William at 5 1/2

  • 41 lbs and 43 inches (there are a couple kids right around his height or shorter but most are taller in K)
  • Wears size 5 in clothes and 12 in shoes
  • William is such a fast runner and loves to play chase
  • He is so detailed in his art work and is constantly growing in his ability, adding new features and details. He gets frustrated when it doesn't turn out right, but mostly just when he's extra tired. I'm glad his doesn't usually do drawing when he gets home from school as I'm not sure it would go over well at that time.
  • He still loves listening to stories, whether books or books on cd. He has a great attention span for chapter books but still won't let me read Harry Potter as he says there aren't enough pictures.
  • The boys have a basic dress code of a collared shirt and no athletic-type pants or shorts. For the past six months or so, William has preferred to dress up more for church, adding a bow tie and a hand-me-down sport coat we got. One of his K teachers is a man who just moved from North Carolina for the job and wears a bow tie most days, otherwise a tie. Many of the boys, including George, end up wearing a polo most days but William prefers to wear a button-down shirt with bow tie every day, and for special occasions, he adds his sport coat. He even requested a belt.
  • William is still drawn to girls and often when we get to the park after school, he heads straight for this new friend Odette if she's there. The other day, he was playing with a classmate's 3-year old little sister and asked his mom if they could have a playdate :) He gets along well with boys too, but he definitely connects with girls.
  • William is really into building when at home, and I've also heard that's what he likes to do at recess at school. They have different outdoor blocks to play with. At home, he'll use Lincoln Logs, the big cardboard block, magnatiles, etc.
  • William often doesn't care about rewards or challenges, at least not like George does. I'll offer it up and if he's not motivated to begin with, usually whatever I'm offering doesn't incentivize him.
  • I hope William has Dave's natural smarts because I already predict the homework battle to be fierce with him. I leave out their optional homework each Saturday morning (to be returned on Monday) and ask him if he wants to do it several times throughout the weekend. So far he's decided to do it just once and it was after encouraging him to come back and finish it several different times.
  • William doesn't find as much comfort in our different routines -- setting the table, putting shoes away, etc (though he is very good at making his bed each morning!) and often I hear 'I'll do it later'. Whenever I actually let him wait until later, it doesn't end well as of course he still doesn't want to do it.
  • I think school will be easy for William in the way that it's easy for him to sit still and listen. He doesn't have

Favorite color: gold and green
Favorite show: Mickey
Favorite movie: Incredibles 2
Favorite food: cinnamon French toast
Favorite toy: rainbow ball
Favorite animal: python
Favorite sport: soccer
Favorite class: Theater Arts
Least favorite class: Music
What do you want to be when you grow up? Doctor
Favorite place to visit: Ma's house
Favorite pizza place: Tony's

We met with William's teachers Mrs. Hollister and Mr. Vick a few days ago and got a good report. William likes to build during 'Learning Choice' (the other options are art/coloring, games, legos and animals) but I guess William likes the keva blocks best.  At recess he likes to play soccer or be in the block area. The teachers say (after I specifically asked) that very rarely do they need to intervene and ask him to say something a different way or talk about how he handled something. He's been having such a rough time at home because I think he's tired and it's clear after talking to them that he's saving that behavior at home and it never comes out at school. He's 'secure' in counting, completes classwork on time and works neatly and carefully. Most of the other skills he's a beginner or his skills are developing, which is right on track for this point. They like that he's helpful to others, like when someone was asking out loud about how to spell something, William reminded them to take out their alphabet sheet from their folder and see if that would help. They were impressed that he thought about that on his own, but also that he suggested it to others. We were curious about how William is doing with reading since George is pulled out into a special reading group and we felt he was stronger thus far with letters. They're confident he's doing fine and is right in the mix with the others. I like how they did the conference, it was based off an interview they did with each child and filled in more commentary while discussing with us. Clearly William is passionate about drawing but in general his answers are really thoughtful.

Such a big year, can't wait to see what you're able to do at age 6!

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