Apple Hill 2018

When I started thinking about taking the kids back to Apple Hill, I was bummed to see that my Evernote with all my research from last year had been deleted. Then I remembered I did a blog post so that definitely helped set the agenda for this year.

Apple Hill is crazy on weekends pretty much from September to December so I was trying to figure out a time for us to go. They didn't have a Monday off in October, but they did have two Thursdays -- one for conferences, and one the day after Halloween.We headed up on Thursday and made it quickly, with a stop in Folsom to charge the car and have lunch at In n Out. Then we continued 20 miles more and started at Apple Ridge Farms.  The boys liked mining for gems, Coco liked throwing rocks. She also loved arranging all the Christmas decor in the gift shop with Dedee. The boys and I played hide and seek in the maze for a long time, Coco joined in at the end. They had a lot of fun and were a dusty mess.

Next, we went on to Mill View Farm, which I didn't even know about last year and hadn't been written up anywhere. I came across a mention of it in a review and while the farm itself didn't have much, they had an old town built out for kids to play in and the boys had a blast playing Cops and Robbers. There was even a pirate ship. George asked to go back the next day but we ran out of time.

The kids were starting to get cranky and by this point it was almost 4pm so we thought it was time to go check in the hotel. We got everyone up in the room with some popcorn from the lobby and then had some time in the pool (but mostly hot tub) while I went to pick up the pizza. It was about 6:45 by the time we got upstairs for showers and shows. It had been a big day and no one had napped in the car since we drive before noon, which I thought would work to our advantage having everyone in one room. I got C down fairly quickly in her travel crib by the bathroom and the boys watched shows for awhile but their pull out couch was uncomfortable and I ended up waking up multiple times - to take G to the bathroom, to separate them when they were fighting because someone was on their side, etc. So we survived just fine but I definitely didn't sleep well and I don't think the boys did either.

We woke up and the kids got to have breakfast at the buffet in the pjs -- homemade waffles, hot cocoa and whipped cream. Then we packed up and were at our first farm, High Hill, by 9:30. This is the main farm with lots to do, but most of it didn't open until 10am. We got a couple of donuts and walked around by the pond, then watched the ponies get hooked up for the pony rides. All three were excited to ride, but William really was most interested in fishing. We got two poles but G quickly lost interest so William and I kept trying. We quickly caught, and then lost, one big one, but while I was helping William, one started biting on my line. In the end, we caught 3 fish total but stopped there since you can't throw them back... you have to pay to have them cleaned and then you can choose if you take them or not. It was already close to $50 for the three so my mom took them home, we'll see how they turn out! We got apple cider milk shakes (so good!), before getting in the car and driving over to Delfino Farms.

This one was pretty quiet but had a really pretty view. William was into the corn maze but the others weren't, so we kept walking to see the farm animals, then headed back up for a treat in their bake shop. William got his first caramel apple!

For our last stop, we went to Rainbow Orchards as I had read they make their own corndogs, George's favorite. We got some for lunch, as well as a cinnamon sugar apple donut (the best we tried!) and then got everyone ready for the drive home. I stopped by one other place that is known for their pies and got a frozen one to take home, so we'll see how that one turns out in a few weeks.

We were really lucky and had very little traffic on the way home, especially for a Friday. We left about 1:30 and were home by 4:30 and all three kids slept until about 4:00. They were crazy and had tons of energy last night, but I think everyone needed a good rest so it was worth it.