Disneyworld 2018

With the boys' new school schedule, including Disney at the beginning of our trip meant being there on some of the busiest days of the year. The boys had a winter concert on Friday morning, December 21, and as soon as they were done midmorning, we left for the airport. We arrived to Orlando late Friday night. With the time difference, we all slept in the next morning but after my promises of whoever fell asleep first getting to head to the park first, William was on his game and against all odds, woke up first. He and Dave headed to the park first and George and Coco got to sleep a bit longer and we met them just before noon at Epcot.

The monster definitely got Coco!
Dave does so much planning for Disney so we met them for a couple of rides, including a favorite, Frozen, before going to our lunch reservation, a princess lunch. William and George are already in the phase of a bit too cool for the princesses but they did warm up after seeing Coco so excited. William had a fish reaction after Coco and I had salmon so after a dose of benadryl, he fell asleep in the stroller while we took the monorail to Magic Kingdom.

It was packed. So many people everywhere and in the middle of the day, it was definitely hard to get around. They had workers directing the walkways to help things a bit but it was pretty crazy. We were so lucky and because we were staying at a Disney property (the Contemporary this year), we got several extra fast passes, plus we got even more from a friend of Dave's who works for Disney. So between the rider swap, scheduled fast passes and the bonus 'use anytime' fast passes, we really weren't waiting in line much at all. The kids did okay, not like our dream day at Disney last June when the stars aligned and everyone was on their best behavior, but we still managed pretty well considering the time change and all the walking... 11 miles to be exact. We had another reservation for dinner that night at a buffet with characters and the food was pretty good there. We rode a few more rides before walking back. Everyone was exhausted with sore feet. Dave and William had been at the park for 12 hours, the rest of us, a bit less.

George wanted to get his special time with Dad at the park so he was sure to wake up first on Sunday, so again, the rest of us met a bit later, about noon. We rode a few rides and then had lunch at Belle's cafe, which was pretty disappointing. Lots more rides and then dinner together in Adventureland. Coco and George were getting tired by 8pm so William and I decided to stay. We made it almost 3 hours and rode about 10 rides -- Space Mountain several times, Splash Mountain, both railroad rides, Goofy's rollercoaster multiple times. We could move so much faster without all the people around so it was a fun way to spend the night. William also hit 44 inches miraculously -- we thought for sure he'd still be too short -- so that made the trip a lot more fun for him too. George is officially 48 inches so he can ride a few others too.

Sleeping pose!

Would not put down these sticks for some reason...

Dave got chosen, of course!

They even had our names at the end of the ride!

The next morning we had to pack up our stuff and drive over to Animal Kingdom. It was Christmas Eve! They have some new rides since we went last year and we had a great day at the park. There's a new Avatar simulator ride that was awesome and then Everest is a pretty scary rollercoaster but the boys loved it. It's nice that both Dave and I could ride using the rider swap so someone could stay with Coco. It was probably 4:30 by the time we got in the car to start the 4-hour drive but the kids did pretty well, Coco took a long nap.

We staged 'terrified' faces for this photo!

Linda greeted us in Naples with a pot of chili and chocolate chip cookies! We were so grateful for homemade food after all the park food. We were exhausted after all the walking and ready for some relaxation at the pool and the beach. Crazy to think our vacation had barely started at that point!

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