see some improvement soon. Dad has had more flexibility with his work the last week or so and has gotten some really great 1-on-1 time with you which you love. You'll always come right over and tell him what you want him to do -- come play dollhouse, put costumes on your friends, etc. and he'll always do it with you. I know he appreciates the time with you just as much as you do. I'm so excited to experience some of the Halloween activities with you this year. You were starting to get it last year but this year you're so into it so the upcoming parties and trick-or-treating should be really fun. Can't wait to hear your 'trick-or-treat!'

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